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MMS pictures to the people Johan Montelius

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1 MMS pictures to the people Johan Montelius

2 MMS Content –SMIL –MIME Client –Capabilities, usage, settings Infrastructure –MMSC, SMTP, WAP

3 SMIL (smile) Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language Simple authoring of interactive presentations that integrate streaming audio and video with images, text etc. History –1998, used by RealNetworks in their 2G player –Adopted as a W3C recommendation –Macromedia and MS depart Today –SMIL 2.0, August 2001 –Lack of authoring tools –MS uses HTML+TIME

4 SMIL code define regions, media etc define slide show


6 MMS is an email MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) coded email containing a SMIL specification Media –Text, not limited to 160 characters –Images, jpeg, gif –Audio, coded using speech codecs –Tomorrow: mp3, midi, video, ….

7 The client Authoring tool? MMS delivery? Display SMIL email? Attached camera? Email address as destination ? Colors? Audio? Size of content?

8 Infrastructure MMSC SMTP WAP Gateway (MMS Proxy Relay) WSP Email server Addressing: both MSISDN and Internet email

9 Sending an MMS WAP Gateway WSP 1. Messages sent using WSP Post 2. MMSC handles authorization and billing MMSC HTTP 3. MMSC replies with a confirmation

10 MMSC - MMSC MMSC HLR MMSC 1. If the address is a mobile number the HLR of the receiver is queried for MMSC address 2. Message delivered to receivers MMSC using SMTP SMTP

11 Delivery WAP push proxyMMSC 1. Notification delivered over WAP- push (SMS) containing, sender, size, time etc 2. Client confirms notification, sender is not notified

12 Retrieval WAP GatewayMMSC 1. Client retrieves messages using WSP GET 2. Sender is notified

13 Conclusions Open standards Internet addressing Clients can use any WAP gateway/MMSC to send messages. Any MMSC can use SMS to deliver a WAP push notification. The MMS market is not owned by the operators!

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