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Podcasting/Vblogging Using Wordpress Introduction to.

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1 Podcasting/Vblogging Using Wordpress Introduction to

2 Ambition in Action Presenters Stephan Ridgway, Workforce Development

3 Ambition in Action Topics /What is Podcasting & Vblogging /Subscription & distribution using RSS /How to subscribe to a podcast/vblog /iTunes example /Podcasts/Vblogs in education /Using Wordpress as a platform

4 Ambition in Action Questions Who has heard of Podcasting/Vblogging? /Yes /No Do you subscribe to a Podcasts/Vblogs? /Yes /No Do you publish a Podcast/Vlblog? /Yes /No

5 Ambition in Action What is Podcasting & Vblogging?  Podcasting is a method of delivering regularly updated audio content (typically mp3 format).  Emerging in 2004, podcasting grew out of the successful subscription & distribution model pioneered by the blogging movement based upon RSS. In this sense a podcast began as a form of audio blogging.  The term "podcast" is a mash up between "IPod", Apple computers portable player and "broadcasting". While an iPod is not necessary for either producing or subscribing to podcasts the term has sort of stuck.  Vblogging uses the same RSS based subscription/distribution model to deliver video content. Hence the mash up name Video-Blog or Vblog.

6 Ambition in Action Subscription and distribution using RSS /RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS was originally developed as a method for distributing and syndicating content from blogs, online journals, websites and news sources. /Around 2004 enclosures were added to RSS which highlight links to mp3 files so they are filtered out and harvested in aggregators. /Simply placing a link to an mp3 file or embedding a video in a blog does not constitute a podcast or vblog, it’s all about syndication using RSS

7 Ambition in Action What is a RSS Aggregator or Feed Reader? A feed reader is a tool for subscribing to and aggregating RSS feeds from multiple sources and displaying them in one place. Types of feed readers (RSS Aggregators)  Stand-alone Desktop Programs - e.g. awasu or SharpReader  Web Browsers- e.g. Firefox, IE, Safari  Email clients e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook.  Web-based - e.g. Bloglines or Google Reader  Start page aggregators - e.g. protopage or pageflakes RSS is the connecting fabric of web2.0 services, providing the conduit for information flows between distributed networks.

8 Ambition in Action Podcast & Vblog Aggregators The tweaking of the RSS standard in 2004 so that mp3 files would be highlighted saw the emergence of dedicated podcasting aggregators or podcatching software as they became known. Podcatching software or aggregators allow subscription to podcasts/Vblogs using RSS. Aggregator software runs in background and automatically retrieves the new audio files when they become available and saves them to your hard drive or MP3 player. Some examples are:-  Apple's iTunes - Apple's aggregator for the iPod/iphone  Juice Podcast Receiver  MyPodder - a podcatching client you can load onto an MP3 player

9 Ambition in Action How do I Subscribe to a Podcast/Vblog? Typically there will be 2 RSS feeds from a podcast/vblog. 1.One for the all the episode content posted 2.One which highlights the audio/video content to allow it to be downloaded Sometimes there may only be the one podcast/vblog feed. Podcast Feeds Blog Feeds

10 Ambition in Action How do I Subscribe to a Podcast/Vblog? /Manual subscription / Find the podcast feed - look for the orange RSS, XML or Feed icons / Copy and paste the URL into “podcatching” software / Scan the feed for available and new podcasts

11 Ambition in Action How do I Subscribe to a Podcast/Vblog? One click subscription Most of the popular podcast aggregators such as iTunes have streamlined the process so that one only needs to click the icon denoting their aggregator and they will be automatically be subscribed to the podcast.

12 Ambition in Action One click subscription - iTunes Note: A podcast needs to be registered and approved by the iTunes library for this technique to function

13 Ambition in Action Types of Podcasts/Vblogs  Home-grown radio shows - news & current affairs, talk shows, music, passions  Distribution of creative works - bands, musicians, comedians, novels etc  Storytelling, radio plays & audio books speeches, debates or conference sessions  Podcasts/Vblogs of mainstream media broadcasts i.e. ABC radio

14 Ambition in Action Advantages of Podcasting/Vblogging  Allows you to listen to access content at a time and place of your choosing (commuting, jogging, gym, cleaning, beach) – “Time Shifting”  Many devices play mp3 format, dedicated players, pc’s, mobile phones, PDA’s etc.  Anyone can create a podcast/vblog with minimal equipment and at low cost  Empowers students by allowing them create and distribute their own content

15 Ambition in Action Educational uses of Podcasts  Recording lectures  Audio based training materials  Digital stories  POV cameras for instructional video  Interviews with experts or industry figures  Learning languages - ESOL  Music education  Student created radio programs  Library resources

16 Ambition in Action Creating a Podcast/Vblog  Record the audio/video,  Edit if necessary with software i.e. audacity/audition  Convert to suitable format, name file and add Mp3Tags etc.  Upload to a server  Post an episode entry  Test feed  Promote

17 Ambition in Action Where can I publish my content? /Free podcasting/Vblogging services /Podcasting / / /Moodle forum /Blog/feedburner /Vblogging / / /Blog/feedburner

18 Ambition in Action Using Wordpress TAFE NSW – Sydney Institute

19 Ambition in Action Wordpress  Open Source blogging platform  Install on your own server or use hosted service i.e. edublogs,  Podcasting/Vblogging plug-ins available i.e. podpress, blubury  Content is uploaded & stored on your own server  Wordpress MU install allows multiple blogs for an organisation i.e. RTO

20 Ambition in Action TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute  Setup in WP MU 2007 as a strategy to provide teachers with blogging & podcasting/vblogging  Branded skins for consistent look @ feel  Installed @ tested a range of widgets, including podpress  Complements our wikis & Moodle platforms  Using the WP library is an effective way to store large audio/video files

21 Ambition in Action Podpress Plugin

22 Ambition in Action Find out More ….  See the presentation wiki.... 

23 Ambition in Action Questions

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