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Downloading Audacity software Julie Collareda Adapted from Shaughnessy 2006.

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1 Downloading Audacity software Julie Collareda Adapted from Shaughnessy 2006

2 2 Downloading Audacity software Audacity (the podcast recording software) LAME (the software that converts the Audacity podcast file into an mp3 file)

3 3 Downloading Audacity software Open your browser to and click on Download Audacity 1.2.4b for Microsoft Windows Audacity 1.2.4b

4 4

5 5 From this page, click in the Recommended “Audacity” link …

6 6 The program will alert you (at the top of the webpage) that “Your download should begin shortly” The download initiates, a “pop-up”/dialog box will ask you whether you want to “run” or “save” the file, Click RUN

7 7 After running the Audacity.exe file, a “SetUp Wizard” interface will appear on your screen...Click the “Next > ” button

8 8 Read/Accept the agreement, click on the Accept radio button... then Click the “Next > ” button;

9 9 Read the next Information screen and click the “Next > ” button again

10 10 The wizard suggests/creates a folder called “Audacity” in your Programs folder [note where this folder is, since you will need to save one of the LAME files in the same folder later] click “Next >”

11 11 A desktop icon is a good idea, click the “Next > ” button again

12 12 The program is ready to install on your computer and click “Install”

13 13 When installation is complete, click Finish; this completes the installation …

14 14 … and also starts the Audacity program, which looks like this

15 15 Downloading Audacity software, LAME encoder Next, to download the LAME application: Open or Return to the Audacity webpage and click on LAME MP3 encoder under the optional Downloads section LAME MP3 encoder

16 16 and click on the LAME download page…& follow the directions…LAME download page

17 17 Choose one from any of the links

18 18 A Download file menu will show up, Choose SAVE,

19 19 Save the zip file to your desktop (click desktop icon on left, then click Save)

20 20 When finished downloading, Click “Open Folder”

21 21 When finished downloading, Click “Open Folder” or double-click on the “lame-3.96.1” zipped-folder on the desktop. Keep the LAME folder open, and in a separate window, open the Audacity folder (My Computer  C-Drive  Program Files  Audacity)

22 22 In the LAME Folder, Right-click on the lame.enc.dll file and choose copy

23 23 Click over to the Audacity Folder, right-click in blank area and choose Paste.

24 24 We are nearly there…you can safely close all of the windows, but keep the Audacity program window open – (or re-launch the program if you closed it already)

25 25 It is advisable to set up 2 preferences in order to facilitate recording and saving manageable mp3 files: Go to File  Preferences

26 26 Click on the Audio I/O tab: under Channels select 2 (Stereo)

27 27 File  Preferences  File Format tab: under Bit Rate select 64

28 28 Now you are ready to start recording your podcast in Audacity, and you will be able to save it as reasonably good quality mp3 file. NOTE: The first time your Audacity program attempts to “export as mp3” it will prompt a search for the LAME file; since you already put it in the Audacity folder, it will find and associate the LAME file so that no future prompt will be necessary. Information on editing with Audacity ( ; Handout available) Demo on recording/editing Audacity (approx. 7 mins):

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