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Analysis Logic and Specificity. Logic 1: Online Newspapers vs. traditional ones In terms of quickness, internet news can be shallow or incomplete. Besides,

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1 Analysis Logic and Specificity

2 Logic 1: Online Newspapers vs. traditional ones In terms of quickness, internet news can be shallow or incomplete. Besides, looking around you will find lots of people reading newspapers everywhere, anytime. I think this phenomenon has been a culture, which can ’ t be taken off easily.

3 Logic 2: Japanese soap opera However, for every Japanese soap opera, there will only be ten to twelve episodes. This meets the need of quickness of modern people

4 Logic 3: Japanese soap opera (variety in casting or suitability?)... unlike Taiwanese soap operas, where we often see the same faces performing in similar roles. Some of them even have to play roles over their ages. Japanese soap operas are belonging to idol operas, so most of them are created for actors or actress who play by the playwright.

5 Logic 4: MP 3 Also, it[mp3] can be regarded as a new form of the media which can help deliver good music. But the record companies didn ’ t know how to handle with it, so they just want to stop it without knowing that MP3 could bring great benefit for the music industry. the example of Napster

6 Logic 5: MP 3 But with the coming of MP3, the cost of packaging, distribution and retails will be reduced. Therefore, the price of getting good music will only become cheaper. Will this really work for everyone? Say, those who see singers as idols? Can CD ’ s be replaced? So it ’ s really foolish to relate MP3 with pirated album sold at night market or catch some students to stop MP3. What people should do is to quickly make a law on MP3.

7 Logic 6: Japanese soap opera Japanese soap operas are greatly meaningful by displaying various subject matters including people ’ s feelings, problems on jobs, and different lifestyles. No wonder Japanese soap operas are so popular in Taiwan because they enable (who?) to cross the nations and go deep into the audiences ’ heart.

8 Speficity1: Japanese soap opera Taiwanese soap opera tend to use the same plot with only some mere changes, such as time or characters. For instance, the recent trend is to talk about family moral relationships and at least two generations are involved. They are bold to give it a try and discover new talents of different actors and actresses.

9 Speficity1: Japanese soap opera (2) As 赤名莉香 wears her smiling countenance, yelling out the name “ 完 治 ”, numerous people can ’ t help having crush on the actress 鈴木保奈美. As 木 村拓哉 grievously stares at 常盤貴子 ’ s dead body, telling his great affections, it also touches myriad people to simultaneously burst into tears.

10 Speficity1: Japanese soap opera (3) Examples of creative stories 魔女的條件 -- the female teacher falls in love with her student who is only seventeen years old, “ 兩千年之戀 ”, an ordinary girl is drawn into fatal dangers owing to falling in love with an mysterious assassin

11 Speficity1: Japanese soap opera (4) The dialogue in Japanese soap operas is common and actual, unlike those odd and immutable sayings or principles in Taiwanese ones such as “ I ’ m pregnant ” with the response of ” Are you sure the baby is mine? ” or “ 你走 ! 現在就走 ! 否則 我死給你看 ! ”

12 Speficity1: Japanese soap opera (5) Endings: “ 美麗人生 ” and “ 神啊 ! 請給我 多點時間 ! ” Educational: “ Long Vacation ”

13 Speficity2: Japanese snacks The cookies and candies are packed in bright colorful packs with artistic design, which are like works of art and are able to catch the customers ’ eyes. Plastic art is played into full play on the design of the snacks. They are turned to different kinds of animals, flowers, and shapes, which increase the amusement for the customers. For instance, the cocoa is put in a tube which looks like toothpaste, and it is more convenient and interesting to use.

14 Speficity2: Japanese snacks... This somehow shows that nowadays customers pay more and more attention to art design, and they are even willing to pay more on enjoying the decoration of the snacks.

15 Speficity2: Japanese snacks Sometimes they use materials, which are nutritious and helpful for human bodies, such as nuts, dried laver, milk, brown sugar and green tea, while most of the Taiwanese snacks are made with heavy sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, and man-made fragrance.

16 Speficity3: ICQ Its wide-ranging users You will not chat with people refined to a certain group or place, instead, you will get to know more about the world. And the diverse functions of ICQ are so fascinating that sometimes I just get on-line and do all the things without opening any other window!.

17 Speficity4: ICQ Its usage, an example “ Can you give me your home address so that I can send you some postcards that I bought in N.Y.? ” “ Sure! But it ’ s a little bit long and I don ’ t have a pen now. ” “ Then why don ’ t you send a message of your address through ICQ? ” “ That will be great! ”

18 Speficity and logic 1: Extramarital relationships or divorce Causes: Dissatisfaction Self-fulfillment Some writer regards extramarital affair as cancer; no one knows if his marriage will be invaded by cancer or not. However, after analyze the reasons of extramarital affairs, how can we blame people for their infidelity?

19 Logic & Speficity2: Japanese soap opera Sometimes, what pressure those procurators meet also reflect darkness in the Bar. Japanese soap operas supply many subjects for audiences, and most of them let audiences get something useful and positive.

20 Language First is about information they provide... Second is reading habit.

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