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Embracing the Flow Nancy Baym Microsoft Research Photo : Mel B Photo :Robbert van der Steeg.

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1 Embracing the Flow Nancy Baym Microsoft Research Photo : Mel B Photo :Robbert van der Steeg

2 Economic (Market) Exchange specific obligations set rate of exchange set time frame for repayment based on legal principles impersonal interaction value independent of provider (Blau, 1964)

3 CC: Schmarty

4 Decentralization & lost control Photo: Hryck

5 CC: Uncle Catherine Pirates …There are other ways to think about audiences

6 Digital Media Empower Fans Transcend Distance and Extend Reach Enable Direct Contact Provide Group Infrastructures Enable New Forms of Participation Curation, Wikis, Art, Fiction, Videos, Remixes, Mashups

7 Fan culture is gift culture. mmlolek

8 cookssowell greene connection

9 Social (Gift) Exchange unspecified obligations unspecified exchange rate unspecified time frame based on trust/obligation Interpersonal value tied to provider (Blau, 1964)

10 psd

11 “I have to trust in the gift economy idea. Because honestly at the end of the day I would rather be surrounded by people that I know and love that are creative and that are moving and changing cultural currents than to isolate myself in the conversation of infringement and the limits it puts on the art. It puts us in the corner that’s not as interactive and that’s not as alive.” Stephen Mason Jars of Clay Ian Muttoo

12 The Swedish Model

13 “We put out mp3 songs from the start for everyone to download, so that made a big impact in the beginning.” -- Hybris Records “ If someone reads about an artist on Labrador in a physical paper and want to listen to the music it should be very easy to find it. If they find their way to they can download mp3s from all bands. If they're on they can hear every album in full there. Etc. And if you're a small label you have nothing to lose by spreading your music.” -- Labrador Recordings Giving Music Away

14 “If it doesn't spread, it’s dead” -- Henry Jenkins “If the right people get it then he or she will spread it because that’s the way we are working. […] We’re a small company and everyone who can help us spread it, we’re satisfied to help.” - Songs I Wish I Had Written

15 What do they get in return?

16 “mp3 bloggers are important in the development of mp3 culture. In the beginning there weren’t many mp3 blogs. It had very big impact if we put up our own site because everyone would go to the site. Nowadays mp3 blogs have taken that place. The label isn’t enough of a filter anymore. It’s great for us. If a big mp3 blog puts up a track by one of our artists it gives it credibility. It makes it easier for people to like it and accept the music.” -- Hybris Records Status

17 Attention “All I want is to get the music through to people. […] It’s a matter of using everything at the same time, trying to be represented on all places at same time, getting people to talk about the music and everything. It’s as important having a street team putting up posters and stickers as having good representation on good sites and having a web site that’s informative. I’m all in for information.” -- Adrian Recordings “ We have stopped thinking about selves as labels, we’re more like music companies. We make music. We don’t think about selling music, we just want to have attention. ” -- Hybris Records

18 Data

19 “So that's the thing. If you get fans, they really want to help you. They want to be involved and they want to do stuff like that. They'll make videos or they'll make a drawing and send it to you and you could put it on a t- shirt. They could make your album art. They can really do whatever. They want to help you. They want to send you what they do.” Sydney Wayser Help

20 “My community's been a great help to me. After I shut it down, I got an email, or notes through my website, from various people saying, "If you'd like, we'll run your MySpace page for you." […] I have a guy in Glasgow called Paul who runs my MySpace page […] anything I put on the website to do with concerts, he keeps it all up to date[…] he uploads the latest songs and things. I basically have a great MySpace page, and I don't do anything. He also actually helps me with Google Maps for the venues when the tours are announced. He puts all the venues on my Google Maps so that I can plan hotels and things […] I've got several volunteers who do various things. I've got this group called the Young Idealists, and they sell CDs for me at concerts and they put up posters in coffee shops and bars and things. And one of them actually is a JavaScript expert. I did nearly all of the coding at my website, but I couldn't make the music player work with Flash, and it turned out to be a JavaScript problem, and another Paul in Glasgow, who his regular gig is a philosophy professor and he's a part-time web designer, he fixed the JavaScript issues for me. So he's another person I'm greatly indebted to.”- Lloyd Cole

21 “I like knowing that there's a lot of people out there who are interested and seeing what their reactions are whenever I'm posting information about a new gig or a new tour or new music.” - Sivert Høyem Support

22 nick_r “It's real autonomous and sometimes they get pissed off with me […] But they like getting together at Billy Bragg gigs, that's what they do. They might not like Billy Bragg. I mean I spoke to one of them the other day and she's absolutely clear she's not listened to an album I made in the last ten years. That's cool, I'm not worried about that, that doesn't bother me, the fact that I provide them with a social framework.”- Billy Bragg Audience Community

23 “I’m making friends with people who listen to my music and then I became a part of their life and they become a part of mine. And I am truly enriched by that. And the music becomes the soundtrack to that relationship.” - Steve LawsonRelationship

24 “They’re just letting me do what I live for. I just live and breathe music, I’m obsessed with it to the point where it’s Gods and Devils and Monsters to me, it’s so important. And I know I can play without anybody listening, but like I said at the beginning of this call, it’s unfinished then. It’s almost like a kid, you don't want to keep it in the closet. You grow it up maybe but then when it’s grown up it goes out and makes friends and is effective in the world. And you're not done raising the kid until the world has accepted it.”- Kristin Hersh Creative Life

25 Collaborative culture “We email quite a bit with the “fans” (I'm having a hard time use the word “fans”)… The relationship for me is the fact/hope that we gather like-minded people that share a common love.” -- Club 8 (Labrador)

26 “Listeners who are into our kind of music, they are more music fans than the general listener. That kind of person has increased in number over last 5-6 years. In Stockholm now there are tons of clubs that play our kind of music. It’s 100% file sharing and the internet that we have to thank.” Mattias Lövkvist Hybris Recordings

27 “We’ve become popular in places that if it wasn’t for the internet, people wouldn’t have heard who we are, just because either people wouldn’t have the money to buy the music or there just wouldn’t be any promotion. We can pretty much play anywhere. I don’t think that would have been the case 20 years ago. I think we would have sold more records 20 years ago just because people bought more records then, but we wouldn’t have been able to go places that we go now, like really unusual places like Chile or Indonesia or these kinds of places. I don’t think our music would have reached those places before.” Stuart Braithwaite Mogwai -Sam- Global Reach

28 Big Questions What's the broader context of copyright? What are the different kinds of value? Who provides value and how? What is the new "fair”? How can we rehumanize creativity?

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