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Planning a Presentation 1 QUT Library Planning a Presentation.

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1 Planning a Presentation 1 QUT Library Planning a Presentation

2 2 Preparing a presentation These slides will help you prepare an oral presentation. For more advice on preparing and delivering a presentation go to ‘Presenting’ in Studywell

3 Planning a Presentation 3 Planning a presentation ResearchWriting StructurePractise

4 Planning a Presentation 4 Planning a presentation ResearchWriting StructurePractise

5 Planning a Presentation 5 Audience Speaker Task ResearchWriting StructurePractise What sort of speaker are you? Comedian Politician Lawyer What kind of presentation do you need to give? Teacher Objective report Persuasive speech Project proposal Research Students Theatre attendees Professionals Who is your audience?

6 Planning a Presentation 6 Task Researching material for a presentation is similar to researching for an assignment. Visit the library in person or online to research your topic. Go to ‘Research’ on Studywell for more resources. ResearchWriting StructurePractise Task

7 Planning a Presentation 7 Task YouTube Skim readings to pinpoint relevant sections for your presentation. Consider a variety of materials to incorporate. Images ResearchWriting StructurePractise Task Physical objects

8 Planning a Presentation 8 Task. ResearchWriting StructurePractise Task Write notes and create a concept map of how ideas tie together. –Use the concept map to consider the relationships between each piece of information.

9 Planning a Presentation 9 Audience Consider the audience –How much do they already know? –How much is too much information? ResearchWriting StructurePractise Audience Not enough Too much

10 Planning a Presentation 10 Comedian—enjoys making jokes? Allow time to interact with the audience. What is your speaking style? Lawyer—enjoys argument and debate Ask the audience questions ResearchWriting StructurePractise Speaker Politician—enjoys inspiring people Highlight the impact of ideas in broader domains. Teacher—enjoys educating Use different modalities, e.g. sound, sight, touch to engage the audience

11 Planning a Presentation 11 Speaker How much do you already know about the topic? Use information and resources you feel comfortable with. Include small facts that you find fascinating –The audience will be more receptive if they see you enjoying yourself ResearchWriting StructurePractise Speaker

12 Planning a Presentation 12 Research Audience Speaker Task Once you have a collection of notes, ideas, objects, multi-media content etc..., it is time to write the presentation itself. ResearchWriting StructurePractise

13 Planning a Presentation 13 Planning a presentation ResearchWriting StructurePractise

14 Planning a Presentation 14 Writing ResearchWriting StructurePractise Writing a presentation means putting together a logical sequence of ideas to satisfy the task. Use brief bullet points, concept maps or numbered ideas to show how each part connects to the next. Try writing directly into PowerPoint

15 Planning a Presentation 15 PowerPoint Tips ResearchWriting StructurePractise Write detailed notes below each slide for reference Each slide should have less than 50 words 50 words is only 2 Tweets

16 Planning a Presentation 16 PowerPoint Tips Avoid Clashing colours, strange angles and wordy descriptions of what you are writing that will be hard to read and distract the audience. ResearchWriting StructurePractise Use a visual marker to structure your talk Aim for at least one graphic per slide

17 Planning a Presentation 17 Planning a presentation ResearchWriting StructurePractise

18 Planning a Presentation 18 Summarize the main points of the talk. The structure of the talk should be outlined The scope (or limits) should be explained Introduction BodyConclusion ResearchWriting Structure Practise 1 2 3

19 Planning a Presentation 19 Each section should develop one idea Support claims with evidence Link sections together to create flow. Introduction Body Conclusion ResearchWriting StructurePractise

20 Planning a Presentation 20 Structure Summarize the main points of your presentation. Repeat the main point of the presentation Restate your thesis Introduction BodyConclusion ResearchWriting StructurePractise

21 Planning a Presentation 21 Planning a presentation ResearchWriting Structure Practise

22 Planning a Presentation 22 Practising a presentation is as important as editing an essay. Practise ResearchWriting StructurePractise Record an MP3 of yourself talking and learn how to speak more clearly Practise your presentation with a friend.

23 Planning a Presentation 23 Practise Time yourself Become familiar with the technology you need to use ResearchWriting Structure Practise Be mindful of physical habits like touching hair or pacing up and down

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