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English Workshop I. One-Week Diary 以下為瑪莉一週的心情日記:.

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1 English Workshop I. One-Week Diary 以下為瑪莉一週的心情日記:

2 English Workshop A rainy day. I felt sad that my best friend moved to Taichung today. I knew that I would lose a good friend. A sunny day. I got 100 on the math exam. I was very happy about my grade. A hot day. I felt bored because our English teacher gave us a lot of homework. I went to bed at midnight. I was looking forward to tomorrow. I felt excited about the coming of my birthday.

3 English Workshop It was cold and rainy. I was surprised that my father came back from work earlier than usual. He gave me an MP3 player as a birthday present. Today was a wonderful day! A nice day. My friends and I went to practice basketball. We were worried about the game next Saturday. A rainy day. I was very angry with my mother. She asked me to help her in the kitchen. She didn’t know that I needed to prepare for my English test.

4 English Workshop 請利用以下表格中的形容詞來描述瑪莉每天的 心情,並完成句子。第一句為範例。 worried happy excited sad angry bored surprised 1. Mary felt sad on Monday because her best friend moved to Taichung.

5 English Workshop 2. Mary felt on Tuesday because. 3. Mary felt on Wednesday because 4. Mary felt on Thursday because. happy she got 100 on the math exam bored her English teacher gave her a lot of homework. excited Friday was her birthday

6 English Workshop 5. Mary felt on Friday because. 6. Mary felt on Saturday because 7. Mary felt on Sunday because surprised her father gave her an MP3 player worried she and her friends would have a basketball game next Saturday. angry her mother asked her to help in the kitchen.

7 II. A Survey 以下為財團法人董氏基金會製作的 青少年憂鬱情緒自我檢視表,請按 照你最近兩週的想法與感覺回答, 若該句子符合你最近兩週的狀況, 請勾選 “Yes” ,若不符合,請勾選 “No” 。

8 English Workshop 1. I have become less patient than before. YesNo 2. I have become more irritated than usual. 3. I hope to leave my present life. 4. I get angry more easily than before. 5. I am in a very bad mood.

9 English Workshop 6. I feel lazy all day long. YesNo 7. I don’t feel good. 8. I feel pain in my chest. 9. I feel that I don’t have any energy most of the time. 10. I have trouble sleeping.

10 English Workshop 11. I don’t want to go to school. YesNo 12. I have lost my interest in many things. 13. I feel restless. 14. I want to be alone. 15. I don’t want to do anything.

11 English Workshop 16. Whatever I do won’t make me a better person. YesNo 17. I feel that I am a very terrible person. 18. I am often absent-minded. 19. I don’t like myself. 20. I want to disappear.

12 English Workshop 計分方式:勾選 “Yes” 表示 1 分,勾選 “No” 表示 0 分,將所有 20 題項的分數相加,就可以知道 你的心情狀態了! Below 5 : Very good! You are a person who knows how to relax when you are under pressure. Keep up the good work.

13 English Workshop 6 to 11 : Have you been feeling some “ ups and downs” in life lately? Are there some things that are bothering you? Maybe you should try to talk to your parents, friends, loved ones, or anyone whom you trust very much. Their life experiences may give you very good advice on life. You should also do things that can cheer you up. For example, you can exercise every day to keep up your energy, or you can do things with your friends. Perhaps these activities will give you a new start in life.

14 English Workshop Above 12 : Have you been feeling like this for a while? Are You worried that some bad things might happen? Have you been feeling tired and low all the time? Well, you probably need to consult with your school counselors about your situation, or ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t mean that you are not good. Instead, it means that you are smart enough to help yourself. End

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