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Company Profile mobileFX was founded on February 2007 in Greece by Elias Politakis and Lina Kalostipi. Our company has two business activities: We provide.

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2 Company Profile mobileFX was founded on February 2007 in Greece by Elias Politakis and Lina Kalostipi. Our company has two business activities: We provide Outsourcing Services for developing and integrating mobile applications with 3 rd party computing systems. We invent technology and act as discrete technology provider on Mobile Marketing, Proximity Marketing and Digital Signage. We hold world-record case studies and innovation awards, both in Greece and abroad. As a technology provider, we have over 20 customers integrating our products into their business :: some of them with white label licensing. Between 2008 and 2010 over 800 mobile applications were produced with our products by our customers world-wide, mainly for advertising purposes.

3 mobileFX Products & Services Proximity Marketing Proximity marketing is the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment to do so. Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing is meant to describe marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a mobile phone (this is an example of horizontal telecommunication convergence). Digital Signage Digital signage advertising is a form of out-of-home advertising in which content and messages are displayed on digital signs, typically with the goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. Digital signage offers superior return on investment compared to traditional printed signs One step ahead, using New Technologies for Marketing Software needs!

4 Applications Widgets On Device Portals Mobile Games Advergames + VAS AJAX Portals Java (MIDP) iPhone Windows Mobile BlackBerry Android Browsers mobileFX Studio - Filling the gap!

5 mobileFX™ Studio Visual WYSIWYG Mobile Applications Designer Currently supports J2ME CLDC/MIDP2 WIP – ETA Dec 2010: BlackBerry, Android native Apps AJAX WebKit Apps (including iPhone, Android, iPad) No programming skills required, ideal for Marketing Professionals with basic graphics concept design skills No straight-jacket features, developers can easily extend UI elements using XML Widgets Full support for software developers as source code is included Advanced Precompiler for eliminating unused Framework features Advanced Resources compiler for eliminating reusable project resources Advanced Data Provider for incrementally fetching data from external Data Sources Marketing Features are organized into Frameworks (e.g. Instant Win, SMS Campaigns, Games, etc) THE ONLY TOOL that can easily produce Mobile AdverGames.

6 IDE Features Chart: Setting Marketing-Orientation as the first implementation milestone: Deployment You can deploy an Application directly to a Mobile Phone with its Built-in OBEX features You may run Applications in a standard WTK Emulator. You can perform On Device Debug (ODD) for Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones. You may deploy an Application OTA. Rapid Prototyping You can develop any desired application fast and ideally without any programming at all. You can Clone and Rebrand an existing Application within minutes. Concept Demos for customers can be produced with minimal effort. Integration It is extremely easy to develop Applications that integrate seamlessly with all mobileFX Server Products, such as: mobileFX™ SMS Gate mobileFX™ BlueGate mobileFX™ SignGate 3 rd party servers (App Stores, Ad Servers, etc) mobileFX™ Studio A-Z Feature set All common Mobile Marketing feature is already included in the basic feature-set. Data Provider (RSS / DataStreams) Instant Win 2D Mobile Coupons & Tickets Sending SMS / Premium SMS It is a live project – features are added as we speak. User Friendly The program requires only BASIC web design knowledge and it is designed so that any web developer or graphics artist can use it. The User Interface is Intuitive with lots of Context-specific Popup Menus and clever designers. It has tens of Editors, Wizards and Plug-ins that will do most of the work for you. Cost Effective A single person can conceive, design, prototype and develop a Mobile Marketing or Proximity Marketing campaign. Ideal for Development Teams with Visual Source Safe integration.

7 Mobile AdvergamesMobile Applications What you may develop with mobileFX Studio: With mobileFX Studio you can very easily create 2D Scrolling Platform Games and Advergames by just designing the Graphics for your Sprites and the TiledLayers of the Stages. On Device Portals On Device Portals (ODP) are Marketing Applications consisting of Pages. Navigation among the pages of an ODP is very similar to browsing a web site with Hyperlinks and Intuitive Navigation Logic. Also, there is a vast array of Controls and Widgets that can assist you on developing elegant applications. The IDE offers innovative features for developing more sophisticated applications as well, such as Mobile Loyalty Cards, Mobile Commerce Apps, Mobile Banking and Automation Applications. mobileFX™ Studio

