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DG504 BLOCK 1 Josje Wijnen Bernadette Bijkerk Rens van Deurssen Emin Sinani.

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1 DG504 BLOCK 1 Josje Wijnen Bernadette Bijkerk Rens van Deurssen Emin Sinani

2 Concept description – A portable device to listen to high quality audio aimed for outdoor use. (Aimed for walking, cycling) End user desire – Favourite music outdoor – High quality – Listening alone (or with 2 people) – Expressing yourself Sony Walkman

3 18 Versions of Walkman Name: Sony Walkman SRF 35-W Characteristics: Cassette based walkman Name: Sony WM-1 Characteristics: lighter, supported metal tape. Attention to design and sound quality Name: WM-20 Characteristics: got AA batterythe cassette was placed horizontally, size is small Name: Sony discman D-50 Characteristics: Uses CDs.

4 Versions of Walkman Name: WM-101 Characteristics: got a rechargeable battery. Had weight of 200gr Name: Sony GV-8 Video Walkman Characteristics: It played video 8 format videos Name: TCD-D3 Characteristics: used DAT-cassettes & lightweight Name: NT-1 Characteristics: digital micro-recorder using ultra compact tapes.

5 Versions of Walkman Name: MZ-E50 Characteristics: smallest and lightest walkman Name: D-E01 Characteristics: featured a skip-free playback mechanism Name: Sony Minidisc MZ-N1 Characteristics: plays Minidiscs: miniaturized CDs. Featured high-speed transfer music data from PC to Walkman Name: NW-MS70D Characteristics: featured Duo memory stick, 256MB flash.

6 Versions of Walkman Name: Sony Walkman NW-HD1 Characteristics: 30 hours of playing music Name: NW-A3000 Characteristics: first Sony walkman which supported MP3 files Name: Sony Walkman XDR-M1 Characteristics: he could receive Digital Audio Broadcast Name: Sony Walkman NW-HD3 Characteristics: hard disk based walkman.

7 Versions of Walkman Name: Sony NW-A800 Characteristics: MP3 player combined with video Name: Sony Ericsson W900i Characteristics: MP3 integrated in mobile phones under the brand name Sony Ericsson

8 Competitors Philips JVC Panasonic (also cooperation) Toshiba Apple (iPod) Sears JC Penny Radio Shack

9 Market Share Sony looses market share (Toshiba & JVC improved Sony’s technologies) 1979-early ’80 Sony got real competitors like Sears. Due to new innovations like increasing the sound quality Sony came back in the market 1983 Walkman becomes hype and Sony’s market share increases a lot 1985 Cooperation with Panasonic increases market share again 1992 Sony has 38,5% of the market share. Sony bought the American Colombian Pictures and got 20% of the American market too Sony brought the Minidisc walkman. Sony stays in the market. But not that long From this year other brands like Apple walk into the market and gained a big market share by their MP3players. Sony’s market share is gone Nowadays Sony tries to gain market again by launching new mobile phones with MP3 function.

10 Development over time Walkman



13 Functions and selling points 1979 – Fitment of a stereo tape head – Removal of recording button and speaker – Hotline function – Double volume control – Multiple headphones 1981 – All keys released when lid opened – Hotline on headphone – Simple stereo volume control – Attention to Design / Color / Styling – Plastic Belt Holder – Small 1982 – Record TPS-L2 WM-2

14 Functions and selling points 1983 – Pressed Metal Case – Logic buttons – Remote – Auto-reverse – Dolby B noise reduction – Led for tape direction and battery indicator – Hold Function – Play all kinds of cassettes 1984 – Splash proof – In ear headphones WM-10 WM-7 WM-F5

15 Functions and selling points 1986 – AM/FM Tuner – A five band graphic equalizer 1987 – Solar charging – Rechargeable batteries 1988 – Alarm Clock – Radio Presets – Mega Bass: Bass Control WM-F107 WM-36 WM-B39

16 Functions and selling points 1990 – My First Sony: child version – Loudspeaker – Volume limiter 1995 – AMS: Automatic music search – Logic controlled 1996 – Very long battery life WM-3000 WM-EX618

17 Thank you for your attention

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