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Gagne’s 9 events of instructions as illustrated by Math Buddies Video Game By Angela Rupert.

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2 Gagne’s 9 events of instructions as illustrated by Math Buddies Video Game By Angela Rupert

3 Math Buddies By Angela Rupert Austin Rupert Age 9 Chandler Rupert Age 6

4 Stage 1: Gain attention Silly character grabs attention to learner Animation movement attracts eyes. Sound effects grab attention through auditory senses.

5 What are Math Buddies? Game Objective Math Buddies are cute alien figurines developed to introduce digit ten concepts to kindergarteners and special needs children. Math Buddies teaches grouping and instant recognition skills. The goal is to increase processing speed and reduce finger counting during mental math exercises. Stage 2:Inform learners of objectives (Incorporate learner objective page.)

6 =10+?+?5 3 4 5 Who am I? Arrow is inserted to help learner recall the answer and to clue the learner into pressing the correct button. In subsequent levels, the button will flash without the arrow. The learner will remember that the correct button to push will be the animated one. 3. Stimulate recall of prior learning Click Here!!!! 2 1

7 Click each orange sun once and the green planets twice. Count to ten! Click 4. Present the Content One of the games introduces the concept of touch math which is helpful for reducing finger counting.

8 Find the Math Buddies!!! Click on one of the planets Where are they hiding now? Keep Trying! 1

9 Match 6. Elicit performance (practice) Match game encourages fluency and builds processing speed.

10 Good Job!!! Collect your prize! Click Here! Collect your prize! 7. Provide feedback Every right answer earns a positive reinforcer

11 Level 2 Pick your level. Click Here to Enter Back to Directions 8. Assess performance Each level gives the learner the option to review the previous level or move forward to the next.

12 Match 9. Enhance retention and transfer to the job Learners transfer skills to real numbers and slowly moves away from math buddies

13 Credits Game & Math Buddies by Angela Rupert Photography by Austin and Chandler Rupert Voices by Angela, Austin and Chandler Rupert Internet Animation and Music Sources – Animation Playhouse – Animation Library – Animation Station – Barry’s Clipart – Game Show Themes Library

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