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Natasha Lakeman Spring 2013

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1 Natasha Lakeman Spring 2013
Musical inventions Natasha Lakeman Spring 2013

2 ~Table of Contents~ The Record Player The Cassette Tape The CD
The Walkman MP3 Format iTunes VOCALOID Keyboard iPod Absurd Invention Bibliography (Hehehe I love Deadmau5.)

3 The Record Player (Before you ask, yes, this is a MLP record I found.)

4 The Record Player Emile Berliner continued Thomas Edison’s work on the phonograph. Replaced the cylinder that holds the recording with a hard rubber disk. The rubber was later replaced with shellac. You turned the crank to produce the sound. Eldridge Johnson modified the design so it would fit better in a home. The design kept changing. The most modern design is now called a turntable. It is most commonly used by DJs.

5 The Cassette Tape

6 The Cassette Tape Mainly sold during the 1970’s and 1990’s.
Replaced with the CD. Got its name from the French word Cassette. It means “Little box.” The cassette tape made it easier and cheaper to record yourself at home.

7 The CD Duhn Duhn Duuuhn!

8 The CD The CD replaced the cassette tape.
Phillips and Sony made the first CDs and CD players. They started working on creating an “optical audio disk” In 1974. Many companies started working on them but Sony was the first to show theirs off in an audio fair.

9 Walkman

10 The Walkman Got its name from Sony.
It started out as a portable tape player in the 60s. The original offered two headphone jacks for two listeners. In later models, they started adding AM/FM receivers. Sony got sued multiple times because one man claimed to have had the idea before Sony.

11 MP3 Format

12 MP3 Format A German engineering company invented the MP3 format.
Karlheinz Brandenburg is often called the “Father of MP3” They almost gave up the project in 1991 but then fixed the bug once they found it. MP3 stands for MPEG Audio Layer 3. MPEG is an acronym for Motion Pictures Experts Group.

13 iTunes (I bet he’s excited to get 100 free songs.)

14 iTunes First launched April 8, 2003.
Windows version launched October, 2003. At first it was only available in the U.S. Sold 70 million songs in the first year. The most famous legal music downloading website.

15 VOCALOID Keyboard (Oh, come on. Did you seriously think I wouldn’t add anything Vocaloid related? XP)

16 VOCALOID Keyboard It is a Japanese invention used by professional music makers. Made by Yamaha. It is a way to use voice synthesizer software. Currently only optimized for Japanese users. Yamaha isn’t currently planning on making it available to the market. The sound chip, however, may be available for those whom may find it helpful.

17 iPod

18 iPod The first iPod was introduced in 2001.
The second generation was released in This time Windows compatible. The first version of the iPod Nano and Shuffle were released on 2005. Once iTunes started selling videos, the iPods then gained the ability to play video. The first iPod Touch was introduced in 2007.

19 Absurd Invention

20 Dance Fever You hook the belt up with a partner and use it to dance.
It comes with Flashing lights. Made in the 1970’s

21 Bibliography

22 Bibliography~ Meredith, Bower. How Record Players Work. April 23, Bellis, Mary. The History of MP3. April 23, Group Picture ~Red-Flare. [Online Image] Available April 23, 2013 (This is hand drawn!)

23 Thank You!

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