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1 Target Clients
Students WWW Professors Community/ Private Business

2 Statement of Purposes

3 Site Features
uCommerce uTools uEntertainment uStores For Sales For Lease Wanted Text Books Rooms Jobs Tutoring Auction Calenders* Calculators* Messageboards* Teacher Eval. Course Eval. Financials* QT-TV* WebRadio* MP3* Horoscopes* Showtimes** AffiniaStores*

4 Harry Hong Man Wai Ho Helina Truong Kham Vo

5 Organizational Chart
Kham Vo (CEO) Man Wai Ho (Web Design Mgr.) Harry Hong (Technology Mgr.) Helina Truong (Database Mgr.) Kham Vo (Software Mgr.) Kham Vo Harry Hong Kham Vo Man Wai Ho Harry Hong Harry Hong Man Wai Ho Helina Truong

6 uBulletin: WorkFlow It took almost 6 months for uBulletin site to materialize. After an intensive 2 weeks of brainstorming for business ideas and development, another two weeks were spent to research and evaluate software and hardware components required to produce the ecommerce site. After WinNT platform was chosen because of its low cost and popularity and ease of setup, Harry spent about two weeks installing and setting the NT IIS web server and the MS SQL database server. While waiting for SW/HW to be ready, the group took about a month to carefully design on paper the interface for the website. Also during this time, Kham and Helina designed tables and fields for the databse. Also during this time, Kham acquired Dreamweaver, learned and then trained the rest of the group how to use it to build web pages. As soon as the HW/SW were in place and both the database and site design were generated, Kham and Man proceeded with building prototype pages. When the database became available, all group members participated in programming the site to provide dynamic and database-driven web pages. This process of programming and site integration required almost three months. From the workflow chart, it is evident that building prototype pages, followed by programming to provide dynamic contents is the critical path of the project. It determines the length of time required to produce the functional ecommerce site uBulletin as planned.

7 Engineering
Students WWW SQL Data Base Server NT/IIS/ASP Web Server Professors Community/ Private Business

8 Hardware Requirement
NT/IIS WebServer NT/SQL Database Server PowerMac

9 Software Requirement
MS Window NT 4/IIS/ASP MS SQL Server 7 DreamWeaver (Macromedia)

10 IIS WebServer

11 Active Server Pages (ASP)

12 SQL Server

13 DreamWeaver

14 Site Features
uCommerce uTools uEntertainment uStores For Sales For Lease Wanted Text Books Rooms Jobs Tutoring Auction Calenders Calculators Messageboards Teacher Eval. Course Eval. Financials QT-TV WebRadio MP3 Horoscopes Showtimes AffiniaStores

15 Database Design
Fast storage & retrieval of data. Memory saving. Privacy/Security issue. Easy maintenance & expansion. uBulletin aims to provide multiple services to the university students. To achieve this goal requires design and implementation of an extensive database. The database team designed the database with the following objectives in mind. First, the database must be so designed that fast storage and retrieval of data is possible. Users of site do not have the patience to wait for the requested information. Almost instantaneous retrieval and display of information is of paramount importance to our website. Surfers will walk away if it takes too long to get any information. An example of this is placing userids and passwords in a table separate from the Members_Info_Table. This allows speedy logon process. The database does not have to query huge Member table to authenticate the users. This also frees up resources for other connections to the database server. Second, the database must be so designed that future expansion or revision can be done with ease. Redesign the entire database to accommodate simple addition of fields or tables must be avoided. Third, the database has to address issues concerning privacy and security. To allow the posters to decide whether or not s/he wishes to display important contact information on the query results page, the database has a table named Contact, where information such and phone number the posters want to show to other website users are stored. If the user doesn’t not enter these contact information, information obtained from registration will be displayed instead.