8 Design any application visually and for every screen size reusing the same graphics!

9 ETA Sep 2010: iPhone Apps + iPhone Simulator for Windows ETA Sep 2010: iPhone Apps + iPhone Simulator for Windows

10 mobileFX™ Studio – Unified Platforms

11 Design Game Stages, place Sprites, Triggers, Ladders and Game Logic visually.

12 Design Sprites and Animations for 2D Mobile Games

13 Model Sprite Motion using Animation Techniques and Inverse Kinematics.

14 Mobile Applications are the ultimate Brand Awareness tool as they install the Brand Logo of a company on the Menu of the customer’s mobile phone. A Company-Branded Mobile Application is sent directly to customer’s mobile phone via Bluetooth® or WAP SMS or can be downloaded from the Internet. With Mobile Applications it is possible to Implement User Capture Forms, such as Age Verification Forms, Quiz Forms, Polling & Voting Forms, User Data Forms, etc. Through Mobile Applications, a Brand may introduce (or decouple) its mobile services from Network Operators by offering to its consumers Independent Brand-Specific VAS. A Mobile Application may contain its holders Unique Digital Customer ID. This way, services such as Mobile Tickets, Coupons and Award & Loyalty Programs along with personalized / profiled advertising services can be implemented within a single application. Mobile Applications can present Real-Time Information from external Data Sources (Live video feeds, Streaming, RSS Feeds, Datastreams, etc.) with sexy User Interface. A Mobile Application can be the cornerstone for alternative App Stores & Mobile Commerce services (e.g. Cydia). Advantages of Branded Mobile Applications… mobileFX™ Studio

15 Vast array of Value Added Services embedded inside a single deliverable of small size. Location-based Content that is automatically updated depending on the visiting site and cached as static content. High Degree of Flexibility, easy-to-integrate with 3rd party systems. (e.g. Weather Forecasts, RSS Feeds, etc) Bi-directional Communication Channel between the brand and each customer individually. Automatic Updates over-the-air (OTA) for future releases, Marketing Promotions and Competitions, and system scalability / expandability. High Degree of Customer Acceptance (Gadget-like innovative nature) Low Costs and High Benefits. Entertainment Guide Social Networking Hotels & Accommodation Restaurants General Information Transportation Information Tourist Guide Emergency Information mobileFX™ Studio … Advantages of Branded Mobile Applications

16 All-in-One Marketing Campaigns Mobile Marketing & Advertising Market the Product, advertise the Sponsor - PEPSI Added Value Content Wallpapers / Ringtones / MP3 / Advergames Customer Loyalty User Data Capture Forms (Name / Age / Sex) Subscribe to SMS Offer Alerts Increase Product Sales Vouchers to attract customer to POS Direct Marketing Campaign continuity through updates Location Based Marketing Offers near you! Revenues through Entertainment! SMS Quiz Game

17 AD Servers mobileFX™ Studio WiFi / Bluetooth / GPRS / 3G 3 rd party Content Servers Digital Marketing in a Nutshell – Mobile Advertising over Info The Google Model with a twist: Integrate ads inside Mobile Applications

18 Digital Marketing in a Nutshell – App Store! Follow the Apple iPhone Model, but with different flavor: CONCEPT: Get anyone to circulate your ads! Integrate ads inside Mobile Applications and serve them over App Stores! Offer mobileFX Studio to anyone and inject an advertising module at compile time. White-label it and offer it as monolithic solution with %.

19 1 st World Record by BluePod Media UK using our technology!

20 Greece 2009: ΕΡΜΗΣ Mobile Marketing Gold Award by Ogilvy One!!

21 Products and Services Portfolio – Case Studies on Theatres & Cinemas

22 Products and Services Portfolio – Case Studies on Beverages

23 Products and Services Portfolio



26 Products and Services Portfolio – Public Services

27 Products and Services Portfolio - Tourism


29 Mobile Marketing & Advertising Customers served with mobileFX Technology: A VAS Story!

30 We are one of the handful Greek companies exhibited at GSM Mobile World Congress in 2009 and 2010 at Barcelona, Spain. Growing!

31 Contact mobileFX 52 Electras str, Kallithea 17673, Athens – Greece. Tel. +30 210 9522504 Fax. +30 210 9522596 Contact Details: Elias G. Politakis email: URL: https://www.mobilefx.comepolitakis@mobilefx.com

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