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Introduction to Video Game Design BBrewer Fall 2013.

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1 Introduction to Video Game Design BBrewer Fall 2013

2 Ok Gamers…what is your favorite game? Open 5W graphic organizer from edmodo Find image of favorite game & insert Complete 5Ws

3 Pair and Share… Partner up with someone who has a different favorite video game than you Use the Analyze Perspectives graphic organizer on edmodo to determine why you both like this video game!

4 Key Learning Video game design includes both technological and creative aspects.

5 Unit Essential Question How can I use game design software to develop a video game?

6 Lesson Essential Question What elements are necessary to design and create a video game?

7 Lesson Essential Question How can I navigate Game Maker Software?

8 Lesson Essential Question What elements are needed in game construction to create a quality, challenging video game?

9 Activate… Thinking about the video games you listed as your favorite yesterday…tell me someone who is employed by the company to design and create that game!

10 Vocabulary Words Download vocabulary graphic organizer from edmodo and save in your VGD file folder. Complete as we discuss elements necessary to design and create video games…

11 Designer – person involved in development of video game. Artist – person who creates images and graphics in a video game.

12 Animated – object programmed to move Static – an object that does not move

13 Sprite – a two dimensional image used in a game. Object – can receive programming. Instance – an exact copy; inherits properties of parent object.

14 Room – where you place game objects to create a scene. Two- dimensional – only height and width dimensions (X & Y dimensions) Object Oriented – Each item in the programming is a container that can interact with other objects.

15 User Interface – how the player (user) connects to (interfaces with) the game. Gaming Keyboard Game Controller ???

16 Programming Language – similar to verbal language like English or Spanish only it is a written language that a computer can understand.

17 Bellwork To Be Turned In : 1.Polices and Procedures Powerpoint Bbrewer Shared Folder 1.Get to Know You Document Bbrewer Shared Folder 2.Quiz edmodo – Policies and Procedures

18 Create Sound: Sounds – background music or audio played as part of an action. Can be MP3, WAV or MIDI files. Sound Effects – small pieces of sound used in programming. Sample – short sound file. Music – long sound file.

19 Logical Design Process IF/THEN logic statement Example: IF the car collides with the ambulance, THEN destroy the car. Condition Event – describes what must exist Action Event – describes what occurs if condition is met.

20 Coding – the process a programmer uses to record the words and symbols that the computer can understand. Compiling – the process of changing the computer codes, scripts and other programming into a file that can run on a computer.

21 Compare and Contrast Using the graphic organizer from edmodo, compare and contrast these two different game programming styles. How are they alike? How are they different?



24 Game Maker Software

25 Bellwork – Review Vocab “Quiz” today on vocabulary words in the form of a crossword puzzle…complete on your own!

26 Bellwork – Review Crossword Puzzle Can you fill any more in – on your own??? Class Contributions…

27 Activate – Toolbar Scavenger Hunt… Label each icon from Game Maker!

28 Menu Bar Toolbar Toolbar Identification : 1. Create a New Game 2. Open an Existing Game 3. Save Game 4. Create Standalone Executable File 5. Publish Finished Game on Website 6. Run Game 7. Run Game in Debug Mode 8. Create Sprite 9. Create Sound 10. Create Background 11. Create a Path 12. Create a Script 13. Create a Font 14. Create a Timeline 15. Create an Object 16. Create a Room 17. Change the Game Information 18. Change the Global Settings 19. Select Extension Packages 20. Upgrade to Game Maker Pro 21. Show Help

29 Resource Tree Branch Leaves

30 Room Grid Room Tabs Object Menu Save and Close Create a Room:

31 Create a Sprite: Name Sprite Image of assigned sprite Assign image to sprite

32 Add and Name Objects: Name Object Sprite Menu

33 Programming Events and Actions: IF is/does THEN Object Action Options

34 Create Sound: Name Sound Load Sound File Pro Edition… Save and Close

35 Level and Score

36 Summary Label Game Maker Screenshot


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