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NOKIA N71 By Thakur Rashmi Singh Nokia N71 2 Operating frequency Dual mode WCDMA/GSM and triband GSM coverage on up to five continents (GSM 900/1800/1900.

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2 NOKIA N71 By Thakur Rashmi Singh

3 Nokia N71 2 Operating frequency Dual mode WCDMA/GSM and triband GSM coverage on up to five continents (GSM 900/1800/1900 and WCDMA 2100 networks) Automatic switching between bands and modes

4 Nokia N71 3 Displays Active matrix 2.4” QVGA main color display: 320 x 240 pixels, up to 262,144 colors 1.36” cover display: 96 x 68 pixels, up to 65,536 colors Automatic brightness control for main display

5 Nokia N71 4 Browsing WAP/OMA and W3C standards support: WAP 2.0, XHTML, XHTML MP, HTML 4.01, CSS, ECMAScript and JavaScript Full Web compatibility with support for popular markup languages, scripting languages, and style sheets Search and find capabilities Bookmarks database Web Feeds (RSS) Content download including background downloading with pause and resume Content streaming support (3GPP video and supported audio formats) OMA DRM 1.0 - including forward lock for content protection, combined delivery, separate delivery and super distribution

6 Nokia N71 5 Music Features Manage your music and playlists with the digital music player. Common digital music standards supported: WMA, MP3, eAAC+, AAC+, M4A, MPEG-4 ACC LC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, 64 polyphonic MIDI, RealAudio Voice, RealAudio7, RealAudio8 Transfer music from your compatible PC to your device with Nokia Audio Manager, Windows Media Player, or other compatible PC software Share playlists with your friends over Bluetooth wireless technology, MMS, or email Memory expandable up to 2 GB of great quality stereo audio with the new advanced eAAC+ digital audio codec* to have up to thousands of songs in your pocket Equalizer Visual Radio

7 Nokia N71 6 Visual Radio Listen to music and interact with your favourite radio stations Find out what song is playing, who sings it, and other artist information Enter contests and answer surveys, vote for your favourite songs Download the songs you buy direct to your device

8 Nokia N71 7 Imaging and Video 2 Megapixel camera (1600 x 1200 pixels) with up to 20x digital zoom Second VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 2x digital zoon Video recording with 352 x 288 (CIF) 176 x 144 (QCIF) or 128 x 96 pixels (SubQCIF), 15 frames per second Integrated flash (operating range up to 1.5m) Flash modes: on, off, automatic Advanced camera modes: still, sequence, video Different possible capture scene settings Settings, brightness adjustment, image quality, self-timer, white balance settings and color tones Video and still image editors Movie director for automated video production Nokia Lifeblog and image show Image and video clip uploading to the Web

9 Nokia N71 8 Nokia XpressPrint Print digital photos directly from the device to compatible printers – Transfer photos directly to compatible printer or kiosk via Bluetooth wireless technology, miniSD memory card or directly to PictBridge-compliant printer via USB cable – Integrated print application is quick and easy to use; no installation, no fuss Find out more at

10 Nokia N71 9 Nokia XpressTransfer Transfer and organise photos and videos between your device and compatible PC – Connect to compatible PC and images are automatically transferred with Nokia Image Store feature in Nokia PC Suite, photo albums created on the device are saved in similar albums on the PC – Organise and edit photos and videos on PC with Adobe Photoshop Album SE 3.0 – Deletion or resizing of the images and videos transferred from the device. Resizing means you can carry a large collection of photos and videos on your device and be sure that full quality versions are safely stored on the PC – Gallery view of photos and videos transferred to PC

11 Nokia N71 10

12 Environmental issues Environmental Issues

13 Nokia N7112 Security Issues:  Early mobile phones were limited in their security features. Some problems with these models were "cloning", a variant of identity theft, and "scanning" whereby third parties in the local area could intercept and eavesdrop in on calls. Analogue phones could also be listened to on some radio scanners

14 Nokia N7113 Mobile phone radiation and health:  So far, there is currently no convincing evidence, from animal or human studies, that the energy from cell phones is enough to cause serious health effects, such as cancer, epileptic seizures or sleep disorders. Some scientists have reported that cell phone use may cause changes in brain activity, reaction times, or the time it takes to fall asleep. But these findings have not yet been confirmed. Concerns about effects on health have also been raised regarding other digital wireless systems, such as data communication networks.

15 Nokia N7114 Driving controversy:  Another controversial but potentially more lethal health concern is the correlation with road traffic accidents. Several studies [citation needed] have shown that motorists have a much higher risk of collisions and losing control of the vehicle while talking on the mobile. Other studies have shown that using a mobile phone while driving poses the same risk as someone operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Four U.S. states and many countries, such as Australia, have now restricted or prohibited the use of mobile phones while driving. In Israel and nearly all European countries, driving whilst using a hand-held mobile phone is illegal.

16 Nokia N7115

17 Nokia N7116 Hyperlinks   

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