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Transforming Your Communications Dennis Silverlock Managing Director Phoenix AV Solutions Ltd.

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1 Transforming Your Communications Dennis Silverlock Managing Director Phoenix AV Solutions Ltd

2 How….?

3 Conferences / Speeches?  How do you take away the complete conference?  How do you capture the atmosphere?  How do you record the impromptu but valid questions?  How do you get out to those who were unable to attend?

4 Multi-Site Personnel Training?  How do you quickly update your staff on important new issues?  How do you allow your staff to refer back to training lessons and content?  How do you communicate with all your staff across many locations?

5 Client Communications?  How do you connect with your clientele?  How do you inform them of new products, procedures, employees?  How can you leave them with something they can refer to at will?

6 PowerPoint Presentations? “In 2005, 30 million PowerPoint Presentations were given every day.”  - Microsoft, 2005  The entire presentation (info + message + speaker) should be the content – not just the slides.  How is that content stored and here is it now?  How do you refer back to that content?  How can you access that content at any time?

7 All these ‘hows’ can be achieved… however, other ‘wants’ also have to be considered…

8 The presenters want:  Do not interfere with or change the current presentation method  Eliminate the necessity to be technical  Eliminate preproduction, special production or post-production.  Reduce or eliminate setup time, no complicated tools  Flexibility to work with their preferred tools & content types  Highest possible fidelity and qualify of visual, audio and text elements NO prep, NO extra work: “Get the technology out of my way”

9 The audience wants:  High quality content that replicates the “full” presentation experience  Legible documents, everything the presenter shows  Easy navigation to specific points of interest in the presentation  Ability to provide feedback and interact with the presenter  Convenient access…on-demand and live  From home, at the library, on the train, in the park, in the office… “Give me the live audience experience - everywhere!”

10 250+ Universities Tell Us… Distributed “Rich Media” Content: Not if but when  Students are…  demanding more learning options – “It’s all about me”  increasingly distributed and mobile  early adopters  Rich media…  is the best at replicating the classroom experience  effectively conveys complex ideas  improves learning outcomes  captures and preserves important knowledge

11 …can provide the solutions!

12 From presentation….

13 To online content… … in a single step

14 Instantly retrievable…

15 … easily navigable

16 Mediasite links information experts to information seekers Information Presenter Mediasite Capture Station Mediasite Server Software Stored ContentInformation Seeker

17 Fast and Efficient Authoring Before EventDuring EventAfter Event Recording or encoding video Encoding video, capturing and synchronizing RGB Graphics,indexing Archiving – all in real time Importing and Pre- processing graphics, Converting, and uploading to server Additional workflow for “attaching” or integrating graphics with the audio/video; SMIL coding, Creating skins; uploading to web site 2 mins. to auto publish content and place URL on web site 2 mins. to name and set up presentation Mediasite

18 Mediasite Claims to be…

19 … the easiest to Use … the most Comprehensive … the most Flexible …Rich Media content creation, management and distribution product available

20 … Easiest To Use  Quick and easy to learn to use  Only four main component parts  Mediasite recorder (portable or rack mounted)  Camcorder  Laptop or desktop PC  The Presenter  Immediate upload to on-line server or publish to CD ROM

21 … Most Comprehensive  Capture  Delivery – live and on-demand  Securely Manage  Catalog and Index  Professional Services  Integration  Hosting ALL in one solution – One Stop Shop !

22 … Most Flexible  Events  Lectures  Videoconferences  Marketing/Business Briefings  Live, On Demand, CD, Streamed

23 Buyers & Users

24 Who buys Mediasite?  Higher Education (45%)  Corporate (20%)  Health/Medical (20%)  Government (15%)

25 Why do they buy Mediasite? Higher Education  Distance learning, professional development  Research and development briefings  Web-enhanced learning  Conferences  Clinical Skills Classroom Business/Health  Executive briefings  Internal communications  Webinars (online seminar), training  Meeting recordings and documentation  Conferences  Grand Rounds Government  Open access meetings  Government briefings  Readiness programs  Conferences

26 Who demands Mediasite? InvestorsPartnersCustomers Regulatory Employees Executive updates Training Process Documentation Knowledge retention Project updates Training Knowledge transfer Sales & Marketing Support Training Public Relations Analyst briefings Financial results Mergers & acquisitions Board minutes Compliance submissions Auditor presentations Community Public Relations Program overviews Fund raising Announcements

27 TU Delft TU Eindhoven UCE Birmingham University of Westminster University of Manchester Blackburn CLC Pleckgate CLC EDHEC CESNET Ostravia University Uniersitetet Tromso NTNU, Norway East Carolina University The George Washington University Georgia Perimeter College Georgetown University Louisiana State University Michigan Tech Northern Kentucky University Northwestern University Ohio University Penn State Southern University Southwestern School of Law UCLA University of Colorado-Boulder University of Texas Victoria University Higher Education: 250+ institutions

28 Healthcare 175+ Corporate/Health Customers Healthcare Household Brands Aerospace/DefenseHealthcareFinance/InsuranceTechnology

29 75 Government Customers  Federal  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  Hill Air Force Base  OSD Armed Forces Pest Management Board  South Africa Department of Health  US Department of Transportation  US Environmental Protection Agency—Region 7  US Intelligence Community  US House of Representatives  US Navy  State/Local  City of Portage  Florida Air National Guard  Nebraska Public Power  Wisconsin Army National Guard  Wisconsin Dept. of Administration  Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections  Wisconsin Dept. of Health and Family Services  Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation  Wisconsin State Patrol  Wisconsin State Senate Hill Air Force Base Wisconsin State Patrol Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services U.S. House of Representatives

30 NHS - Lanarkshire  Improving patient treatment by making training available when staff are available  Integrates training into clinical operations environment  Effectively distributes training across multiple hospital NHS trust  Reduces costs for travel of trainers and staff

31 Thank You Continue for Information on PodCasting Or call / /


33 Mediasite Podcasting Converts designated presentations to audio format (MP3) for download to iTunes or similar software  Portable Mediasite content for on-the-go playback  Allows students, remote field staff and busy executives to stay up-to-date with important information, wherever they are  Reinforces learning and enhances retention with anytime content playback.

34 Mediasite Podcasting Prepare Capture & Publish Subscribe & Listen

35 Mediasite Podcasting Use Mediasite Management Portal (Podcasting tab), to designate folder to podcast- enable Prepare

36 Mediasite Podcasting Prepare Schedule presentation, selecting podcast- enabled folder

37 Mediasite Podcasting Capture presentation with Mediasite Mediasite presentation (.wmv) published to podcast-enabled folder on Mediasite Server Presentation converted to MP3 and RSS feed updated Capture & Publish

38 Mediasite Podcasting Subscribe & Listen From podcast client like iTunes, subscribe to Mediasite podcast (URL of Mediasite RSS feed)

39 Mediasite Podcasting Subscribe & Listen Playback on computer or sync MP3 player with iTunes

40 .wmv Behind the Scenes… Mediasite Podcasting podcasting EDAS (wmv & metadata) MP3 & ID3 tags MP3 Updated RSS

41 Phoenix AV Solutions Ltd ‘Hollyfields’ Guinea Lane Weston-u-Redcastle SY4 5XD T: E:

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