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Taking the Lecture Away Screencasting and Podcasting in Small Liberal Arts Colleges.

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1 Taking the Lecture Away Screencasting and Podcasting in Small Liberal Arts Colleges

2 Who I am? Why am I here? Jean-Claude Bradley Drexel University Michelle Francl Tablet PC Screencasting Podcasting Initiative Blog post

3 Casting about for answers What is a podcast? How many listen to podcasts? How many make own podcasts? What is a screencast? Watched a screencast? Made a screencast?

4 Podcasts Mp3 files included in RSS feed Subscribe via iTunes or other subscription service Can be listened to on or offline (if transferred to mp3 player)

5 Enclosures

6 Screencasts Recording of screen activity London bombing example

7 Why? Review Students control the speed of learning Devote class time to discuss and hands-on work Textbook replacement Open Access Textbooks (math)math Textbook revolution Jean-Claude Bradley on textbooks

8 Pedagogical foundations Necessity of lecture vs. effectiveness of discussion/active learning Repetition is good Appeals to different learning styles—aural, visual, etc. Provides scaffolding Connection to other material

9 How? Tablet or Laptop Screen recording software Camtasia studio Record audio only Audacity Odeo Podcast/RSS Screencast  Flash or other video format

10 Tablets Flexibility in markup OneNote and Windows Journal Import other files into these apps Mark on other office apps (PowerPoint, Word, etc.) Allows markings to be recorded and saved Chalkboard/Smartboard substitute

11 Screen Recording Software Camtasia Studio Camstudio Snapz Pro for Mac All offer one-click recording Both audio and video

12 Producing the video Producer Save file in different formats-flash is usually smallest file size Customization

13 Audio For podcasting, must produce mp3 file Camtasia Studio creates wav files Extract the wav file and convert to mp3 Audacity Odeo

14 RSS Feed Feed must allow enclosures Feedburner Submit to iTunes

15 Some examples Prof. Francl’s Chem. 221 class Prof. Francl’s Chem. 221 class Purdue University’s Boilercasts Purdue University’s Boilercasts

16 Other applications Commenting on student papers Tutorials Out of class review sessions Presentations (like this one!) Readings Student-created projects

17 Implications and Questions for Discussion Attendance Access for students and/or faculty What to do besides lecture? Textbook/publishing issues? Copyright/Intellectual property Other questions, comments

18 Need more info? ETC site’s podcasting/screencasting tutorial: Michelle Francl’s Chemistry 221 class: Jean-Claude Bradley’s Introduction to podcasting/screencasting: http://drexel-coas- talks-mp3- talk-at-bryn-mawr-college.htmlhttp://drexel-coas- talks-mp3- talk-at-bryn-mawr-college.html

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