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Wimba’s product vision Steve Kann SVP Engineering Enabling 21st Century Teaching and Learning.

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1 Wimba’s product vision Steve Kann SVP Engineering Enabling 21st Century Teaching and Learning

2 The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Wimba’s products remains at the sole discretion of Wimba.

3 21 st Century Teaching and Learning Is changing the basic education model Teacher Proficiency Education ModelStudentExpectations Better Results More Choices PoliticalEconomic SocialTechnology 3

4 4 Effective Teaching and Learning Begins with effective content Effective content is a requirement of teaching and learning Effective content can be in digital or traditional formats Effective content can come from traditional sources, or directly from educators and students Teaching and learning is much more than simply distributing content

5 5 Effective Teaching and Learning Collaboration is the engine The most profound experiences students take away from school don’t come from books. Effective educators instill in students a passion for learning, and provide the tools to learn how to learn. Collaboration, and learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom Educators And Students

6 6 Effective Teaching and Learning Assessment and Analytics If you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it. The movement for accountability in education is growing in importance Assessment – Standardized assessment, adaptive assessment, and self-guided assessments Analytics (aka Usage Insight) – Determine the effectiveness of tools, methodologies, staff and content. – Can be used for immediate remediation (intervention), or for fine-tuning processes.

7 7 Web 2.0 an evolution of the web focused on rapid development and connecting people together. Sharing content Bring people together in social networks User-generated content Rich Content Technological standards and APIs create climate for innovation Image © Luca Cremonini, Markus Angermeier, redistributed under terms of Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License

8 Wimba’s Mandate Effectively harness technology to enhance 21st century teaching and learning 8 Teacher Proficiency Education ModelStudentExpectations Better Results More Choices PoliticalEconomic SocialTechnology

9 Wimba Product Vision is your product vision 9 We’re learning every day Our product managers Our advisory board Feedback:

10 What’s a Kiwi? Our Next Generation Platform Built from the ground up for education, and only for education Designed from the ground up to be: – Integrated – Scalable – Modular The platform behind Pronto

11 What about our existing platforms? Core technologies are shared between current and next-get products: – Media: Audio, Video – Application sharing – Tunneling – Others We’ll continue to innovate on our current platforms!

12 Core technologies individually support teaching and learning Smart application designs combine technologies to support diverse learning opportunities Opportunistic enhancements and workflows support key non- instructional activities Integrated solutions work together to reinforce the lifecycle of content – Create – Collaborate – Assess 12 Architecture Modularity

13 Scalability to meet growing needs of larger institutions, consortia, and centralized ASP deployment: – Enterprise-class reliability – Layered architecture with multiple servers possible per layer – Scales from 1 server to 1 rack. – Single point of administration Single, coherent database for tracking activity and usage Integrated platform for sharing content, and collaborating across applications. 13 Pronto/Kiwi Architecture, v1.5 Architecture Scalability & Integration

14 Architecture Standards and APIs IMS Standards – QTI: Question and Test Interoperability – LTI: Learning Tools Interoperability We lead this working group – IA: Information Analytics Emerging group studying interoperable exchange of analytical information Open APIs – Published APIs for our applications – Consumer, as well as Producer APIs Industry Standards – XMPP messaging – Asterisk/IAX/SIP media – Xiph Speex, Theora codecs – MP3 audio for Voice, Classroom – MP4 video

15 Provide universal access and ease of use Drive “active engagement” any time, place, mode Bring the spark of learning outside of traditional environments. Respect teaching and learning workflow Integrate applications to create 1+1=3 Create Prepare Deliver Assist Assess Capture Report Student, Course, Activity Student, Course, Activity 15 Functionally Powerfully simple applications for 21st Century Teaching and Learning Create Collaborate Assess Refine Share Report Capture Enhance

16 Functionally Integrated platform can enable richer collaboration than isolated products – Integrated presence – Content Mobility – Rich learning objects – Rich interactions in traditionally text-based applications WimbaPRONTO WimbaASSESS WimbaVOICE WimbaCLASSROOM WimbaCREATE

17 Rich usage insight Real-time information access and reporting Role based usage Starts with rich APIs 17 Users Needs Engagement Trends Early Warning System Management System Users Admin Users Faculty Users Dashboard Unified Data Who is doing well, who is falling behind? Users Courses Activity Analytics Analytics

18 Pronto 2.x First use of Kiwi technology (Pronto) “Tutor” 1.0 Product Roadmap 2006 Increased integration between applications Increased sophistication of core technologies More applications Built on kiwi Introduction of Multi-way video (Classroom)

19 19 Q1 08 Q2 08 Q3 08 Q Release Plan Pronto 2.0 Video Appshare Chat Queue Helpdesk Institutional Notifications Pronto 2.1 Internationalization Scalability ASP administration Pronto 2.2 File sharing TBA (privacy) “Tutor” 1.0 remediation and self-assessment Classroom 5.2 Analytics API Presenter on the fly Resizable Chat MP3 archives TBA Moodle 3.2 Voice Authoring Workflow enhancements Classroom 5.1 External Video Echo Cancellation eBoard improvements Door chime Admin usability

20 20 Next generation products supporting the best features, flows and usability traits of all products Focus on the three pillars of learning, with collaboration as key Incorporate vision of our landscape Provide capabilities to measure results Summary

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