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Aha Homepia Presented by Aha System Http:

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1 Aha Homepia Presented by Aha System Http:

2 Contents 1.Company Profile 2.Aha Homepia Program Introduction System Requirements Modules in Aha Homepia Features of Each Module Effects of Aha Homepia 3.Program Demonstration

3 Aha System Expert Developer of 3D CAD Engineering & Multimedia Application Established in May of 1996 Address: 702 Shinpoong Venture Center, 1143-6 Jung 1-dong, Wonmi-ku, Puchon, Kyounggi-do, Korea Phone/ Fax: 82-32-321-6582/6583 Email: Web Site: Company Profile Main Business Area Develop various multimedia programs including digital photo album, image editor and photo sticker program etc. Produce 2D & 3D CAD Solution for Plant or Architectural Engineering Develop GIS related program

4 Company Profile Products Aha Album : Digital photo album authoring tool Aha Homepia : Total multimedia package consisting of various independent & essential program modules. Aha Plant : 2D Plant Design Program AutoISO : Intelligent Isometric drawing design program

5 Aha Homepia Intimate and Easier User Interface Aha Homepia gives users much more fun in using their own PC by allowing them to decorate their own cyber room in their PC. Almost all the programs essential for multimedia PC in one program package With Aha Homepia, users do not have to purchase and install several programs necessary for their multimedia PCs. Total multimedia package comprising various independent program modules essential for a multimedia PC such as digital photo album authoring tool, graphic image editor, quick image browser, fancy photo sticker tool, MP3 MPEG or AVI player, scheduler, and email program etc.

6 System Requirements 586, Pentium or higher 64 MB (128 MB preferable) Window 98/NT/2000/ME/XP 1024 x 768 24 bit true color or higher HDD 50 MB higher Sound Card

7 Keep a daily log for car expenses and mileage etc. Aha Auto Log Keep income and expense details etc Aha Cashbook Keep your own electronic diary Aha Diary MP3 or CD playerAha Audio Email sender& receiverAha Mail Aha Utility Module Make & print time table daily schedule etc. Function Organize your own schedule Aha Scheduler Address BookAha Address Book Make & print fancy photo stickers Aha Sticker Aha Video Aha Viewer Aha Painter Aha Album Module MPEG/AVI player Image browser Image editor Make digital photo album Function Program Modules

8 Aha Album Multipurpose digital photo album authoring tool Make various kinds of digital albums more easily and quickly Systematically manage lots of photos.(search albums/photos) Send email with a photo, create a photo sticker, make a memo on each photo or record a memo with your own voice. Manage/play AVI/MPEG files related to each album. Edit each photo and apply special effects on it. Make various internet albums sticker albums book albums. Run the slide show with various transition effects in several different ways. Easily backup your albums. Various printing functions. Make self-executable CD albums. Features of Each Module

9 Aha Painter Graphic image making & editing tool Read & save image files with various formats. Edit a photo image (adjust/rotate/resize an image) Apply artistic effects (filtering etc.) Draw 3D shapes and 3D texts. Magic Wand(select a specific color zone) Copy& move a region, duplicate images. Draw lines, lots of shapes. Make multi-paged image files. Features of Each Module

10 Aha Viewer Image browser & image file manager View image files in the selected folder as thumbnails. Image editing function (rotate an image and adjust the brightness & the color) Manage Image files. (rename selected files in series and move/copy files) Manage folders.(create/rename.delete folders) Image Viewing functions (zoom in/out, pan window) View multi-paged image files. Run the slide show with lots of astonishing transition effects and background music. Features of Each Module

11 Aha Video MPEG/AVI multimedia player Play multimedia files such as MPEG or AVI. Change the playback rate. Capture frames & save them as image files. Make your own AVI files with several image files and background music. Edit AVI files.(insert/remove/replace frames) Convert AVI files to MPEG. Features of Each Module

12 Aha Sticker Make & print your own fancy photo stickers Easily make and print photo stickers simply by following the information arrow. Edit the photo image. Immediately send the photo sticker through e-mail. Directly acquire images using the TWAIN interface. Aha Scheduler Make your own calendar and organize a schedule Efficiently organize your routine tasks (to be done daily, weekly or monthly) Make & print your own fancy calendar (with your own anniversaries etc) Features of Each Module

13 Aha Address book Make and print the address book and create visiting cards. Store the personal data systematically. (email, birthday, address) Easy to search personal data. Quick to send email to the selected person. Automatically make several kinds of business cards. Various kinds of printing form for the address book Aha Utility Check your biorhythm Print class schedule & daily schedule Provide several kinds of printing templates for students’ class schedules. Provide several kinds of printing templates for daily schedules. Check your biorhythm with a short explanation. Features of Each Module

14 Aha Mail Send e-mail & check emails in the mailbox. Aha Audio MP3 & CD player, Sound Recorder Aha Diary Keep your electronic diary(record your voice also). Aha Cashbook Keep income and expense details daily, Make budgets,View & print various detailed reports etc. Aha Auto Log Keep a daily log for car expenses and mileage etc. Features of Each Module

15 Save PC users’ troubles in purchasing, installing and managing several individual multimedia programs. (save your money & time) Help people to enjoy using computers because Homepia is easy to install, manage and use and moreover it supplies various skin interface not to make its users sick of program interface. With Homepia, no other subsidiary program modules are required for PC camera or digital cameras. It can be most useful program package when users have their own digital camera or pc camera. Homepia can be used wherever there is a computer. Effects of Aha Homepia Efficient + Economic + Practical= Aha Homepia

16 Program Demonstration Please click on each item on the above picture to view how each program module is running.

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