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Gadgets & A Glimpse Of The Future

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2 Gadgets & A Glimpse Of The Future
Presented By: Hartej Singh Sunny Bajaj Yatin Walia Amit Kumar Thakur

3 Definition Of gadgets By Some Famous Dictionaries
Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus: An often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty. Wikipedia: “A gadget or gizmo is a device that has a useful specific purpose and function. Gadgets tend to be more unusual or cleverly designed than normal technology.” Examples: MP3 players, remote control devices of any sort, cordless mouse, Swiss army knife Consumer electronics

4 What Do I Mean By “Gadgets” ??
A gadget is a small technological object (such as a device or an appliance) that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty (The quality of being new, original, or unusual) . Gadgets are invariably considered to be more unusually or cleverly designed than normal technology at the time of their invention. Gadgets are sometimes also referred to as gizmos(a gadget, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall). A gizmo has moving parts but a gadget need not have them.

5 History The history of invention of gadgets is almost as old as humanity itself. But, the introduction of the word is relatively new. The etymology of the word gadget is disputed. Some say that the word gadget was "invented" when Gaget, Gauthier & Cie, the company behind the casting of the Statue of Liberty, made a small-scale version of the monument and named it after their firm.

6 Difference between Gadgets and Gizmos
Gadgets : : Electronic device used to fulfill a need or a perceived need Gizmos : : Non - Electronic device used to fulfill a need or a perceived need or rather a device with moving parts For example, a nifty digital watch would be a gadget, while an analog watch would be a gizmo.

7 Underlying Technology
An Internet of Things Winter 2008 Underlying Technology Information Processing hardware and software Storage capacity and speed Communications bandwidth and ubiquitous accessibility Learning in Retirement - Carleton University

8 Hardware and Software Hardware Processor Power Quad Core
An Internet of Things Hardware and Software Winter 2008 Hardware Processor Power Quad Core 64 – bit CPU’s Processing Speed Software Software Power Java, .NET Service Oriented Architecture Applications Oriented Architecture Learning in Retirement - Carleton University

9 Memory Memory Portability – Hand held mobility Size – the 4 Gbyte PC
An Internet of Things Winter 2008 Memory Memory Size – the 4 Gbyte PC Speed Portability – Hand held mobility USB Stick – the 4 GB stick iPod Learning in Retirement - Carleton University

Sizes Technology Memory Features Usage

11 Devices of daily use Television Cell Phones Computers

12 Television New technology Fast response time Great contrast ratio
Superb features

13 Cell Phones of past

14 Cell phones of present

15 Cell phones of future

16 Cell phones Touch Screen 3G technology Window Based Multi usage

17 Computers Used in day to day life Fast Easy to operate Multitasking
Internet facility

18 MacBook Air Extremely thin; 0.16 to 0.76 thick
1.6 GHz Intel Core Duo processor Multi-touch trackpad Smart LED screen for longer battery life; now mercury and arsenic free Includes n wireless No DVD or CD player Only 80 GB hard drive Supports up to 64 GB solid state drive (very expensive)

19 Glass Keyboard Future of keyboard Laser touch Waterproof
No-Key concept Light source, a camera and an etched sheet of glass, showing the key positions Type, the cam sees your contact with the glass and sends appropriate commands to your PC Price: ?

20 Working of laser virtual keyboard

21 Carleton University - The Evolution of the Web
An Internet of Things Building Automation - GTC Winter 2008 Access control (lock-unlock) HVAC monitoring (cooling, heating) Alarms Metering Energy management Winter 2008 Carleton University - The Evolution of the Web Learning in Retirement - Carleton University

22 In-Wall Touch screen An Internet of Things Winter 2008
Learning in Retirement - Carleton University

23 Wireless devices Wireless mice & keyboards Logitech cordless presenter
Value for library instruction


25 FUTURE GADGETS Greater applicability Advanced Energy efficient
Fuel efficient

26 Now some of the gadgets are explained

27 Macromedia E-Paper Electronic paper
Snapshot-sized display music, images, movies Nanotechnology Wafer-thin Battery is a replaceable Power Sticker Sound adjustment Data transfers take over a built-in high-speed wireless connection Coming 2015 from Lunar Design Price: $35 per pack of 10 Won various awards Introduced in 2004 The Best Product Designs of 2005 IDEA Awards

