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Managing Stress : A Guide for Graduate Students

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1 Managing Stress : A Guide for Graduate Students

2 How stressed are you? Take the quiz!

3 Stress Quiz Key 20 – 30: Chances are you are non-productive or your life lacks stimulation. 31-50: Designates a good balance in your ability to handle and control stress. 51-60: Your stress level is marginal and you are bordering on being excessively tense. 60 +: You may be a candidate for heart disease or other serious health conditions.

4 What makes you feel stressed?

5 What is Stress? We all know the feeling of stress, but what is it exactly? A response to a demand that is placed upon you Short-term tension and mental alertness that goes away when that challenge is met Can stress ever be a good thing? Helps you perform well in sports Helps you finish your paper

6 Responses to Stress You can respond to stress in many ways
Physical effects: headache Emotional effects: fear, sadness Mental effects: increased anxiety Stress becomes negative when you cannot return to a relaxed state Effects on the body Increased heart rate Higher blood pressure Muscle tension Impacts your immune system

7 How to Manage Your Stress
Find what works for you! Attitude is EVERYTHING! Healthy Eating Physical Activity Relaxing Your Mind and Body Sleep Healthy Relationships Time Management Alcohol and other Drugs Money Management Relaxation Exercises

8 Attitude is EVERYTHING
Differences among people Change the way you think about it Can’t control everything that is going to happen But you can change how you think

9 Positive Self-talk Think about a situation that you have experienced recently. Come up with both negative and productive self-talk for the situation

10 Example 1 Situation: I have a huge paper in two days
Irrational self-talk: I will never get it done. Why did I take that stupid class in the first place, when I know I’m going to fail. Rational Self-talk: I’ve worked well under pressure in the past. I know I can do it now! I have plenty of time

11 Example 2 Situation: I came back to the room and found that my roommate left everything a mess Irrational self-talk: She is so disrespectful. Two people have to live here, why can’t she think about anyone else but herself? Rational self-talk: I know she has a lot going on this week. She will clean it up when she has time.

12 Your Turn: Situation: ____________________________
Irrational self-talk: _____________________ Rational self-talk: ______________________

13 Healthy Eating Carbs, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals are important for energy, mental concentration and emotional stability. Stress can increase your body’s need for certain nutrients Most college students use high sugar food and caffeine to keep their energy going Too much of this will contribute to poor quality sleep After about an hour or 2 you may find that you have less energy and need even more food

14 Exercise Boosts energy Increases ability to concentrate
Improves self-esteem Helps you fall asleep faster and have better quality sleep Fewer illnesses Make it fun!! Do things that you enjoy (dancing, hiking, biking) Do it to music Go with someone

15 Money $$$ Follow a budget for yourself How much do you make?
How much do you spend?

16 Sleep How much sleep do you need? Are you getting restorative sleep?

17 Relationships Starting, maintaining and ending relationships can cause stress Being Single: A lot of social pressure to be in a relationship Spend as much time as you want on other things Not have to “check” in with someone Being in a relationship: Is your relationship stressing you out? Healthy relationships Have fun together Feel like you can be yourself Build a friendship Handle conflicts well

18 Time Management Helps you deal with deadlines and complete priorities with minimal stress Anticipate and plan Keep track of your life Plan in advance Don’t know how long things will take Cross things off

19 Alcohol and Other Drugs
Myths Alcohol and other drugs can sometimes reduce stress “escape from reality” Can actually create more stress Cause health problems and legal problems that can make you more stress out Miss class, get arrested, thrown up, had a hangover, gotten into trouble, had alcohol poisoning, performed poorly on a test, gotten into a fight… Did these improve or reduce your stress level???

20 Relaxation Deep Breathing One of the easiest ways to reduce tension
Put one hand on your stomach, just below the rib cage Slow breathe in through your nose Exhale slowly through your mouth Repeat several times Visit these links for free relaxation downloads:

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