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Exam option for 6 th hour Write your answers ( A though J) on lined paper, one letter per line. There are 40 questions.

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1 Exam option for 6 th hour Write your answers ( A though J) on lined paper, one letter per line. There are 40 questions.

2 The printer in the main office can print 15 color pages per minute. At this rate, how many pages can it print in 45 minutes? A. 3 B. 30 C. 60 D. 675 E. 1,545

3 A small family-owned business sets aside $2000 to be used for holiday bonuses. If employees and owners give the same amount of money to each employee, how much will each of the 8 employees receive? A. $25 B. $200 C. $250 D. $1,992 E. $16,000

4 On Monday, Sam has a collection of 88 MP3s on his MP3 player. He downloads another 22 MP3s throughout the week. How many MP3s does he have by the end of the week? A. 4 B. 22 C. 66 D. 88 E. 110

5 As an employee of a summer sports camp, one of your jobs is to prepare the tank of vitamin water for use throughout the day. The mixture calls for 75% pure water and 25% concentrated vitamin drink. How many gallons of water should you add to 16 gallons of concentrated vitamin drink? A. 4 B. 5.3 C. 12 D. 16 E. 48

6 You work for a moving van rental company. You must deliver a 19-foot van to an out-of-state vendor 264 miles away. If you drive at an average speed of 55 miles per hour, how long will it take you to make the trip? A. 48 minutes B. 2 hours 24 minutes C. 4 hours D. 4 hours 24 minutes E. 4 hours 48 minutes

7 You work as a grounds keeper for a small local elementary school and must fertilize the grass on the entire campus. You know that 4 containers cover 60 square yards. If the campus has 2,000 square yards of grass area, how many containers of fertilizer will you need? A. 15 B. C. D. 2,000 E. 8,000

8 You are working as a cashier at the local coffee shop. As a promotion, the coffee shop is offering $5.00 off any purchase of a two-pound bag of coffee beans. A customer buys one two-pound bag of coffee priced at $14.90 and a travel mug for $ Before adding the tax, how much does the customer owe? A. $7.50 B. $9.90 C. $22.40 D. $27.40 E. $32.40

9 You plan to open a new 24-hour diner. The total cost for new kitchen equipment, new booths, and tables is $33,000. The dealer requires a down payment of 20% of the total cost in order to place the order. How much will you owe after making the down payment? A. $6,600 B. $24,750 C. $26,400 D. $31,000 E. $39,600

10 Last week, the local bakery sold 83 cakes and had to throw out 7 cakes due to baking errors. Each cake cost the bakery $6.25 to make. The bakery, in turn, sold each cake for $ What profit did the bakery earn last week? A. $ B. $ C. $ D. $ E. $585.00

11 For your sports equipment store, you purchase a case containing 24 canisters of tennis balls for $60. You in turn charge $4 for each canister. What is the percent markup for a case of tennis balls? A. 37.5% B. 40% C. 60% D. 62.5% E. 100%

12 You work as an office assistant who does data entry for a large survey company. Data entry is performed in two- person teams: one person types and the other checks that person’s work for errors. Each two-person team, on average, can enter the data of 520 surveys per day. A huge collection of 7,540 surveys will arrive tomorrow and must be entered by the end of the day. How many total employees, working in two-person teams, are needed to complete the job in one day? A. 14 B. 15 C. 28 D. 29 E. 30


14 You work as a contractor who installs sound systems for a local electronics store. You need 210 feet of speaker wire to set up speakers throughout a client’s house. The online retailer sells wire for $2.75 per yard and offers free shipping. The same wire at costs $2.35 per yard plus $6.25 for shipping and handling. What is the lowest cost to get all the wire you need? A. $ C. $ E. $ B. $ D. $499.75

15 You want to attend a workshop on computer security in four months to help you qualify for a better IT position. You need to earn an additional $1, to pay for the registration fee before attending the workshop. You work extra hours at your job at $9 per hour. You must pay 15% of your wages in taxes, but then can keep the rest. Over the next four months, what is the minimum number of extra hours you could work each month to save enough money to attend the workshop? A. 37 B. 50 C. 67 D. 57 E. 200

16 You work for a deck and patio contractor, and are asked to build a patio and install AstroTurf on the adjoining deck. The dimensions are as follows: All estimates are made by rounding material dimensions to the next full unit. AstroTurf costs $1.99 per square foot, and the patio tiles cost $12.00 per square yard. What is the estimated total cost, rounded up to the nearest dollar? A. $360 B.$412 C. $683 D. $2,484 E. $3,239

17 You work for a carpet cleaning service and must shampoo the carpet in the small banquet room of a local hotel. The dimensions of the room are 200 feet by 180 feet. Each bottle of carpet shampoo can be used to shampoo 320 square feet of carpet. How many bottles of shampoo do you need to complete the job? A. 3 B. 12 C. 57 D. 112 E. 113

18 You work at a furniture upholstery store. A customer wants two tablecloths and 8 chairs reupholstered using the same material. Each tablecloth requires yards of material, and each chair requires yard of material. How many total yards of material are needed to complete this job? A. B. C. D. E.

