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GNJ Pitch Presentation. THE MISSION To create the highest quality product at a reasonable price and always be on the cutting edge of our industry, while.

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1 GNJ Pitch Presentation

2 THE MISSION To create the highest quality product at a reasonable price and always be on the cutting edge of our industry, while creating opportunities for our partners and customers to grow and prosper collectively The Mission

3 VISION Vision A leader in the fashion accessories industry, GNJ offers a complete collection of fashionable cell phone & Ipod accessories that are esthetically pleasing, functionally durable and reasonably priced with enormous profit potential. Our objective is to become a supplier for all cell phone & Ipod accessories and collaborate to capitalize on brand recognition in a global scenario

4 Playmates Hugh Hefner The Mansion Archives: 50+ Years of Heritage Playboy Bunnies Playboy ClubsPlayboy Licensing Group Brand Awareness Global Brand Power

5 The number of wireless subscribers in the U.S. has skyrocketed since the early 90’s, jumping 12 percent in the last year alone to 216.0 million. As the industry evolves, the need to personalize and accessorize our devices. Many companies are offering on demand fashionable items to different style ring tones. The Market

6 Because fashion is not only what people wear- it extends to any category that enhances one’s lifestyle… Compete reports that 16% percent of wireless subscribers own two cell phones numbers/account. GFK NOP World technology pollsters about 16 million teens and younger kids own cell phones. Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) declares women are expected to spend about $65 billion this year in electronics just for themselves. Gartner group reports that by 2009, 1 billion cell phones will be sold a year, by then, more than 3 billion people will be using cell phones globally. Cell phone accessories are appealing to a broad demographic of consumers of all generations, cultures, sensibilities and genders. Collectors, fashionistas, gift givers, wireless devices junkies.

7 Current Trends Mobiles Go Beyond Function Cell Phones Now A Status Indicator

8 STRATEGY Strategy GNJ continuously offers the latest in trendy and original cell phone accessories that are often imitated by our competitors. Our categories are; cell charms, neck & hand straps, faceplates & snap on, cases & pouches, desk holders, retractable clips and jeweled stickers. We currently have over 500 styles in different categories of cell phone & Ipod to choose from with new styles being released every week. We also offer a wide selection of counter and display units to accommodate all your needs. Our products can be customized to your exact specifications as we control the entire design, production, packaging and packing process. We have in-house design/product development & graphics design departments. Style

9 MARKET PENETRATION Market Penetration GNJ advertise in trade magazines and attends over 30 tradeshows/fairs internationally reaching decision makers to increase presence in different market places in the electronics, gifts & premiums, fashion & accessories, promotions and duty free/souvenirs sectors. We participate in the following tradeshows:

10 KEY RETAIL ACCOUNT Key Retail Account Carphone Wharehouse Tmobile 3G Debenham’s Argos Express gift Vodafone Debitel Tmobile The Phone House KarstadtQuelle Galeries Lafayette SOHO El Cortes Ingles Euronics Expert Marcopolo

11 Current License Agreement Fashion Division Playboy Rocawear Sport Division The NBA WWE Novelty Division Marilyn Monroe by Sam Shaw Elvis Cartoon Division Betty Boop Amazing Spider- man Marvel Heroes Spiderman 3 The Simpsons

12 Fashion















27 Product Category Cell Phones Accessories for mobile phones/ cellphones/ PDA’s devices including without limitation neck & hand straps, faceplates/ snap on/ protectors, desktop holders, retractable clips, jeweled stickers, pouches, cases, soxs, arm bands, lanyards and gift packs combining few of our products and electronic accessories such as chargers (portable-auto-house), jeweled ear bud & covers for Bluetooth headset cover. PRODUCT CATEGORY

28 Accessories for portable personal devices (such as, MP3, CD & DVD players, ) and electronics accessories (such as PDA’s, laptops, cameras, video cameras and video games) including without limitation neck & hand straps, faceplates/ snap on/ desktop holders, retractable clips, jeweled stickers, pouches, cases, soxs, arm bands, lanyards and gift packs combining few of our products and electronic such as chargers (portable-auto-house), jeweled earbud & covers for wireless headset cover. Product Category MP3 PRODUCT CATEGORY

29 THE TEAM In-House sales force 15 Sales reps 20 Agents 5 Distributors 55 The Team Our sales centers are strategically located in Mexico, France, and the United States to serve an international clientele. The cooperation between our factories and sales offices allows our company to produce customized pieces and packaging based on the specifications of our customers at a price that is unmatched.


