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Digital Multimedia.

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1 Digital Multimedia

2 Text Files File Formats and Respective Software
TXT – Text Document - Notepad, TextEdit DOC – Document - Microsoft Word DOCX – Document XML – Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 PDF – Portable Document Format - Adobe Acrobat RTF – Rich Text Format – WordPad, TextEdit ODF – Open Document Format – OpenOffice, LibreOffice

3 Bits and Bytes Digital  everything is ONES (1) and ZEROS (0)
Only 2 different numbers  Binary Base 2 number system binary digit  bit (b) How many bits are there? 8 bits = 1 Byte (B)

4 Big Bytes Kilobyte (KB) = 103 = 1000 bytes Megabyte (MB) = 106 = bytes Gigabyte (GB) = 109 bytes Terabyte (TB) = 1012 bytes Petabyte (PB) = 1015 bytes Exabyte (EB) = 1018 bytes Zettabyte (ZB) = 1021 bytes Yottabyte (YB) = 1024 bytes Kibibyte (KiB) = 210 = 1024 bytes Mebibyte (MiB) = 220 = bytes Gibibyte (GiB) = 230 bytes … Why? Read more.

5 Data Compression Compress / shrink size of files
How file compression work? Read more… Compression can sometimes affect the quality But is it something that you will notice? Examples: mp3 vs. wav (3 MB vs. 30 MB) jpg vs. bmp (100 KB vs. 1 MB) Why would we ever want to compress data? Give specific scenarios.

6 Lossy vs. Loss-less compression
Lossy compression original quality CANNOT be reconstructed when decompressed (mp3, jpg) JPEG Example How do mp3s work? Read more… Loss-less compression original quality CAN be reconstructed when decompressed (zip)

7 Graphics & Images File Formats? Image Software? GIF
JPEG, JPG - compressed BMP PSD PNG TIFF Image Software? Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Paint GIMP Paint.Net

8 Graphics Terms pixel ~ picture element
resolution ~ number of total pixels (could be dimensions too) DPI ~ dots per inch (pixel density) pixel depth ~ color depth ~ bit depth Number of bits used in a single pixel More bits  more colors What is the tradeoff for a high quality pixel depth?

9 Why do pixels matter? Digital Cameras High Definition images
Is getting a higher mega-pixel camera worth it? High Definition images Quality vs. Quantity Mr. Bui’s Picture Example What is its resolution? How many bytes is it? Resizing Changing quality

10 Audio File Formats? Audio Software? mid mp3 m4a wav ogg flac wma
Audacity GarageBand FLStudio

11 Video File Formats? Video Software? avi wmv – Windows Media Video? mp4
divx mpeg Video Software? Adobe Premiere Windows Movie Maker Apple iMovie Apple Final Cut Pro Sony Vegas

12 Lab Assignment Create the following:
GIF, JPG, and BMP images of yourself MP3, M4A, and WAV sounds of your voice Create a video of yourself presenting the differences between your GIF, JPG, and BMP images. Also present the differences between MP3, M4A, and WAV. This will be the most time-consuming portion of the assignment because you will need to create a movie using iMovie that has transitions and sound. Be sure your video has title screen(s) and still shots of the pictures. If possible, try to illustrate the loss of quality by recording something as MP3. (this may be difficult, but try it out)

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