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Robbie Parish Scottish Government.

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1 Robbie Parish Scottish Government

2 ! SMS @ Manage demand Improve experience Reduce cost

3 Scotland’s Digital Public Services Strategy, published in September 2012, sets the context for the development of public services across the country. The national level actions contribute to the following themes: Citizen Focus Privacy and Openness A Skilled and Empowered Workforce Collaboration and Value for Money

4 Digital Participation Public Service Delivery
Digital Connectivity Digital Economy

5 Digital economy Open data agenda- supports digital economy – national and local Citizen and business access to super fast broadband Analytical resource in innovation centres a resource for business SME friendly approach to procurement Supplier development programme Business Gateway

6 Connectivity Step Change Community Broadband Scotland
Demonstrating Digital Mobile Policy / City Wi-Fi World Class 2020

7 Effective use of data Sharing of personal data to support delivery of joined up and personalised services Research and analysis, through data linkage, to inform design of services Making data open and promoting data innovation transparency supports citizen engagement and accountability allows analysis of data beyond publishing organisation build on achievements on opening up spatial data build on capacity for, and investments in, data analysis Cross cutting issues of skills, quality of data

8 Effective use of data Smart cities
Sharing of personal data to support delivery of joined up and personalised services Research and analysis, through data linkage, to inform design of services Making data open and promoting data innovation transparency supports citizen engagement and accountability allows analysis of data beyond publishing organisation build on achievements on opening up spatial data build on capacity for, and investments in, data analysis Cross cutting issues of skills, quality of data

9 Smart cities

10 Collaboration and value for money
Re-use, before buy, before build High Level Operating Framework published Collaboration: Scottish Wide Area Network for efficiency and interoperability Data hosting and data centre strategy: pursue cloud services and consolidation. Comments recently sought from sector boards.

11 Delivery Model Glamorous Straightforward Unglamorous but not enough
Continuous service improvement Radical service improvement Service innovation Reactive Incremental Moderate savings Low risk Proactive Step change practice Significant savings Medium risk Proactive Step change practice Anticipated savings Large risk Straightforward but not enough Unglamorous but impactful Glamorous but scary

12 mygovscot – Vision A place for people in Scotland to access public services that are easy to find and simple to use – services so convenient, people choose digital first.

13 What is mygovscot? A place online providing access to all public services in Scotland A change programme for informational and transactional services across the public sector A design philosophy – placing user needs at the centre of delivery A positive user experience – creating a central access point, providing clarity to the information and services that are available in Scotland

14 Why do we need it? Exponential growth in content – confusion
Inconsistent and often poor user experience Channel shift opportunity  Doing it once rather than times  [i.e. standard processes and functions for efficiency, design, look and feel for user experience] Cost efficiencies

15 Scope of change Public Bodies Health
Partnership working and collaboration with Local Authorities

16 Approach to Delivery Project Approach Release Schedule Agile method
The product will develop incrementally Fine-tune requirements while they’re relatively easy to change Mygovscot scope is potentially very large Release Schedule The wider releases of mygovscot have been carefully planned We’ve used the terminology Alpha and Beta for the 2 main releases of mygovscot in 2014

17 Collaborative, multidisciplinary, agile service design


19 Alpha The philosophy behind the alpha release is to produce a proof of concept to test certain theories around: Approach to content creation and publishing Technical architecture and design Stakeholder engagement and collaboration across the Scottish Public Sector External communication We plan to receive feedback while its still relatively easy to change the product and approach We’re on track for the first release of mygovscot to take place at the end of July 2014

20 Beta During Beta our focus is on user benefits and producing a useful product We want to establish a strongly branded access point to public services in Scotland We plan to establish a wide breadth of content to help produce a more complete information architecture for the site This should realise significant user benefit by improving findability of public services Additionally we aim to establish a sustainable approach to maintaining mygovscot content  Start to work in collaboration with public sector organisations

21 Standards & Guidelines
Standards – A set of requirements that a service must implement, unless a specific exception is made. Recommendations – Recommendations should be implemented where it delivers benefits for the user and is cost effective to do so. This will initially focus on the endorsement of industry / open standards. Guidelines – Additional and supporting material that partners could consider if they lack existing capability in the relevant area. Support for change - The transformation team will work with you to implement the changes required to provide an enhanced user experience and cost efficiency.

22 Standards Benefit Target Look n Feel
Services simpler and more convenient to use Alpha UX Patterns Beta Information Architecture Content can be readily syndicated and linked across public sector Content Taxonomy & Classification Editorial Style Guide

23 Recommendations Benefit Options Target Web Accessibility
Citizens with disabilities can access services via the web WCAG Beta Web Document Sharing Citizens can readily access public sector documents HTML, PDF Live Web Data Exchange Data can be readily be interchanged between public sector organisations and with citizens / business CSV, JSON, XML Web Video Citizens can readily access video via the web h264 Web audio Citizens can readily access audio via the web MP3, AAC Web Syndication Citizens can subscribe to services for updates RSS, Atom

24 Guidance Web API design Web Application Development
Web Application Testing Web Application Operations Web Application Release Management Web Application Quality Attributes Web Analytics & Social Media

25 Content Content inclusion Publishing flow
We’re taking an approach focused on prioritised user needs Alongside the relationships these have with the public sector Publishing flow Initial focus for alpha is internal, with a form of partnership model longer term We’re illustrating our thoughts from raw user needs to published content

26 Information Architecture
Browse navigation is using a two tier category approach in alpha, allowing flexibility to move content items and to continuously improve categories Search aims to provide a robust, user friendly experience to surface content relevant to search queries – it’s our catalyst for improving browse

27 Information Architecture
Early thoughts on our approach to information architecture will also include; Straight forward, clear and beneficial meta data for all content items A basic taxonomy to identify terms (parent / child), their respective relationships and what the connections are – with the approach being matured over time We will use current examples wherever possible e.g. Linked Data resources

28 Transformation The objective of the digital transformation activity is to enable public sector services providers to: Increase use of digital channels and uptake of digital services by Supporting the transformation of services for digital channels/mygovscot Encouraging the development of user centric services Promoting common standards & guidelines Establishing a collaborative framework Building digital skills/capability Generating efficiencies

29 Transformation services
Digital Consultancy Project and programme support Standards and guidelines Roles and Skills Procurement and supplier management Measurements and Benefits Collaboration Opportunities Provides guidance on Role of Digital User Needs User Experience Provides support on Project Scope Project approach definition Change management implications Provides explanation and direction on the application of standards and guidelines Provides assistance on the definition of roles and skills required to deliver digital projects and programmes of change Provides counsel for supplier selection and management. Seeks new procurement options such as useful frameworks for digital development Provides tested and current measurement frameworks to support service providers to demonstrate benefits Provides opportunities for organisations to meet others and explore opportunities for shared design and shared solutions

30 Changing Culture To become: Customer-centred Task focused
Multidisciplinary Iterative Visual Innovative Agile Through: Leadership Funding Experimentation Culture Strategy



33 @mygovscot Keep in touch
Scotland’s Digital Dialogue

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