28 Microsoft D-Sharp Wrap around monitor 11” tall x 44” wide
Curved in a gentle arc to avoid distortion Immersive Early tests show 9% - 50% productivity increases Women improved 2x over small displays 30% less mouse movement Runs on a battery and small sound chip Idea Award 2005 for design

29 Laptop with Detachable Screen
Toshiba Wireless protocol Display: 0.7 inches thick (0.4) Weight: 1.2 lbs (10-14 ozs.) Battery life -1 hour (3-4 hours) Timeline – ~ 2 years

30 Cell Phone Jammers Jam phones surrounding you Illegal in U.S.
Up to 50 feet Works on worldwide networks Expensive Buy Indoor/Outdoor modules Price: SH066 $260; CX- 200 $71 Available UK, Japan SH066P Within their operating radius, jammers prevent wireless phones from contacting a cellular radio tower. The affected phone behaves as it would any place where reception is too poor to carry a call. At its simplest, jamming any radio device involves transmitting a signal on the same frequency and at high enough power that the two signals collide and cancel each other out. more than 118,000 emergency calls are made each day from cell phones. Owning, manufacturing, marketing, offering for sale or operating a cell phone jammer is punishable by an $11,000 fine and up to a year in prison for each offense, the notice states. portable C-Guard sells for about $900 and can cover the area within a 450-foot radius. Lemel's company offers the $890 M2 Jammer, which comes in a briefcase and can block phones within a maximum radius of 50 feet. It's advertised as "ideal for the executive interested in keeping meetings and working lunches free from external distractions." Hubgiant of Taipei, Taiwan, sells its WAC1000 personal jammer, which has an operating radius of up to 30 feet, for $169. And Uptron of Lucknow, India, offers a full range of jammers with coverage ranging from 20 feet to over one mile. Zetron Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., manufactures a system that can detect cell phones and warn users to turn them off. It can cover up to a 90-foot radius. BlueLinx Inc. of Charlotte, N.C., is working on Q-Zone, a system that will turn off cell phones or silence their ringers when they enter a protected space. It relies on shortwave technology called Bluetooth that hasn't been widely adopted by cell phone makers and may not be on the market for another three to four years. NetLine is developing a similar system that will work with existing European digital cellular telephones, but not American devices. Perhaps, but this threat is the marketing hook for a new product, the Netline Cellular Activity Analyzer, which supposedly can detect hidden cell phones in a room. The CAA was designed is to detect active and dormant hidden cellular phones, mainly cellphone-based bugging devices. Prison authorities - Eavesdropping prevention specialists (bug sweepers) - Security officers in governmental/ military/ police compounds - Governmental agencies - Private investigators (prevention of industrial espionage) - Police investigation rooms - Computer and sensitive equipment room CX one gives 70 seconds jamming One company, Iceberg Systems, is beta-testing a new technology that will remotely turn off the cameras in cell phones. CX-200

31 Batman Utility Belt or ManBag?
Gadgets to carry are on the rise! Blackberry, cell phone, iPod… 32%* get everything into their pocket 4%* prefer the utility belt approach 66%* required to carry mobile device for work 73%* believe greater use of mobile devices has improved their work-life balance 12%* want converged devices 75%** carry at least 3 gadgets 8%** carry 5 or more! Runs on a battery and small sound chip Idea Award 2005 for design Sources: *Damovo; **

32 Origami DVD Player Manufactured with new e-paper, a full color, fully flexible display technology Screen folds into it’s case Includes integrated speakers Development by Mag-Ink in Israel. Idea Awards Bronze Winner in 2005 for Design Explorations Runs on a battery and small sound chip Idea Award 2005 for design

33 Pocket scanners (Reading pen)
Scan, store and send Reads notes aloud. Beams to Smart phones, as well as to PDAs and PCs. Includes English dictionary definitions. USB connection to PC Get Immediate Translations and Definitions Reading Aids – portable devices for dyslexic users Wizcom Technologies DocupenRC800

