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HTML5 Game Development In-depth

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1 HTML5 Game Development In-depth
Richard Davey, Photon Storm Ltd.

2 What we’ll cover Introduction Choose the platform
When to use DOM / CSS Preparing Graphics Preparing Audio Game Frameworks Physics Libraries Distribution

3 Who am I? Who do we build games for?
Director, Photon Storm Ltd. 50+ HTML5 games in 20 months.

4 Choose the platform

5 Desktop browser Mobile browser Native desktop Native mobile Web View Wii U

6   Desktop browsers Mobile browsers Fast!  Great audio Webcams
3D / WebGL Lots of memory Wired / broadband Great tools Slow!  Terrible legacy audio No camera yet Limited 3D / WebGL Very little memory Wireless / 3G Very few tools

7 When to use DOM / CSS You need IE8 support Text or UI heavy game
Relatively simple game Doesn’t need any pixel effects Read: High performance animations

8 Native Desktop Games: node-webkit
GPU accelerated Cross-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux) File Access Video / Audio Access Near zero overhead 60MB+ package QbQbQb by Rezoner

9 Native Mobile Games: CocoonJS
Accelerated canvas API (95% support) WebGL support Web View over the top iOS / Android test launcher Native mobile features Cloud hosted compiler

10 WebView: TreSensa Game Engine
WebViews are painfully slow On average 3x slower than mobile browser But exceedingly popular Games within games / apps Game Engine + Distribution

11 Pitfall #1 – Flash On Desktop Flash isn’t yet dead. Don’t rule it out.
Especially if you need: IE8 – complex video – webcam – accessibility

12 Preparing Graphics

13 Texture Packer Use Texture Atlases Saves http requests and GPU memory
On mobile limit textures to 1024 x 1024 WebGL prefers power of 2 sized textures Artwork by Brandissimo! 2013

14 Flash CS6 and Flash CC MovieClips can export to Sprite Sheets
Timeline tweaks needed Complex nested clips often fail Flash CC Avatar release is imminent Contains a brand new method of exporting animations Artwork by Jet Morgan Games 2013

15 Pitfall #2 – Atlas rendering artefacts Leave 2px shape padding.
May not appear on your machine – GPU specific.

16 Shoe Box Essential free graphical swiss-army knife Sprite Sheets
Sprite Extraction Pivots Slice-9 Bitmap Fonts & lots more!

17 2D Skeletal Animation Ideal for desktop / native
Be careful on mobile (can be very slow) Spine (Spine Features KS now on!) Spriter Animo Sprites (XML export)

18 PNG – Save bandwidth Crush them PNG8 them PNG Out (Windows)
OptiPNG (Linux) PNG Gauntlet (Windows) ImageOptim (OS X) TinyPNG (online) ImageAlpha (OS X) Extremely advanced. Web based + API.

19 Pitfall #3 – Memory Limits If Mobile Safari crashes back to the Home Screen for no reason,
you ran it out of memory.

20 Preparing Audio

21 Web Audio rocks! Node based audio system
Built-in effects (echo, delay) iOS6+ Chrome FireFox (finally) Hurry-up IE No more excuses. Use it. Artwork by Jet Morgan Games 2013

22 HTML Audio (does not rock)
Terrible Performance Usually 1 sound channel (yes, really) Codec issues (mp3, ogg, m4a, amr, ac3) Use Audio Sprites

23 Pitfall #4 – Packing Audio Leave 2000ms of silence at the start and end of audio sprites.
Leave at least 1000ms between markers.

24 Game Frameworks

25 “Why do I need a framework? I prefer to roll my own”
Platform Game

26 Platform Requirements
Loader Scaling Audio Renderer Animation Input Math Events

27 Platform - Loader Load Progress xhr2 CDN Support Image Files
Audio Files XML / JSON Object Pool CORS Script Loader Multi-part Loads 3G Local Storage

28 Loader Preloading – Load progress, error failure, xhr2, audio, images, data Asset cache with multiple format parsers Scaling Device scaling - Viewport management, mobile scaling, UI removal Full Screen API Audio Web Audio – Context manager, effects, node pooling Legacy Audio – Audio sprites, file format support Renderer Canvas – Display List, Transforms, Context batching, Blend Modes WebGL – Shaders, Batching, IE11 support Animation Sprite Sheets, Tweens, Skeletal Animation Input Touch – Multi-touch, MSPointer, Gestures, multi-input devices Keyboard, Mouse, Game Pad API – Browser over-rides, latency

29 Building on shifting ground
2,200 changes to WebKit and Chromium per week From Canary to Chrome in 12 weeks iOS and Android automatic updates over the air Automatic browser updates Things you’re told are not possible today might be by the end of the project. Be prepared to un-learn what you know every 6 months

30 If you roll your own … Now you can start your game jQuery Howler
Modernizr Hammer.js GSAP Viewporter Now you can start your game Pixi.js

31 Pitfall #5 – Finding answers online Googling a problem
Pitfall #5 – Finding answers online Googling a problem? Check the dates of the answers. Disregard anything > 1 year old.

32 3D WebGL - Turbulenz Console quality framework Rendering effects
Particles Physics Animation 3D Audio Multiplayer Developer Hub

33 3D WebGL – Goo Engine Modular and feature packed engine
Shaders, particles, animation, post effects Goo Create Fully browser based 3D game editor Exports via CocoonJS

34 2D WebGL / Canvas – Phaser
Optimised for mobile and desktop Extremely easy to use Loader, Cache, Animation, Sound, Particles, State Manager, Physics, Display List, Input & more Uses Pixi.js for rendering Very active community Documentation & 150+ Examples

35 Wolfblood: Mystery of Stoneybridge
19 Puzzles Unlockable Map Multi-part loader (memory issues on Android) Primary / Secondary Devices Desktop and Mobile Custom UI Components BBC Games Grid

36 Pitfall #6 – Test early and test often Don’t assume everyone has an iPad.
You will never be able to test all device combinations.

37 So many HTML5 Game Frameworks!
Pick one you feel comfortable with Curated list with ratings and reviews:

38 Physics Libraries It’s not all box2d

39 p2.js For 2D games Pure JavaScript
Rigid Body Physics Contacts, Friction Constraints, Motors Springs, Shapes Documentation Still evolving

40 Physics JS For 2D games
AMD or Global Modular (31k core) Renderer agnostic Clean JavaScript code Very new, API changes Poor documentation

41 ammo.js For 2D or 3D games
Direct port of Bullet Uses Emscripten Uses asm.js Automated port Needs powerful CPU Not mobile friendly Also see CannonJS

42 RUBE Visual physics editor
Bodies, fixtures, vertices, joints, scripting Cross platform Exports to JSON

43 Distribution App stores and networks

44 App Stores that accept HTML5 games
Note: Some require native wrappers. will help you reach the stores easily.

45 5 million 400 20 MONTHLY USERS GAMES – MOST 3rd Party

46 Community Game development is multi-player

47 Don’t struggle alone! Active Forum & Chat Coding Help Game Showcase Constantly great new content Official forum of: Pixi.js, Phaser, Babylon.js, SpellJS

48 Creating HTML5 games is hard work
Don’t give up! Feed back in to the community No-one will ever create something in the same way as you do Your vision is unique - embrace that

49 Thank you! Richard Davey @photonstorm
Slides will be at

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