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UCI Replay “Can you replay that?” Presented by: Kim Gerrard and Frances Tong October 12, 2011.

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1 UCI Replay “Can you replay that?” Presented by: Kim Gerrard and Frances Tong October 12, 2011

2 2 UCI Replay Camtasia Relay = Software from TechSmith that does Audio & Screen Capture on a Mac or PC for easy recording of classes, presentations or instructional vignettes. –Users: Instructors, TAs, staff and departments; students may record and upload content with an approved request from a faculty sponsor or staff supervisor. UCI Replay = Our brand name for the audio/screen capture service. –Website – –Help Pages –

3 October 12, 20113 Where can Camtasia Relay be used? Large lecture halls (10) –Wireless microphones included Smart Classrooms (120) –External microphone mounted on podium Anywhere – “Have Camtasia Relay, will travel…” –Use your desktop or laptop Use your built-in laptop microphone or external microphone –Record in your office, lab, home –Business trips –Conferences, Presentations, Workshops –Use your iPhone 4 or iPad 2 (Fuse application) –USB Key – download portable recorder

4 October 12, 20114 Audio Recording Technologies Audio = Voice Capture –Wireless microphone – Large lecture halls only –External microphone – Smart Classrooms Or use your own Blue Snowflake microphone or similar Large Lecture HallSmart Classroom

5 October 12, 20115 Visual Recording Technologies Visual = Screen Capture –Applications Powerpoint (text, pictures, embedded video) Internet (applications, links, video) –WebCams (supply your own device) “Talking Head” – Always on Top software –Tablet PC – available in large lecture halls –Document Camera – available in large lecture halls Tablet PC Document Camera

6 October 12, 20116 How do I record? Follow these 5 easy steps 1.Run Camtasia Relay and login. 2.Select a Profile: Public UCI-Only Testing/Temporary Public and Unlisted UCI-Only and Unlisted 3.Test microphone input. 4.Hit Record. 5.When done, click Submit then OK.

7 October 12, 20117 What happens after I’m done recording? After pressing Submit and OK: 1.The recording is transferred to the server and queued for encoding. 2.The server encodes the presentation into 3 formats: 1.Flash Large - MP4 2.iPod and iPhone - MP4 3.Audio Only - MP3 3.The files are published to the server and the server sends an email confirmation with links to the presentation.

8 October 12, 20118 How do I know when it’s done? You receive the email confirmation:

9 October 12, 20119 Where do I find my presentation? Remember those profiles we talked about earlier? –Public –UCI-Only –Testing/Temporary –Public and Unlisted –UCI-Only and Unlisted Testing/Temporary & Unlisted Directories –Not visible in indexes –Must have URL to view –Note: Testing/Temporary files are automatically deleted after 10 days

10 October 12, 201110 How do I share my files? Email 1.Forward the confirmation email. 2.Open the links in a browser, copy the URL and either paste it into an email message or post it on a website. UCI Replay home page EEE Podcast

11 October 12, 201111 Advanced Features Captioning – new feature in version 3Captioning Video Editing – import the mp4 file into any video editing application –TechSmith offers Camtasia Studio, a video editing application that integrates with Camtasia Relay

12 October 12, 201112 What can I use Camtasia Relay for? Lectures and discussions Supplemental materials –Pre-class/Pre-lab announcements or study materials that students view before class Devote more class time to lecture, discussion or lab –Lab, midterm, final exam preparation –Announcements –Study materials Distance learning Meetings, presentations, conferences, workshops Training videos What else can you think of?

13 October 12, 201113 Best in Show Beefed up Powerpoint – Dr. James Bullock, AstronomyDr. James Bullock, Astronomy –Table of Contents –Text and Speech search

14 October 12, 201114 Thinking out of the Powerpoint Box Lab procedures – Dr. Kimberly Edwards, ChemistryDr. Kimberly Edwards, Chemistry Review for Midterm or Final – Dr. Michael Dennin, PhysicsDr. Michael Dennin, Physics Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Colloquiums Lecture – Dr. Julia Lupton, HumanitiesDr. Julia Lupton, Humanities Video – Dr. Negar Nejad, Cognitive ScienceDr. Negar Nejad, Cognitive Science Tablet PC – Dr. Elliot Hui, Biomedical EngineeringDr. Elliot Hui, Biomedical Engineering Document Camera – Dr. Ben Hafensteiner, ChemistryDr. Ben Hafensteiner, Chemistry WebCam – Dr. Ted Wright, Cognitive ScienceDr. Ted Wright, Cognitive Science WebCam/“Talking Head”– Dr. Lubomir Bic, ICSDr. Lubomir Bic, ICS

15 Thank you for attending! October 12, 201115 Hands-on and Questions Email – Home Page – Help – Server –

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