34 Working of scanner

35 Digital Pen (Drawing pen)
Logitech io2 Digital Writing System Take notes or draw sketches in ink on the smart paper and a “tiny camera” captures your work, storing up to 40 pages at a time. Intelligent power management maximizes every battery charge. Capture the familiar feel of how you have created in the past and moves it to digital. Take notes or draw sketches in ink on the smart paper and a tiny camera captures your work, storing up to 40 pages at a time. Intelligent power management maximizes every battery charge. The smart digital paper consists of a printed dot pattern which locates words and images on the page, and ensures they appear in the same place in digitized files. When you dock your digital pen, your text and sketches are automatically transferred to your PC where you can easily find them, use them, and share them. Features and Specifications:Dictionaries: More than 15 language dictionaries. See list at left. Voice: The product’s built-in Text-to-Speech technology provides immediate word-by-word pronunciation of a scanned English word or full line of text. Text Recognition: QuicktionaryII Elite recognizes over 300,000 words and expressions and offers numerous translation and definition combinations QuicktionaryII Elite reads a wide range of printed fonts and sizes, including inverted and hyphenated text. Alternative input tools are included for entering words that you can’t scan (e.g., street signs). Left-handed support: If you’re left-handed, don’t worry! QuicktionaryII Elite can be set for convenient left- or righthanded use. Light and small: QuicktionaryII Elite is designed to fit in your pocket. At only three ounces, it is like a feather compared to a heavy paper dictionary. Optical Character Recognition at 97% (based on standard font and size average). Preference setting for numerical and inverted text recognition. Benefits: Stay focused on your reading material instead of searching through a paper dictionary. With QuicktionaryII Elite, you will get immediate translations and definitions so that you can continue reading without losing your train of thought! QuicktionaryII Elite helps expand your vocabulary. By retaining the last 80 words scanned, it assists you in learning the words and understanding the text. Perfect for language students, English as Second Language students, travelers, and people working in multilingual environments.

36 USB Wedding Bands USB integrates into your (life)style
More than just data coupling! USB bracelets already available Note also: USB Bra, belt, tie. – as for the lock, why not add physical (mechanical) security measures in addition to any technology-based ones?

37 Geographic Search via Phone
Information from the internet about whatever you are pointing the phone at. (Hotel, Restaurant, Monument) Special Cell phone GPS satellite technology Combination compass, GPS & binoculars – point at navigational landmark and identify it Currently, descriptive info and advertisements for 700,000 locations in Japan Location based tourism info, advertising, yellow pages, functions for locating friends Runs on a battery and small sound chip Idea Award 2005 for design

38 Blu-Ray v. HD-DVD Potential format battle
HD DVD: supported by Toshiba, Intel, and Microsoft  add-on HD DVD player for Xbox 360 console this fall Blu-ray: supported by Samsung, Pioneer, and Sony  Blu-ray drive for PlayStation 3 game system, avail this fall

39 BenQ Trio Writer BW1000 Blu-Ray writer for PC
3 laser formats to accommodate CD, DVD, Blu-Ray 25 GB on single layer 50 GB on dual layer 2 hours of HD content 13 hours of standard definition Equivalent of 5 DVDs on one disk Solid Burn, Write Right 2x – BD-R/-RE 1x- Dual layer 12x – DVD+R/-R 32x – CD-R Price: $1,025 Aug 2006 Runs on a battery and small sound chip Idea Award 2005 for design

40 Future Phone/PDA/MP3 Device
60 GB MP3 player Sync w/ iTunes and Windows Media Player User-editable MP3 ringtones Supports WMA, AAC & five other file formats Wireless Internet (without minutes) 3.2 Megapixel camera OS Options: Windows, Palm, Opera Availability: Maybe never?? Cell phones are all about options: you often have to trade one feature for another, and often your service provider limits what you can have available

41 EyeMove PC All-in-one Oval shaped PC with built-in HD Projector
Wireless Touch screen Multi-Controller Keyboard/mouse Gaming Multimedia PC, Games, Movies, Multimedia anywhere Runs on a battery and small sound chip Idea Award 2005 for design

42 Global Phone Vanu – Software Defined Radio technology
One handset that operates on any cellular network anywhere Time line - ~ 5 years y

43 Turbocell Charger Emergency cellphone charger Runs on 1 AA battery
Reusable Works with most phones Up 2 hours talk-time Price: <$20 Kodak EasyShare 43