19 You and a team of four carpenters work for a fencing company and are assigned to install a fence around a local pasture. The job is estimated to take approximately 180 hours of labor to complete. Twenty percent of this time is for your work. The remaining hours are divided equally among the four carpenters; three are junior-level carpenters, and one is a senior- level carpenter. Your hourly wage is $40, the senior- level carpenter’s hourly wage is $24, and the junior- level carpenters’ hourly wage is $18. What is the total cost for the job? A. $2,808 B. $2,952 C. $3,384 D. $ 3,600 E. $4,248

20 In a circuit, E=IR, where E= number of volts, I=number of amperes, and R=number of ohms. How much resistance, in ohms, does a circuit possess if the number of volts is 24 and the current is 8 amperes? A.2 B.3 C.4 D.24 E.32

21 The number of gallons of paint needed to cover the exterior of a house with one coat of paint is estimated by the formula [10n(l + w) – 9n] ÷ 350, where n is the number of stories, l is the length of the house in feet, and w is the width of the house in feet. Approximately how many gallon cans of paint should somebody buy in order to paint one coat on the exterior of a 30 × 50-foot 2- story house? A.3 B.4 C.5 D.6 E.7

22 If t = –2, then t 3 – 2t 2 + 5t – 3 = ? A.–29 B.–27 C.–13 D.–9 E.7

23 If x = 5, y = –1, and z = 2, what is the value of A.–4 B. C. D. E.6

24 A rectangular garden fence measures 60 feet by 25 feet. A fence completely encloses the garden. What is the length, in feet, of the fence? A.85 B.170 C.256 D.625 E.1500

25 Brad’s Volleyball team won 25 of its 45 games, and had 2 ties. What fraction of the 45 games did the team lose? A. C. B. D. E.

26 If 40% of a given number is 8, then what is 15% of the given number? A. 1.2 B. 1.8 C. 3.0 D. 5.0 E. 6.5

27 A pair of shoes that originally cost $75.00 is on sale at 40% off. If the sales tax on the shoes is 7% of the purchase price, how much will it cost to buy the pair of shoes at the sale price? F. $33.15 G. $40.00 H. $42.90 J. $45.00 K. $48.15

28 What is the value of |-7| + |5-13| ? A) -15 B) -1 C) 1 D) 15 E) 25

29 Janelle cut a board 30 feet long into 2 pieces. The ratio of the lengths of the two pieces is 2:3. What is the length, to the nearest foot, of the shorter piece? F) 5 G) 6 H) 12 J) 15 K) 18

30 Amanda ate lunch at a restaurant, where her bill was $ She tipped 15%. What was the amount of Amanda's tip? A) $4.14 B) $12.60 C) $15.00 D) $23.46 E) $31.74

31 What is the smallest positive integer that is a multiple of 2, of 6, and of 9? F) 12 G) 17 H) 18 J) 56 K) 112

32 What is the smallest integer that divides evenly into 36 and 72, but not into 21? A.3 B.4 C.5 D.6 E. 8

33 What is the smallest integer greater than ? F. 4 G.7 H.8 J.10 K.30

34 The consumption of nuclear power comprised approximately what percent of total energy consumption in billion btus? F) 6.5%G) 7.6% H) 23.1% J) 65% K) 93.5% Energy Source PetroleumNatural GasCoalNuclear Power Hydroelectric power Geothermal power Billion BTUs

35 If the information in the table were converted into a circle graph (pie chart) then the central angle of the sector for petroleum would measure about how many degrees? A) 32.5 o B) 38.2 o C) 71.3 o D) 75.0 o E) o Energy Source PetroleumNatural GasCoalNuclear Power Hydroelectric power Geothermal power Billion BTUs

36 In a 5-kilometer race, runners recorded times (in minutes:seconds) of 24:04, 22:45, 19:53,and 21:33. What is the difference between the slowest time and the fastest time? F) 2:23 G) 2:45 H) 4:11 J) 4:51 K) 5:38

37 Allen makes a fixed amount of money for each calendar that he sells. If Allen makes $84 when he sells 24 calendars, how much would he make if he sold 10 more calendars? A) $119.00D)$74.00 B)$108.00E)$49.00 C)$94.00

38 E Age in years Percent of team The tables shows the age distribution of the varsity football team at Washington High school. What percent of the team is is at least 17 years old? F) 32%J)65% G)38%K)70% H)54%

39 A library contains 1,274 books. Of these books, 524 are paperback. Approximately what percentage of the books at the library are paperback? A. 37.5%D. 58.8% B. 41.1%E. 74.8% C. 52.4%

40 F G.7.13 H.71.3 J K

41 Michelle expects to get 85% of the questions correct on her 120-question math test. If Michelle gets 10 more questions correct than she expects, approximately what percentage of questions will she get correct on the test? A. 75%D.95% B.80%E. 100% C. 93%

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