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回归语言学习自然态 — 从听入手 蒋 跃. Return to nature — Rediscover the role of listening and dictation Yue Jiang.

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1 回归语言学习自然态 — 从听入手 蒋 跃

2 Return to nature — Rediscover the role of listening and dictation Yue Jiang

3 1 2 3 Nature of language acquisition Methods of listening and dictation The role of listening and dictation 4 Conclusion Contents

4 Nature of language acquisition Some questions 1. How much did you understand listening tests that you passed?  A. 50%B. 60%C. 80%D. 90% 2. Do you really think you understand the listening materials? 3. How many tapes of English have you ever listened to and can really understand, completely?  A. 1B. 2C. 5D. Many 4. Which do you think plays a more important role in your listening comprehension?  A. GuessB. Understanding 5. Which influences you most in your spoken English, esp. pronunciation?  A. ReadingB. SpeakingC. ListeningD. Writing

5 Nature of language acquisition How is a language acquired?  Built-in capacity for language (Lenneberg 1967:91)  Universal Grammar (Chomsky 1959:107)  Endowed acquisition device (McNeill 1966:61)  Hypothesis testing and imitation (Ellis 2001:85) Child language acquisition process (Ellis: 1999:101)  2-4 months: language-like noises  4-8 months: meaningless syllables  6-12 months: first true words  18 months: vocabulary increases rapidly

6 Nature of language acquisition Nature Why “ Return to nature ” ? Return from reading/writing to listening =innate acquisition device + environment =hypothesis testing + listening + imitation

7 Role of listening and dictation Listening The first and immediate access to language Mostly used access Impact on pronunciation/speaking as well Dictation (听抄) (demonstrate)  Enhanced and repeated impacting  Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, diction …

8 Role of listening and dictation Dictation (听抄) Enhanced and repeated impacting Grammar  Present tense third person  Past or Present vocabulary  Dictionary consultation, collocations, set phrases Pronunciation Diction … Language Sense

9 Methods of listening & dictation 1. Choose a set of textbooks Musts for the set:  Mp3 recordings  A complete series  textbook Booklist :  大学综合英语教程(上海外语教育出版社)  英语 900 句  New Concept English (Bk 2-3)

10 Methods of listening & dictation 2. Access to a computer, a dictionary an mp3 player such as Cool edit, Winamp, Windows media player, etc. 3. A reasonable schedule Step-by-step practice Weekly plan for the first month (4×1=4)  Rigid one passage/paragraph dictation Weekly plan for the second month (A year?)  Rigid two to whole passage/text dictation

11 Methods of listening & dictation 4. Steps to follow Dictation  Word-by-word  Phrase-by-phrase  Sentence-by-sentence Do’s:  Try to copy every word  Consult a dictionary for words unclear  Leave a blank for each word or phrase unclear  Play words, phrases, part of a sentence, sentences repeatedly  Use either pencil or Word processor

12 Methods of listening & dictation Don’ts  Do not check against the tapescript until…  Do not frustrate over words you can’t copy  Do not be too hard on yourself

13 Methods of listening & dictation  Check your copied work against the script Sudden Revelation/Dawning/Inspiration  Fill in the blanks in red ink  Correct your mistakes in red ink  Compare your mistakes  Divide your mistakes into: Careless Grammar Vocabulary Can’t identify at all others

14 Methods of listening & dictation  Listen to the recording again  Copy the script  Translate the copied script  Forget the whole work for 1-2 days  Return to the your translation  Translate your translation back into the script: Try to remember the script; check your version against the script  Learn the script by heart  The end of this dictation

15 Methods of listening & dictation Reminders  Be reasonable  Relax  Take it easy. Take your time  Be persistent  Obvious result in the long run (6 months)

16 Methods of listening & dictation Resources for listening and dictation For mp3 players  交大思源 FTP 资源    软件光盘 For 大学英语综合教程  See the CD in your textbook Texts of NCE  Texts of English 900 (英语 900 句) 

17 Another reminder Some questions  1. How many English textbooks have you really learned from A to Z?  2. Have you ever tried to review your English vocabulary?  3. Have you ever tried to review your English grammar? The Reminder:  Stick to one set of textbooks.  Don ’ t switch between textbooks.

18 Conclusion 回归自然态 — 从听入手。 反正统而为之 — 回归语言学习自然态 先从听写入手 反复听抄,听写  1. 反复琢磨,反复操练  2. 掌握好语音语调  3. 久之则 “ 窃为己有 ”  4. 全面提高,综合能力

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