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Marketing to Generations X & Y Presented by Kaleen Haines.

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1 Marketing to Generations X & Y Presented by Kaleen Haines

2 Generation X & Y Who are they? What do they value? How do you reach them?

3 Who is Generation X Born between 1965-1980 Major events: AIDS, Fall of Berlin Wall, Cold War, Pop Culture, High Divorce Rates, Invention of PC, Multiple Recessions, Homelessness, Internet Other names: Street Savvy Generation, MTV Generation, “Baby Bust”, “Latchkey Kids” Independent & Skeptic Technologically savvy and highly educated More health conscious than their parents Resentful & Rebellious Diverse Self-oriented and pragmatic

4 Why Gen X 22% of total spending Powerful, married with kids market Prime in purchasing power (peak income and spending years)

5 Generation X Values Work/Life Balance Fun Flexibility & Freedom Work is “just a job” Trust (in order- self, friends, others, media) Straight Talk Risk Taking

6 Other Gen X Values

7 Marketing to Gen Xers Product concerns – (1) Affordability, (2) Quality, (3) Trendy Internet & Mobile Technology Strategies: Generation X is the most likely group to bank, shop, and look for health information online. Use Yelp (more likely to research while shopping online) 69% own a PC, 56% own a mp3 player Willing to try new brands (note affordability) Clear Communication is key (email blasts should have the name so they don’t feel grouped) Offer 100% money back guarantees Give suggestions, not rules Direct Mail Experience-based Marketing Use humor Be genuine, relevant, and transparent Skeptics needs reason to buy



10 Honda Success

11 Volkswagen “Driver’s Wanted” ch?v=R55e-uHQna0 ch?v=R55e-uHQna0 ch?v=QkUoHt9GzRU ch?v=QkUoHt9GzRU ch?v=faaD-XfBehY ch?v=faaD-XfBehY

12 Volvo S60


14 Burton Snowboards Burton_US-Site/default/Company-Landing

15 Pepsi

16 Do Nots with Gen Xers Force a connection Recycle the past Hard Sells Mass Media Hype & Gimmicks Direct Advertising Over use political, moral, or emotional topics Brand Labeling & Stereotyping Traditional notions and norms


18 Generation Y Who are they? What do they value? How do you market to them?

19 Who is Gen Y Born between 1981 – 1994 Events: War, 9/11, Columbine, Rise of Technology, Social Media, Reality TV Change in parental relationship Quick, Mature, Smart, Demanding Self Sufficient Celebrate diversity AKA Millenials, Nexters, Net Generation, Echo Boomers, Nintendo Generation Grown up in Information Age

20 Why Target Gen Y Size 3x’s the size of Gen X (approx. 70 million strong) Accustomed to more possessions Great purchasing power ($600 billion) Will replace baby boomers

21 Generation Y Values Community Environment Optimism Authenticity Innovation Wants to make a difference/Meaningful work Wants significance rather than success Passion

22 Marketing to Gen Yers Social Media – This is the most effective way to reach Generation Y onthe Internet. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Second Life, Flickr,and DIGG Blogs Make them feel special Be smart and funny (but simple) AUTHENTICITY Experiential opportunities Show, don’t tell and then LISTEN Connect to Lifestyle Be socially responsible and invest in employees



25 Old Spice

26 Ford’s Success Ford’s People Fleet &v=Dczrn1PFeuI &v=Dczrn1PFeuI Ford Mustang relmfu relmfu Reality Based Marketing =relmfu =relmfu

27 YouTube Partner Program Haul Videos (Forever 21)

28 Lacta Chocolate

29 Antwerp Zoo

30 KIA

31 Sprite’s Truth Hunters Sprite bringing their ‘Brutal Honest Truth’ brand idea to life via the ‘Truthhunters’ video content series

32 The Do Nots with Gen Y Email blasts Trying to be hip Cold Calling Hard Sell Approach Force fed, mass media message

33 OMG, like w8, did you see Steve’s label on his NewCastle? It was so kewl! Maybe we should show it in Dr. Forrest’s class. (:-D

34 The Do Nots with Gen Y Force fed, mass media message Email blasts Trying to be hip Cold Calling Hard Sell Approach

35 Getting the best of both Authentic, honest messages Social Media Don’t try to be hip Corporate Social Responsibility Humor & Fun

36 Marketing to Gen Y from Gen Y Marketing to Generation Y: understanding and appealing to the Millennial generation


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