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P14415:P3 Arborloo Plastic Base Development

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1 P14415:P3 Arborloo Plastic Base Development
Week 3 Project Planning Review 9/12/13

2 Team Members John Wilson Mechanical Engineer Michael Coffey
Industrial and Systems Engineer Samuel Svintozelsky Nathan Conklin Patrick Morabito

3 Agenda Background and Project Definition Stakeholders Key Deliverables Customer Requirements Engineering Requirements House of Quality Project Schedule/Work Breakdown Structure/Gantt Chart Closing Comments: Issues, Corrective Actions, and Q&A

4 Background Information
Inadequate sanitation is a major cause of preventable illnesses in children around the world. According to UNICEF, diarrhea alone causes over 1.6 million deaths in children under 5. These illnesses can easily be prevented by improving sanitation. However, cost is a major barrier limiting the adoption of sanitation in Haiti. Peter Morgan’s Arborloo is a simple latrine built over a small pit, which when filled is then moved to a new pit location. The old, filled pit then has vegetation planted on top of it, such as a fruit tree.

5 P14415 Problem Statement Current State
Difficult to adopt in rural areas due to high cost and transportation difficulties Desired State A low cost, portable, easy to assemble, and aesthetically pleasing arborloo base that can be financed in parts Project Goals Analyze the current arborloo design to find opportunities to incorporate plastic Help improve sanitation in Haiti Constraints System must be financeable in parts Design must incorporate plastic Design must be compliant with the skills and tools available to the intended population

6 Stakeholders Haitian citizens Environmental Protection Agency
Possible Manufacturers RIT MSD Team

7 P14415 Key Deliverables 3 to 4 Detailed Designs
2 Functional Prototypes Bill of Material Test Plan and Documented Results

8 Process to Develop Customer Requirements
PRP – Rough cut Generated list of possible customer needs Customer Interview – Refinement Refined list: addition/removal & Importance Expert Interview Asked the “Why’s” to resolve final list “Cost is the number 1 factor blocking the adoption of sanitation in Haiti” – Pedro Cruz

9 Engineering Requirements

10 House of Quality

11 Project Priorities

12 Gantt Chart

13 Highlights of the Gantt Chart

14 Work Breakdown Structure

15 Issues and Corrective Actions

16 Questions?

17 References 1. "Water, Sanitation and Hygiene." UNICEF. Web. 07 Sept

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