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What is About This Course? 微電腦系統 Micro-Computer System.

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2 What is About This Course? 微電腦系統 Micro-Computer System

3 You Must Know These Terms 4 Computer (電腦) 4 Microcomputer (微電腦) 4 Microprocessor (微處理器) 4 Microcontroller (微控制器) –Single Chip Computer (單晶片) –System-on-a-chip (系統單晶片, SoC ) 4 Embedded System (嵌入式系統)

4 microcomputer Computers ! An IBM 704 mainframe PDP 7 minicomputer HP tablet PC

5 How Computer works? 4 What are included in a computer? –CPU, ROM, RAM, I/O controller, buses and many other chips are found in the motherboard. 4 Connect to many I/O devices

6 What is “Computer”? 4 Personal computers, notebooks, tablet PC, workstations, super computers… 4 General-purpose –You can run games, editors, browsers etc. depend on the programs loaded in the memory. 4 High performance –Computers use very powerful CPUs. –Ex: Intel Core i7 920 has 4 cores.

7 What is “Microcomputer”? 4 Microcomputer ≈ Personal Computer 4 Microcomputers usually occupy physically small amounts of space when compared to mainframe and minicomputers.

8 What is “Microprocessor”? 4 A microcomputer is a computer with a microprocessor as its CPU. –Central Processing Unit In 2008, the die of Conroe Core 2 Duo in Intel processor

9 Systems with a Specific Function 4 Not high performance, low cost, small size, customized, automatic & smart control 4 Don't need microprocessors. 4 Industry controllers/Intelligent appliances –Anti-lock braking system (ABS), automatic four-wheel drive, door opener. –Printer, keyboard, keyless entry, copier, fax machine, personal digital assistants (PDAs) –Video game player, camera, cellular phone, microwave, DVD player

10 Some Products (1/2) 4 Security systems –Sensor, motion detector, power detector, smoke detector –Audio alarm, user authentication 4 Whitegoods and Household Appliances 4 Ref:

11 Some Products (2/2) 4 MP3 player –standalone hard-wired MPEGI/II Layer-3 decoder with C51 microcontroller core handling dataflow control and MP3-player control 4 Smart card reader 4 USB controller 4 Ref:

12 What is “Microcontroller”? 4 All in one chip (CPU, I/O, ROM, RAM together), i.e., a Single Chip Computer 4 A microcontroller (also microcontroller unit, MCU or µC) is a small computer on a single integrated circuit (IC) consisting of a relatively simple CPU combined with support functions such as a crystal oscillator, timers, watchdog, serial and analog I/O etc.

13 Intel 8742 Microcontroller 4 All functions on a chip –128 bytes of RAM –2048 bytes of EPROM –Input/Output –8-bit microcontroller (12MHz)

14 Intel 8051 4 In 1981, Intel MCU-51 4 A single chip microcontroller (µC) 4 Used in embedded systems

15 Microprocessor & Microcontroller 4 A micro-processor –a very powerful CPU –Usually, used for computer systems –Example: x86, 68K, z80 4 A micro-controller (µC) –A simple computer system-on-a-chip –It contains a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals. –Example: 8048, 8051

16 What is “Embedded System”? 4 An embedded product uses a microprocessor or microcontroller to do one task only. –This is, it is a special-purpose product. 4 In an embedded system, there is only one application software that is typically burned into ROM. 4 Embedded system means the processor is embedded into that application.

17 How Embedded System Works? 4 In general, an embedded system has –A microcontroller (  C) –I/O devices –A small board with a microcontroller, some components and I/O connectors –Real-time Operating System (RTOS) Simple-function, small-size –Application software

18 Goal of This Course (1/2) 4 The course “Computer Science” has teach us about computer systems. –Of course, including the terms microcomputer an microprocessor. –Computer Architecture; Computer Organization 4 Therefore, we will focus on “microcontroller” in this semester although this course is called “Microcomputer System”.

19 Goal of This Course (2/2) 4 Understand the architecture of 8051. 4 Leaning 8051 programming. 4 Prepare for the 8051 laboratory. Microcontroller: A smaller computer On-chip RAM, ROM, I/O ports... Single-purpose 8051 is a microcontroller. 1981, Intel MCS-51

20 Why Choose 8051? 4 Simple, easy to learn 4 A lot of 8051 users 4 After learning 8051, we can understand: –A basic concept of an embedded system –A simplest computer architecture –How micro-computer works. –Low-level language: Assembly Language.

21 8051 Family 4 The 8051 became popular after Intel allowed other manufacturers to make and market an flavor of the 8051. –different speed, amount of on-chip ROM or other memories, special functions –Code-compatible with the original 8051 –Atmel, Infineon Technologies, Maxim Integrated Products, NXP, Nuvoton, ST Microelectronics, Silicon Laboratories Texas Instruments and Cypress Semiconductor.

22 Atmel AT89C51

23 Courses in Future 4 電機系網頁  教育  專題實驗  971 –20090116EE386B 微電腦實驗次系統專題發 表會照片20090116EE386B 微電腦實驗次系統專題發 表會照片 –20090115EE386A 微電腦實驗次系統專題發 表會照片20090115EE386A 微電腦實驗次系統專題發 表會照片 工程機率 微電腦系 統 工程數學 大二上 微電腦實 驗 大二下大三上 通訊網路 嵌入式系 統原理及 實驗 大三下 電腦網路 通訊協定 概論 大四上 網路管理 無線交換 機概論 大四下 作業系統 數值分析

24 IXDPG-425(1/2) 4 Intel XScale IXP-425 for network control

25 IXDPG-425(2/2)

26 DMATEC DMA-2443 (1/2) 4 ARM9 –Samsung S3C2443-53 4 For handhold devices –High performance –Low power 4 Optimized for special functions –GPS, Multimedia, –SmartPhone

27 DMATEC DMA-2443 (1/2)

28 Schedule of Progress (1/3) 4 Introduction to computing 4 The 8051 micro-controllers 4 Assembly language programming 4 Jump, loop, and call instructions 4 I/O port programming 4 8051 addressing modes 4 Arithmetic & logic instructions and programs

29 Schedule of Progress (2/3) 4 Midterm 4 8051 Programming in C 4 8051 Hardware Connection and Intel HEX file 4 8051 Timer programming in Assembly and C 4 8051 serial port programming in Assembly and C

30 Schedule of Progress (3/3) 4 Interrupts programming in Assembly and C 4 Final exam 4 LCD and keyboard interfacing 4 ADC, DAC and sensor interfacing 4 8051 interfacing to external memory 4 8051 interfacing to the 8255 4 DS12887 RTC interfacing and Programming 4 Motor control: relay, PWM, DC, stepper motor

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