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Christmas Light Sequencing

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1 Christmas Light Sequencing
Kevin Thomas Christmas in Kent

2 Software and Hardware available: Light-O-Rama - LOR & LOR II D-Light – Controllers, Lights Animated Lighting – Animation Director Aurora (Replaced Spectrum) Light Show Pro Vixen (DIY)

3 Light-O-Rama – www. lightorama. com. Software LOR & LORII
Light-O-Rama – Software LOR & LORII Showtime products Prewired ready to go Showtime MP3 Director Component products 8 and 16 channel controllers MP3 director and mini director Smart DMX controller DC controller DIY Products 16 channel controllers as kits or fully assembled Accessories Cat5 cables Power cords Controller cord sets for deluxe or PC controllers Easy Light Linker USB to 485 adapters

4 D-Light Designs – www. d-light. us. Silver Products
D-Light Designs – Silver Products 8 and 16 channel Kits Gold Products 16 channel AC and DC controllers Platinum Products 16 channel AC fully assembled WiLink wireless add-on FireFly 16 channel RGB LED string (8”) Soft Panel 4’ X 4’ panel with 64 (256) RGB LED’s Requires Panel ($500 for 6” pitch) (or $1,500 for 3” pitch) Sub Controller ($200) Main Controller ($800) Power Supply ($300) Various cords ($150)

5 Animated Lighting – www. animatedlighting. com
Animated Lighting – Software – Animation Director Monster Brain Animation Processor Boom MP3 Controller PowerPrism Controller Party in a box Light show in a box Haunted house in a box Led light strings – mini trees, LLA… DMX fixtures Speakers, FM transmitters, Wireless, repeaters

6 Aurora - http://www. aurorashow. com/. Software only
Aurora Software only Created as a less resource intense sequencing alternative Special functions for Fire Fly’s Galaxia - Intelligent lights Light strands – one strand 99 white LED’s $175 Controller/Power supply - $800 Light Show Pro – Converts LOR & Aurora Basic, Advanced & Pro versions

7 Vixen. Software for the Do It Yourselfer - http://www. vixenlights
Vixen Software for the Do It Yourselfer Documentation at: DIY Hardware available DIY Light Animation: Many Coops for most kits Lynx Express - wireless Lynx Freestyle – with Wireless now MR16 controller Lynx – 16 channel DMX Grinch – on/off control Renard - dimmable Do It Yourself Christmas: Ledtriks – LED 16 X 48 matrix display Olsen 595 – Christmas Card - SSR – Grinch – Countdown clock – Computer Christmas: Olsen 595

8 Pre-made light and music synchronization: Light-O-Rama – Wow Lights – LOR dealer - $ cost LOR Sequences - free to registered members Many how-to’s and examples LOR Wiki Many resources and FAQ’s Christmas Utah – Marty shares Just Ask?

9 A checklist. Design. Christmas Lights Planner –. http://www. amazon
A checklist Design Christmas Lights Planner – Holiday Lights Designer Animated Lighting PC – Chuck Smith presentation – Light count and Channel count Excel R Williams (PC) – (enable Macros) Chuck’s LOR Utility Voiceovers – The Demented Elf – Mark Z ? Frosty Player – playlist while show is not running Zara Radio – DTMF

10 Sequencing Tips Edit Songs down to 3 minutes or less Create or Purchase Voice Overs Display Layout Theme House, Roof, Yard Color Themes Movement and Focus Lights and Characters Channel Configuration Diagram (AutoCAD, photos) Controller placement (wired/wireless) Cord routing (power/control)


12 Spreadsheet Channel names, Controller placement, Power draw

13 Sequencing Channel Setup (LOR – v2.1.6)
Setup Screen Right Click – Insert Channel(s) Channel Property Grid Edit – Import Channel Configuration

14 Graphic setup (animation)
200 X 200 dot grid overlay on image

15 Song Sequencing – Timing is everything!
Beat Wizard Use 2X/4X/8X to double/quadruple events Tapper Wizard

16 Song Sequencing – Timing is everything!
Skew Track – Use even with Beat Wizard You want your lights “on top of” the beat Tracks Used to organize elements Used for different timings Master Track (holds all channels) Sub-Tracks (mini trees, mega, LLA) Create Master then copy to sub-tracks Use beat Wizard on sub-tracks

17 Setup beat tracks – (Marty tracks). Beat. Melody 1. Melody 2. Rhythm A
Setup beat tracks – (Marty tracks) Beat Melody 1 Melody 2 Rhythm A Rhythm B Percussion 1 Percussion 2 Change

18 Timing is everything. Setup 1/20 second standard (. 05 sec. )
Timing is everything Setup 1/20 second standard (.05 sec.) Run Beat Wizard Beat Run Tapper Wizard for each: Melody Rhythm Percussion Manually insert Change Skew Test timing with a controller and lights!!!

19 Fading the perfect timing. Fading in and out smoothes the timing
Fading the perfect timing Fading in and out smoothes the timing Fading Chase (Holdman Fade/chase) Music rarely stops abruptly

20 Samples from a master

21 Thank You!

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