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English I, Unit 2 Mr. David Castillo M. English Teacher.

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1 English I, Unit 2 Mr. David Castillo M. English Teacher.

2 Unit 2: What’s this? What’s in your bag? A wallet A cell phone Keys Sunglasses A hairbrush An Ipod

3 Classroom objects This is ____ book. This is ____ Eraser. This is ____ pen. This is ____ Dictionary. This is _____ copybook. This is ____ Backpack. Articles: An + vowel sound A + consonant sound.

4 How do you spell….. ? BoardChairTable WindowEraserPen BookPencilMap DictionaryBackpackDesk

5 EXERCISES. A or an? 1. _____ book. 10. _____ Indian restaurant. 2. _____ old book. 11. _____ accident. 3. _____ window. 12. _____ bad accident. 4. _____ horse. 13. _____ question. 5. _____ airport. 14. _____ important question. 6. _____ university. 15. _____ hamburger. 7. _____ organization. 16. _____ hour. 8. _____ restaurant. 17. _____ economic problem. 9. _____ Chinese restaurant. 18. _____ nice evening.

6 Conversation: They’re… interesting Wendy: Wow! What’s _____? Helen: ______ a camera. Wendy: Oh, cool! Thank you, Helen. It’s great! Helen: You’re welcome. Rex: Now open this box! Wendy: OK, Uh, what are _____? Rex: _______ earrings. Wendy: Oh. They’re… interesting. Thank you, Rex. ______’re very nice. they this It’s these they’re

7 THIS (singular) This book This hairbrush This key This purse This camera This wallet This flower Etc.

8 THESE (plural) These books These hairbrushes These keys These purses These cameras These wallets These flowers

9 What’s this? Complete the sentences. 1.It’s a _________________________ 2. It’s __________________________ 3. It ___________________________ 4. _____________________________

10 What are these? Complete the sentences. 1._______________________________ 2. ________________________________ 3. ________________________________ 4. ________________________________

11 What’s this called? Andrea: What’s this called in English? Barbara: I don’t know. Charles: It’s an umbrella. Andrea: How do you spell that? Charles: U M B R E L L A Andrea: What are these called in English? Barbara: Hmmm. I think they’re called chopsticks. Andrea: How do you spell that? Barbara: C H O P S T I C K S

12 Conversation. Complete with the correct form of be. (am, is, are) Kate: Oh, no! Where ____ my car keys? Joe: Relax, Kate. ____ they in your purse? Kate: No, they _____. They are gone! Joe: I bet they ____ on the table in the restaurant. Waiter: Excuse me. _____ these your keys? Kate: Yes, they ____. Thank you! Joe: See? No problem. Waiter: and ____ this your wallet? Kate: Hmmm. No, it _____. Where _____ your wallet, Joe? Joe: In my pocket… wait a minute! That ____ my wallet!

13 Yes/No and Where questions with Be. Is this your wallet? Yes, it is. No, It isn’t. Are these your keys? Yes, they are No, they aren’t Where is your wallet? It’s in my pocket Where are my keys? They’re on the table

14 Link de/ =2&type=Cup_multiple_choice&stage=1 -Page 11, activity 8.A

15 Complete these conversations. 1. A: ________ this your CD player? B: Yes, ___________. 2. A: ________ these your pens? B: No, ____________. 3. A: ________ this your umbrella? B: No, ____________. 4. A: ________ these your keys? B: Yes, ___________.

16 Match the questions in A with the appropriate answer in B. A 1. Is this a pen drive? 2. Are these your earrings? 3. Is this your laptop computer? 4. Are these your books? 5. Is this your purse? B ______ Yes, they are. Thanks! ______ No, it’s not. My purse is here. ______ No, they’re not. I think they’re your books. ______ No, it’s not a pen drive. It’s an MP3 player. ______ Yes, it’s my new laptop computer.

17 Prepositions of place

18 Where is the ball?

19 Homework Pages 15-17 cuaderno de apuntes Page 12 Interchange Intro.

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