44 Solio Universal Charger
Solar-powered emergency charger Charges phones, mp3 players, cameras, etc. 8 hours for full charge Holds charge for 1 year Closed: 5” x 2.5” x 1.5” Price: $200 Handy for that backpacking trip in the Himalayas, but also for travelling around Europe, or with multiple gadgets 44

45 Belkin Wireless USB Hub
Wireless connectivity for up to 4 USB peripherals PC isn’t tethered to printer camera dock, etc. Price: $130 Release date: July 2006

46 Transparent Toaster Greatest thing since sliced bread?
Uses special heating glass to warm a single slice of bread Monitor your toast so it doesn’t get over done. Currently doesn’t get hot enough to toast bread In development Runs on a battery and small sound chip Idea Award 2005 for design

47 TRIVIA What year did Apple introduce the first iPod? 2001

48 Voice Recognition TV Allows consumers to search & receive information about broadcast & on-demand programs, shows, music & games Personalization module retains individual caller data & preferences Allows caller to purchase CDs, videos, & DVDs with single call Access for the visually impaired Convenient "anytime-anywhere" voice access through automated speech recognition Natural language user interface Headquartered in Livingston, NJ, TV Voice, Inc. is a privately held technology company  founded in 2002.  The Company is founded on a collective knowledge and expertise within the speech-recognition domain, application development and telecommunication industry

49 I.C. Can Self Refrigerating Beer Can
Manufactured by Tempra Technologies and Crown Holdings Reduces contents temperature by a minimum of 30 degrees F. in 3 minutes 100% natural and environmentally safe All natural desiccant contained in a vacuum draws heat from the beverage through an evaporator into an insulated heat sink Moving towards mass production Runs on a battery and small sound chip Idea Award 2005 for design

50 World’s smallest LED projector
Sony 3 transmissive LCDs and 1 prism Distance between LEDs and display devices reduced Brightness reaches 50 lm Timeline - ?

51 Availabot USB figure that stands up when an IM friend comes online
Still in design phase No release date or price set Why stop with IM detectors? So many options for context-specific activity indicators That said: who has the time to configure all this, and who would really buy them??

52 Nokia Open Cell Phone Sci-fi fans: Japanese folding fan
Uses an as-yet-nonexistent flexible LCD color touch screen Scrollable screen Designed by Hugo Danti Won first place in the Nokia 4G Design Competition Possibility: Invention of E-Ink It’s just a fantasy… Hugo is an engineer from Spain Industrial Design, 3-D Modeling Might be possible with the invention of the E-Ink

53 E-Rope Modular Powerstrip
Modular, expandable power strip Each socket can be rotated 180 degrees When devices are not in use, twist socket 90 degrees to disconnect flow of electricity Availability: unknown E- rope is a modular power strip that enables users to add or subtract sockets as needed. In addition, to better accommodate large, bulky cords each socket can also be rotated 180 degrees, so adjacent sockets are not blocked. When electrical devices are not in use, simply twist the socket section 90 degrees to disconnect the flow of electricity. (Often referred to as vampire power, approximately 10 percent of a home's electricity is used by appliances in standby mode.)

54 Full-Featured Camera Includes buttons for: beer, gin, jobs, money
“Pee break” LED sensor “Call Spock” signaler

55 Voice-Trek G-10 recorder
Olympus USB jack Memory – 256MB 69 hours audio recording Records to Windows media audio format (WMA) Playback – WMA and MP3 files

56 GPP2 Mobile phone Portable mini projector 15” projection
External power source to boost brightness

57 Philips S900 MP3 Player 2 Megapixel camera Touch Screen!
10 MB of onboard memory Handy handwritten text input feature USB, Infrared & Bluetooth Pricing and availability: TBA Currently testing in Korea Getting good reviews Multimedia device In some ratings by critics 8 out of 10 including performance

58 NETGEAR Skype WiFi Phone
Phone for use with Skype Internet-basaed phone service Make calls using any WiFi connection Pre-order on Amazon Availability: (maybe) July ’06 Price: $300

59 Mio 269 GPS Navigator No installation or monthly fees is required
Sleek, smooth, flat body and fully integrated GPS Large color screen with a 2.5GB hard drive POIs Includes Microsoft Windows OS Touchscreen & buttons 500MB MP3 player (8 hours) For the car, walking, cycling or motorbiking 4.5 hours on battery Now available: $460 Won several awards Built in Taiwan Simply insert an SD card with digital maps, and press a key to gain the benefits of GPS navigation. Not waterproof Watch this company! Maps included

