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2 Instructions: Click on left side of the mouse to continue Click on to listen

3 TYPES OF PC Pc = personal computer Mainframe Laptop COMPUTER HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE listening

4 Common Input Units keyboard mouse joystick webcam microphone scanner touchpad Digital camera listening

5 Common Output Units printer monitor speakers Video projector plotter listening

6 Computer architecture 1/2 Case mini tower - tower - desktop drive floopyCD ROMCD-RWDVD listening

7 Computer architecture 2/2 A:\ C:\ hard disk D:\

8 INSIDE Motherboard slot bus clock sound card Central Processing Unit or CPU Chip [pentium, celeron, athlon, powerPC (Mac)…] hard disk listening

9 MEMORY Bit Byte Cache RAM ROM Pen drive listening

10 Computer software 1/4 Operating system MS DOS WINDOWS LINUX RED HAT SUSE MANDRAKE UNIX MAC Gui = Graphical User Interface listening

11 Computer software 2/4 Application software Adobe acrobat reader Photoshop Macromedia Dreamweaver Flash Microsoft Firewall Internet explorer Netscape listening

12 Microsoft Office 3/4 Word Excel PowerPoint Access listening

13 Computer software 4/4 Freeware Adware Shareware Spyware Public domain Trial Open source listening


15 File bmp mpeg wav jpeg gif mp3 midi MAIN LESSICAL ITEMS 1/3 listening

16 In out Input Output Backslash Frontslash FAQ Circuit Data Directory MAIN LESSICAL ITEMS 2/3 Flow chart Layout Multitasking Power Password Tool listening

17  virusScan security  Backup  Cleanreg  antivirus backdoor Trojan horse Bug default CAD = computer aided design Patch utility MAIN LESSICAL ITEMS 3/3 Plug-in Bluetooth cluster listening

18 Operating functions 1/4 Add Remove Access Click Crash Create Cancel Error – Disk Error Edit Exit Delete Failed File Not Found Format Debug listening

19 Operating functions 2/4 help insert interrupt load link make name open close press  press F1 for help print quit Would you like to quit ? Yes no listening

20 Operating functions 3/4 Read Readme Reload Reset Scan Set Up Install Uninstall Search Transfer Don't Transfer Type Update Burn listening

21 Operating functions 4/4 Back up Corrupt Crack Run listening

22 INTERNET FUNCTIONS AND EXPRESSIONS 1/4 Internet Ethernet Web Www=world Wide Web Browser Netscape Explorer Outlook Express Download Download Manager Winzip Client Server Hub Router listening

23 INTERNET FUNCTIONS AND EXPRESSIONS 2/4 account LAN Local Area Network WAN = Wide Area Network MAN =Metropolitan Area Network provider modem home page URL = Uniform Resource Location  address login logout password listening

24 INTERNET FUNCTIONS AND EXPRESSIONS 3/4 engine google Yahoo Hotwired Pathfinder AltaVista Excite Mamma listening

25 INTERNET FUNCTIONS AND EXPRESSIONS 4/4 HTTP = Hyper Text Transport Protocol bookmark mail box Mailing List Newsgroup Chat line FTP = File Transfer Protocol Java Banner Story board Wireless Network Gateway ebook e-commerce e-mail listening

26 WEBSITES www. bbc. uk / dot / cpalermo@libero. it / at / email listening

27 HTML HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language Title Head Body Tag Frame Frameset listening

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