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Using Materials in EFL/ESL Classes.

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1 Using Materials in EFL/ESL Classes

2 Using Materials in EFL/ESL
Classes Effectively

3 When an educator takes on the challenge of leading a classroom in a constructive and meaningful way, he or she depends on quality teaching aids for academic support.

4 Working with teaching aids is essential in the modern classroom
Working with teaching aids is essential in the modern classroom. Many topics can be explored more efficiently and more in depth with teaching aids.

5 Why do we use them? To provide a meaningful context for instruction
To facilitate language learning To include cultural content in lessons To provide a meaningful context for instruction To motivate learners

6 Benefits of Using Materials
They boost ss success in class They work as reinforcement tools They signal important information They make help make something abstract more concrete They provide for all learning styles

7 Benefits of Using Materials: Music and the Multiple Intelligences
Grammar - Mozart, Haydn, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi Imagination exercises (descriptive writing, speaking) - Ravel, Debussy, Satie) Current Situation, News in the World - Rap (for inner cities and their problems), Ethnic Music from the discussed countries (you would be surprised at how many people quickly associate the type of music with a part of the world) Making Future Plans - Fun upbeat jazz ("Take Five" by Dave Brubeck) Discussing "Serious" issues - the "serious" Germans: Beethoven, Brahms - even Mahler if you are adventurous!

8 When do we use them?

9 How should we use materials?
Use them all along the lesson, but specific materials for specific stages Use experiential learning and hands-on activities to promote active exploration Ask ss to participate Expand the lesson beyond the classroom Create an environment for exploration and the construction of learning

10 General Types of Materials
Traditional Authentic Electronic

11 Traditional Materials
Flashcards Word cards Colored paper and pens Modeling clay Cut outs Posters Handouts Crosswords Manipulatives Worksheets

12 Authentic/Electronic Materials
Music Ipod Mp3 Tapes CD podcasts Video Movies TV Shows TV Ads Music Videos Publications Newspapers Magazines Comics E-zines Miscellaneous Origami Magic Arts

13 Ideas on Using Traditional Materials
Manipulatives Matching cards Stickers Color straws experiments OHP Avoid crowding words Use bullets Choose readable fonts and size Graphic Organizers Venn Diagrams Pie charts Foldables To provide hands-on activities

14 Adapting Existing Materials
Unsuitable audience Difficult level Length Use of Grammar and Language Relevance Specific use Learning Styles

15 Authentic Materials These are materials which involve language naturally occurring as communication in native-speaker contexts of use, or rather those selected contexts where standard English is the norm.

16 Using Authentic Materials
They have a positive effect on learner motivation. They provide authentic cultural information. They provide exposure to real language. They relate more closely to learners ' needs. They support a more creative approach to teaching.

17 Types of Authentic Materials
Newspapers: these are a good source of cultural information: local papers will give more of a flavor of everyday life in towns. Video: a number of published ELT video tapes are a good visual source of cultural information. (Today, we have CD/DVD versions of these video tapes, which provide us with better quality.) Talks/discussions: some topics may be suitable for giving information to students in a plenary session. Role play/dramatizations: these can be used to initiate discussion and introspection. Culture quizzes/tests.

18 Types of Electronic Materials
TEFL materials\Newsademic Issue 086 A.pdf TEFL materials\Newsademic Issue 086 A classroom advanced.pdf TEFL materials\Newsademic Issue 086 A classroom basic.pdf ..\listening materials\TomSxxx mp3 ..\listening materials\TomSxxx mp3

19 Types of Authentic Materials


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