31 Brand Identity Brand Identity is key for GNJ, its licensors and partners. It is imperative that all partners understand each brand's customer, and that the brand identity be maintained in all marketing, display, and overall image of the facility where the product is sold. GNJ reserves the right to grant or deny distributorship at any time.

32 Celebrities

33 Tailored Ideas GNJ conducts weekly in house sales meetings ensure brand identity, identify tactics, implement strategy to meet goals, and to source new prospective customers Weekly e-mail blast distributed to our client list as well as the client list of publications we advertise with i.e. Wireless Dealer Magazine GNJ advertises strategically in a variety of trade magazines,monthly & quarterly GNJ designs and sells handtags, packaging, floor and counter display units and starter kits specific to the brand it represents and the stores the merchandise is sold in GNJ will launch it’s brand new Website Spring 2007 with features including: specials and promotions, where to buy, Showcase items, Press releases, and News & Events.

34 ADVERTISING & PROMOTIONS Advertising & Promotions GNJ Utilizes a solid global network encompassing distributors, a dynamic in- house sales force with established relationships within all sectors and channels of distribution, advertisement in fashion and trade show publication and attendance to over 20 key trade shows worldwide: The CES Show, Bread & Butter, Magic, ASD/AMD, CeBIT, IAADES, CTIA China Sourcing Fair, Asia’s Fashion Jewlery & Accessories.

35 Editorial

36 Consumers are more individualized than ever, “External cosmetic personalization” allows them to stand out and be unique, being unique lends them consumer’s status and the cell phone has become one of the most powerful symbols for all that is cool, young and on the move. Undoubtedly and far more than a mere piece of technology, the cell phone has become an object for adornments, a display of support, wealth, a piece of conversation, the ultimate marketing tool and the one item people cannot live without. We are extending our expertise and seek to replicate similar partnerships with companies/brands/properties that want to venture out/capitalize in this growing cell phone accessories trend and look forward to have the opportunity to show you our commitment in the near future Summary

37 COMPANY PROFILE / VENDOR INFORMATION Miami Lakes Business Park East 14100 N.W. 57th Ct., Miami Lakes, Florida 33014 USA 305 651 1801 305 651 1808, Incorporated 1999, Florida-USA, Import Supplier - Edi compliant 65-0950554 EIN 13552-9324 France, Mexico & Korea Seoul/Korea & Shenzhen/China, Over 50,000 square footage 841760 200 Fashion by Cell Allure (cell phone accessories) / Supreme Body Jewelry (all body jewelry - piercing) / Fool You (all jewelry categories) / Metal Gear (all jewelry categories) / Supreme Charms (all jewelry categories) Playboy,Rocawear,The NBA, The WWE, Betty Boop,,Marylin Monroe by Sam Shaw,Elvis Presely, Spider-Man3, Marvel Heroes, The Simpsons Approx.1 million units per month Mass Merchants, Dept.& Specialty Stores, E-commerce & Distributors Distribution US Dollar Hartford Insurance US$4,000,000.00 Each US$4,000,000.00 General Aggregate US$4,000,000.00 Products-Comp/OP Aggregate GNJ Manufacturing, Inc. Headquarter: Phone: Fax : Websites: Year Established, Business Type & State: Business Tax ID & Type: Dun & Bradstreet no: Branches: Factories/Manufacturing Plants: UPC info: No. of Employees: Proprietary Brands: Licensed Brands: Distribution Capacity: Distribution Channels: Purchase/Payment Currency: Certificate of Liability Insurance:

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