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Integrating Online Tools into Your Classroom Pana Unit #8 Teacher’s Institute January 3, 2011 Jessica L. Miller

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1 Integrating Online Tools into Your Classroom Pana Unit #8 Teacher’s Institute January 3, 2011 Jessica L. Miller

2 Online Tools and Web 2.0  Technology tools accessible through the internet that : Enhance communication Provide opportunities for collaboration Organize information Seek information from outside the classroom Appeal to a variety of learning styles Permit anyone to create or publish information

3 Examples Online ToolsWeb 2.0  Search Engines  Hotlist Read information from a webpage  Blogs  Wikis  Social Bookmarking  Video Conferencing  Digital Storytelling Interactive Add information to the webpage

4 Organizing Websites A hotlist is a convenient way for teachers to find and organize websites on one webpage making research more convenient (Smolin & Lawless, 2003). Hotlist Filamentality Find websites Organize them by content Edit and add more links

5 Research Search Engines Boolify Sweet Search

6 Social Bookmarking  Allows user to organize websites by interest  View websites saved and shared by other users  Group websites by content area  Login anywhere to view bookmarked sites

7 Video Conferencing  Meet in real time with individuals or groups outside the classroom walls  Make a phone call through use of a web application  Connect to other party through use of a webcam  Purchase a webcam with built in microphone

8 How can you use Skype in your classroom?  Connect one classroom to another  Across grade levels  Arrange conferences with book authors or other professionals  Conduct interviews  Connect students with mentors

9 Blogs  Post and share thoughts and ideas online  Read and respond to other posts  Invite individuals from outside the classroom to participate in the blog

10 Blogs Mrs. Miller's 4th Grade Blog

11 How can you use blogs in your classroom?  KWLs  Reflections  Post a picture in the blog, then ask students to describe what is happening in the photo  Discuss important events and dates  Online discussion about classroom content  Use as an assessment tool

12 Microblogging  Post comments of 140 words or less  Post questions to followers  Social networking tool  Share websites, photos, videos

13 How can you use microblogging in your classroom?  Set up a class Twitter account  Have students tweet about a classroom lesson  Summarize an activity  Students can ask a question about a classroom topic to others through Twitter Twitterfall Twiducate

14 Collaboration - Wiki (TeachersFirst, 2010) “Quick” - Hawaiian Students connect with each other Creativity Engaged Enhances communication skills Writing process Reflection

15 Collaboration - Wiki  Private access  Discussion boards  Chat rooms  Email  Embed widgets into wiki pages  Upload documents, photos, videos Mrs. Miller’s 4 th Grade Wiki

16 How can you a wiki in your classroom? (TeachersFirst, 2010) Reflection activitiesCreate a “travel log” KWLsBook Reviews Continue a storyPlan Science Fair projects Create electronic portfoliosOrganize writing projects Teacher collaborationLiterature circles Collaborate on classroom instructional materials Create vocabulary, spelling, or word wall lists Discussion boardsCreate rubrics and checklists

17 Collaboration – Google Docs  Available with a Gmail account  Collaboratively create and edit documents  Text, slide shows, spreadsheets  Link documents  Students can work on projects and save  Create forms to embed into a wiki

18 Podcasting  Use a microphone to record audio  Edit audio  Can add music  Save and convert to an mp3 file  Can upload podcasts to the internet for others to listen to

19 Audacity

20 How can you use podcasting in your classroom?  Classroom updates  Welcome visitors to your webpage  Radio broadcasts  Research reports  Writing and recording song lyrics, raps Example - VozMe

21 Video  Flip Camera  Easy to use  Download FlipShare software  Simple editing tools  Add a title and credits Flip Channel

22 How can you use video in your classroom?  Commercials  Demonstrations of lab activities  Student-led interviews  News broadcast  Reflection activities  Embed video into blog or wiki  Students discuss what is going on in the video  Peer evaluations

23 Online Surveys Online Surveys  Create an online survey  Launch survey  Collect data  Users can remain anonymous  Free of charge (most tools)  Post a link to your survey

24 How can you use online surveys in your classroom?  Survey students’ interests  Have students create and launch their own survey  Survey parents Example

25 Digital Storytelling  Using digital tools to tell a story

26 Digital Storytelling

27  Avatars  Brainstorming Wordle

28 How can you use digital storytelling in your classroom?  Reflection activities  Retelling stories from a different point-of-view  Comprehension assessment  Brainstorming activities  Alternate endings  Character analysis

29 What if you only have 1-2 student computers?  All tools presented today can be used in classrooms with 1-2 student computers  Best if used as station or center  Suggestions to make technology use easier:  Know what your students are capable of doing before planning a computer activity  Plan activities before, during, and after computer use to keep students focused  Try the technology tool yourself first  Technical Guides, Tasklists, and Rubrics  Technology can fail – always have a plan B

30 Smart Board Tools  Text tool  Shape tool  Magic pen  Screen shade  Interactive and Multimedia tools  Centers

31 Helpful Articles and Websites

32 Mrs. Miller's 4th Grade Classroom  To find further information: Technology Wiki Technology Workshop Survey

33 Resources Smolin, L.I., & Lawless, K.A. (2003, Mar). Becoming literate in the technological age: New responsibilities and tools for teachers. The Reading Teacher, 56(6), 570-577. SREB / AT&T Online Teachers Initiative. (2010). Cool tools for teaching online. Retrieved July 9, 2010 from TeachersFirst. (2010). Wiki ideas for the classroom. Retrieved Dec 20, 2010 from

34 Thank you for your time! Questions or comments…

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