60 Flying Alarm Clock Really loud alarm
Propeller launches & flies around the room Must return propeller to base to turn off alarm Princess International Price: $15 Eye-Fi h 60

61 MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
Founded in March 2002 by a $50 million contract from the U.S. Army Mission is to use nanotechnology for: sleek, lightweight battlesuits leap tall buildings with bionics find wounds and seal them on the spot helmet will have radio & night vision gear, GPS, target illuminator, tactical dropdown eyewear, and will convey data, video and audio feeds for “a 3D picture of the battlefield” Those teams are: Team 1: Energy Absorbing Materials Team 2: Mechanically Active Materials and Devices Team 3: Sensing and Counteraction Team 4: Biomaterials and Nanodevices for Soldier Medical Technology Team 5: Processing and Characterization - The Nanofoundries Team 6: Modeling and Simulation of Materials and Processes Team 7: Systems Design, Hardening, and Integration Currently working on 37 research projects Public tours: Free First come first serve Cambridge: Wednesday, August 16, 2:00-2:30 pm 100 pound suits to 5 pounds New, ceramic-impregnated body armor can take a strike, evenly absorb the shock, then deform in space without ever touching human skin. Says DeGay, “Comfort has never been part of the paradigm, but now armor will protect and be comfortable.” Steve Altes believes that the next generation of battle gear will go even further to enhance the soldier’s survivability, through the “magic of nanotechnology.” These tiny, molecular building blocks can confer revolutionary properties on everyday materials, such as fabrics. determine the cause of an injury and administer medicine; and someday, recycle sweat to serve as potable water and as a body cooling device. Thomas says that “some products are already bearing nanofruit,” such as a conducting polymer that can detect TNT, in use now in Iraq.

62 Wearable computing MIT Labs
“With heads-up displays, unobtrusive input devices, personal wireless areas networks (LANS), and a host of other context sensing and communication tools, the wearable computer can act as an intelligent assistant, whether it be through a Remembrance Agent, augmented reality, or intellectual collectives.” Early example: Tunewear jacket with iPod controls stitched to the sleeve.

63 Wearable computing today
Movie Glasses In Skymall magazine – Icuity Video Eyewear (optional DVD player) MP3 sunglasses Thump by Voted one of the top worst new technologies for 2005!

64 Head-worn display Icuity M920 – small and lightweight
From icuity: Focus on your environment while maintaining a constant state of readiness and safety.  MEDICAL View vital signs or endoscopic images without taking your eyes off the patient  MILITARY Maintain situational awareness while infusing technology with combat readiness. MAINTENANCE View the output of your borescope or flaw detector hands-free and heads-up. SECURITY View video on the move without compromising safety and security. TEST & MEASUREMENT Concentrate your eye on the circuit board without turning your head to see the waveform  VIDEOGRAPHY Monitor the camera's view from anywhere on the set.  MOBILITY View computer information anytime, anywhere to increase workflow and productivity.

65 100 Megapixel Chip (Camera?)
DALSA Semiconductor made a 100 megapixel chip Measures 4”x4” NASA's JPL chose DALSA for image sensors on Mars Rovers Also noted: Hasselblad already has a 39 megapixel camera

66 PoGo Pocket Printer Prints 2” x 3” prints with sticker backing
Works via USB or Bluetooth Inkless printing embeds color into paper Size: 4.7” x 2.8” x 0.9” Polaroid Price: $150 + $10/30 sheets of paper 66

Technology Custom Duties World Become Shortened

Easy Life More Accuracy Fast Reliable

69 MERITS AND DEMERITS Merits Easy Convenient Comfortable
Reduces time and Energy Efficient And Effective

70 Merits And Demerits Reduces Physical Work Prone To Many Diseases
Lethargic Diverts Attention And Interest Dependent Electromagnetic Waves

71 How to Decide on a gadget for your need ??
Will It meet that need Is the cost Balanced By Yourself Will Your crews use it Is the device too limited in what it can do Is it durable enough

72 Conclusion

73 Than5049277k you Social Networks Winter 2008
Lerarning in Retirement - Carleton University

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