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Cambridge Technicals Unit 12 P3 -Security risks.

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1 Cambridge Technicals Unit 12 P3 -Security risks

2 P3 Hacking Hacking This document will provide you with information about what is meant by “hacking”. Write a brief explanation in your words aimed at someone who has little experience of the internet.

3 P3 Pagejacking, phishing, identity theft
These are three ways that users can be exploited over the internet. For each one: Explain how it works Give advice to users about how to avoid being “caught” by this method

4 P3 Viruses Write a clear definition of a computer virus.
These links may help: Write THREE pieces of advice to users about how to avoid getting infected by a computer virus.

5 Cambridge Technicals Unit 12 M1 -Security risks

6 M1 Assessing security At Merit level, you need to find two examples of each of the following types of website: E-commerce (e.g. Promotional (e.g. Educational (e.g. You are going to look at different aspects of these sites and compare them.

7 M1 Aspects to consider Client and user needs Multimedia features
Interactive features Accessibility features Security features Set out your work in any way you wish, but make sure that you include all the aspects listed above.

8 M1 User side and server side
Look at the purpose and features of each site. What demands will the content and features of the site make on: the server supplying the website? The computer or device used to view the website?

9 M1 Innovative content and improvements
For each site, describe: Any of the content you feel is innovative Any improvements you could suggest.

10 Unit 12 D1 –impact of website security breaches on society
Cambridge Technicals Unit 12 D1 –impact of website security breaches on society

11 D1 Website breaches You will need to research FIVE cases of website breaches taken from the three categories listed above: E-commerce Promotional Educational For each one, you need to write about: What the threat was; The impact on society; How the threat was resolved

12 D1 Possible examples As a starting point, search for these:
The Heartland Breach (e-commerce) breach (e-commerce) Ferris State’s online security breach (educational) University of York in student data breach (educational)

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