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SIP(Structured Integrated Chong Institution

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1 SIP(Structured Integrated programme) @Hwa Chong Institution

2 Our Interview Project Title: The Introduction on the Structured Integrated Programme(SIP) in Hwa Chong Institution(HCI) in 2012 Interviewee: Lim Seow Yi (Mr) Format: MP3 Recording Language: ENGLISH Running Time: 11:14

3 Our interview Synopsis: Mr Lim Seow Yi, Lower Secondary Science Teacher in HCI, is our interviewee. He explains the purpose of why the Structured Integrated Programme(SIP) was introduced in Hwa Chong Institution(HCI), that revoked the Secondary 3Q classes that before. Also, the effectiveness of the SIP in HCI, and the reactions of students to the subject matter and the pros and cons of the new system. Lastly, the effects the students might face such as Psychological and Mental effects, Social Effects and others. Also, he talks about how the SIP is unique to HCI only that helps prepare Students for both the Integrated Programme and in case, the GCE O-Levels. The present syllabus and format of the SIP system.

4 Introduction to the sip
The Structured Integrated Programme is a programme started in 2012 that is meant to replace the precedent Secondary 3Q class system. It is a programme that is unique to Hwa Chong Institution (HCI), because it grooms Secondary 3 students who did not do well in Secondary 2 to revert back to the normal IP(integrated Programme)and just in case ,to prepare them for the O-levels, if they do not make the standard.

5 Differences in the old/new system
OLD SYSTEM(3Q class) NEW SYSTEM(SIP) MSG(Mean Subject Grade) >4.00 MSG(Mean Subject Grade)>3.00 Concentrates on preparing Students for O-level classes ONLY. Concentrates on helping students revert back to the normal IP system, and just in case, the GCE O-levels. Minimum MSG to leave class in Secondary 4 ≤ 4.00 (IP) Minimum MSG to leave class in Secondary 4 ≤ 3.00 (IP) Focuses on the O-level syllabus A more structured programme for students to keep up with the pace of the IP, that also covers some of the O-level Syllabus. Mean Subject Grade is calculated by all points earned by all subjects, (e.g. 6A1s, so 6 points), divided by number of subject. In this case 6/6 = 1.00

6 Reasons for the sip SIP was introduced last year to help students who might difficulties in the IP system, instead of directly preparing them for O-levels. So, in other words, it is meant to act as an area to help students get back to the IP system instead of directly focusing on the O-levels. SIP is to help students cope with the IP, and also in case, to prepare them for O-levels, if necessary. A Win-Win situation

7 Effects on students and Teachers
Students enjoy being in SIP classes. Students are motivated, and are working hard to revert back to the normal IP system. Pace is good for students, as it is at a slow pace for them to catch up. Teachers are working harder to help these students, workload increase.

8 Negative Effects on Students
As student being channelled into the SIP may come as a big shock to him, as he did not expect his MSG to be that bad. They may not be mentally prepared for the new system. Disappointment to those who did not expect to land up in SIP. Shame.

9 Effectiveness of the Sip
Pro and Cons? There are no problems yet. There is not much difference between the IP and SIP system, except for the pace and focus. Students in SIP would not lose out if they return to the normal IP system in Secondary 4, and they would not lose preparation time for the O-levels.

10 Effectiveness of SIP Instead of condemning them to the previous O-level class, 3Q, it gives these students a chance to do better, and could possibly return back to the normal IP class, instead of immediately sending them to prepare for the O-levels. Gives them another route for them to succeed. Workload will be the same as the normal IP system.

11 Thank You Resources taken from:
Interview with Mr Lim Seow Yi Old HCI student handbook

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