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NIMAS is Here— Are You Ready? Beth Mineo Mollica and Dan Fendler Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative University of Delaware.

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1 NIMAS is Here— Are You Ready? Beth Mineo Mollica and Dan Fendler Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative University of Delaware

2 New Provision in IDEA: Access to Instructional Materials Requires state to assure that it will provide instructional materials to blind persons or other persons with print disabilities in a timely manner.

3 Students who… Can’t see at all Have low vision Have visual perceptual difficulties Zone out when confronted with lengthy text passages Have poor decoding and/or comprehension skills Have other learning disabilities that impact access to and use of print Can’t manipulate print materials (long-term or temporary)

4 How do you meet the needs of these students at the present time?

5 Eliminating text-based barriers… Read to students Customize font size Offer magnification options Tools for delivering print in other formats  Text reading software  Scanners and OCR (Optical Character Recognition)  MP3 files  Digital Talking Book players (DAISY files)

6 Scanners and OCR Purpose: convert print to digital format Most scanners come with OCR Software Fairly reliable technology Many low cost options Labor intensive Often requires much editing High speed scanning copiers available

7 Text Reading Software Used when print is available in digital format Combines voice output with print Many products, varying in:  Features  Flexibility  Cost

8 MP3 Files Conversion of digital text to MP3 format MP3 files work on low cost players  MP3 Players, Palm Pilots, Pocket PC’s  Burned discs may work on home or car stereo  Files play on most computers MP3 technology ubiquitous Many low cost options Some no cost options

9 Digital Talking Book Players Portable Low cost Upgradeable Creates bookmarks Navigable Compatible with:  DAISY  MP3  CD

10 What are you thinking right now?

11 Current State of Materials Accessibility in Delaware Only guaranteed for students who are blind or visually impaired Publishers who do business with DE districts must:  grant copyright permission for transcription into Braille, large print, or audio and  provide DVI with electronic file in ASCII format to facilitate translation into Braille

12 Problems With the Status Quo… Doesn’t comply with IDEA 2004 Limited to certain student populations Demands for multiple formats from all over the country drives publishers crazy!

13 Introducing NIMAS National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard Established by the Secretary to be used in the preparation of electronic files suitable and used solely for efficient conversion into specialized formats (Section 674 (e)(3)(A)) Exclusive guidelines for provision of instructional materials in digital format

14 NIMAS separates CONTENT from PRESENTATION This allows content to be rendered appropriately in a variety of formats!

15 Important NIMAS Provisions States must assure that they will provide instructional materials to students with print disabilities in a timely manner  Coordinate with National Instructional Materials Accessibility Center (NIMAC)  Purchase NIMAS-prepared files directly from publisher and handle conversion locally  Purchase accessible materials directly from publisher  Other possible scenarios (but they don’t make much sense)

16 Special Education Assistive Technology Textbook Procurement Creation & Cataloging Distribution & Use SEA Student Textbook Contract IEP State Regs ??? Authorized Entities Publisher LEA IDEA 2004 Copyright Law Chafee Amendment Braille, Audio Books, Digital Talking Books, Large print, etc. Adopts NIMAS Opts In - NIMAC NIMAC at APH

17 A CAST Prediction NIMAS will help drive implementation of a Market Model Solution that supports all students with print disabilities. Publisher LEA Student Authorized Entities

18 National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) National repository of NIMAS source files Established through American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, KY

19 National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) Receive and maintain a catalog of NIMAS-prepared print instructional materials from publishers, SEAs, and LEAs Provide access to print instructional materials, free of charge, to qualified individuals Develop, adopt, and publish procedures to protect against copyright infringement

20 Key Considerations Goes into effect December 3, 2006!!! Student eligibility Definition of “core materials” Definition of “timely” Materials accessibility expectation applies to all students, regardless of whether they qualify under NIMAS provisions

21 Limited Target Population Not applicable to all students challenged by print material at this time Only those who are “blind and other physically handicapped”

22 Limited Target Population Children who:  Are blind  have visual disabilities  are unable to read or use standard printed materials because of physical limitations  have reading disabilities that result from organic dysfunction [36 CFR § 701.10(b)]. A reading disability does not automatically qualify a student; the disability must be certified as having an organic basis.

23 Limited Target Population Recent indications suggest that the feds are revisiting definition, and this will be a part of the final regulations.

24 Definition of Core Materials Textbooks – YES Workbooks - ??? Supplemental reading - ??? Likely to be up to SEA and local districts to define what constitutes “core materials”

25 Definition of “Timely” This is often an issue with IEP implementation Recent Office of Civil Rights decision defines it as the same time other students get their materials

26 Things are really jumping… Publishers are changing the way they do business Creation of “conversion entities” Vigorous discussion among national stakeholders

27 Things to do close to home… States and districts need to develop their policies and procedures Learn about resources here and elsewhere Discuss eligibility and definitions Consider how data on effectiveness of production and delivery will be gathered The clock is ticking…

28 Contact Information Beth Mineo Mollica & Dan Fendler Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative (800) 870-DATI (in-state only)

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