16 Entity Relationship Diagram(ERD): Auction
Category ID Bid Amount PostingFeeID Commission ID Member ID Member ID LowerOfRange LowerOfRange Time of Bid Bid ID Category Preferences HigherOfRange HigherOfRange Bids Percentage Posting Fee Commission Rate Posting Rate Member ID LName Total Auction Fee FName Members Address Total Fee ID ZipCode Auction Items Commission ID Phone Posting Fee ID Database design (continued…) When uBulletin database was designed, security of the site members’ private financial information is our first and formost concern. To prevent any potential internal misuse of sensitive information, important information such as credit card numbers are stored on separate database. In the future this particular database will be in some way password-protected and therefore inaccessible to any unauthorized personnels. To provide even better safeguard of members’ financial information, the database will be encrypted. With this additional level of data security no information can be stolen and misused. Member ID Item ID Post Date Category ID Item Categories Log on Info Item Name Start Date Category Item Desc. End Date Member ID Password Min Bid

17 Entity Relationship Diagram(ERD): Textbook
TextBookID DeptID Phone Contact DeptName NewPrice SchoolID ContactID OldPrice Textbook_ Price_Info Contact School_Dept MyPrice CourseID CourseName TextBookID Member ID CourseSect CourseID ProfID LName Term FName Textbook_ Info Textbook_ Courses Course_Info Professors Members Address TextbookID TBDesc ZipCode CourseTitle TBTitle Date Phone SchoolID? TBEdNum To provide privacy to website members, we employ a separate database table to store contact information. If a poster wishes to keep his or her registration information private, s/he can enter a different phone number or address when putting up a post. These information will be stored in the Contact table and displayed in the search result page. If no contact information is entered, the member’s registered information from Member_Info table will be displayed instead. Sold DeptID TBStatus MemberID Schools ProfID? Publisher Publishing_ Info ProfLname ProfFname SchoolID PublisherID SchoolID? PublisherID SchoolName ISBN# Author DeptID PublisherName TextBookID

18 ERD: Teacher Evaluation
SchoolID SchoolName School ProfID ProfLname DeptID DeptID Member ID ProfFname DeptName SchoolID? LName FName Members Teacher_Evaluation Professor School_Dept Address ZipCode SchoolID CourseID ProfID Phone Comment Grade PostID Course_Info Log on Info Term CourseID ProfID? Member ID Password CourseName CourseTitle DeptID CourseSect SchoolID?

19 ERD: Course Evaluation
SchoolID SchoolName School CourseID Term CourseTitle ProfID? DeptID Member ID CourseSect DeptID DeptName LName CourseName SchoolID? FName Members Course_Evaluation Course_Info School_Dept Address ZipCode SchoolID CourseID ProfID Phone Comment Grade PostID Professor Log on Info ProfFname DeptID MemberID Password ProfLname SchoolID? ProfID

20 ERD: ForLease, ForSale, & Wanted
ContactID Contact Member ID LName Contact FName Members For_Sale Category Address ZipCode Phone Category ID Phone Category Wanted Log on Info MemberID Password

21 ERD: Room Email Phone Contact ContactID Contact City Member ID CitytID
CountyID LName FName Members Room_Postings City Address ZipCode CountytID Phone County Room_Types County StateID RoomTypeID RoomType Log on Info State StateID MemberID Password State

22 ERD: Jobs JobType StatusID Status IndustryID Industry JobTypeID
Industries Job_Types Job_Status City Member ID CitytID CountyID LName FName Members Job_Postings City Address ZipCode Phone CountytID County County StateID Log on Info Contact State MemberID Password Contact ContactID StateID State Phone

23 Web Design Goals
user-friendly interface. Mininal number of clicks. Intuitive (no guessing). No information overload (no cluttering). Security. Privacy. Minimal download time.

24 Site Features
uCommerce uTools uEntertainment uStores For Sales For Lease Wanted Text Books Rooms Jobs Tutoring Auction Calenders Calculators Messageboards Teacher Eval. Course Eval. Financials QT-TV WebRadio MP3 Horoscopes Showtimes AffiniaStores

25 Data Flow Diagram: uCommerce (Non-Auction)
Buy Choose Category* Enter Search Search Results Register Submit Form Web Site Visitors Ok! No Verify? Fill out Form Success? Yes Log-on Yes * Categories Wrong! Log-on? Sell Choose Category* For Sales For Lease Wanted Text Books Rooms Jobs Tutoring No

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