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Pune Institute of Computer Technology Vijay Gabale Santosh Patil Ashish Deshpande -students of Computer department presents:

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1 Pune Institute of Computer Technology Vijay Gabale Santosh Patil Ashish Deshpande -students of Computer department presents:

2 FILE SPLITTER -An indigenous program to split & merge any kind of file

3 Definition The File Splitter is a free Windows program that will split any file into pieces of any size and later combine the pieces to form the original file. You can directly write on floppy disk or may split it on hard disk & later on any folder or on CD or can send through e-mail.

4 Need? A floppy disk is often the only possible mean for transferring the file, but if the file is larger than 1.44 megabytes, it won't fit on a single floppy. Many e-mail systems place a limitation on maximum size. What if you want to send a file larger than maximum capacity? Also for the CD maximum size is about 700MB. Which simple mean do you find to get a video file of size larger than it’s capacity

5 Approach The software has been made in C-a well known computer language as a program. C has basic high & low level I/O commands that make the task of creating, opening, reading & writing in files much simpler & easier. It also provides inbuilt functions which can fetch file path, can read data directly from floppy disk.

6 Principle Fetch the path of the file to be split. Create a text file which keeps track of filename, extension, size etc. Create a new folder to contain the split files. Read data from the source file. It is read in the form of a chunk of bytes(512 bytes) i.e. buffer.

7 Principle Write that much number of bytes in the destination file. Continue to write till the end of the source file. Close source file. Close destination file. Care is taken to append appropriate extension to the destination split files

8 Diagrammatic representation of splitting process Read from source file Take chuck of bytes Write to destination file

9 Working Representation File Splitter Quick Split Reads & Writes Directly on floppy Reads ‘.log’ file From each floppy Compares password for Sequential merging Custom Split Reads & writes in Current working directory Creates separate SPLITTED & RESTORED folders Restores using ‘.rst’ file made During splitting Help

10 Quick Split A floppy disk of 1.44 MB size normally contains 80 tracks. Each track is again divided into 18 sub- sectors, each of 512 bytes. We write chunk of 512 bytes to each sub- sector till the end of floppy disk. Before writing on floppy disk, it shows the available space for writing purpose.

11 Quick Merge It takes the text file from each floppy disk into which we have stored our pieces. It compares the password of text file regarding the sequence & type of file to be merged. Encountering any kind of mismatch it shows the appropriate error message. It follows the reverse process of splitting. After merging the original file runs in it’s authentic format.

12 Custom Split & Merge We have placed no limit on the number in which you want to split the given file. We store these split files in the current directory with one restorable file which contains the genuine specifications of file. You may transfer them to CD or floppy disk. All the split files are restored using ‘.rst’ file. So we customize the split option. Also separate folders are made to avoid confusion.

13 Features User friendly profile Standardized GUI which follows copying process Gives available space on floppy disk in case of ambiguity Creates separate ‘split’ & ‘restored’ folders Basic C-language code Gives the path of split & restored files

14 Advantages Splits files of any size you specify. Allows to split any kind of file (mp3,mpg,jpg) & merge. Can directly write on floppy disk Recreates original file details MP3 etc individual split files also run

15 Applications Large files (size > 1.44 MB) such as a mp3 file can be conveniently taken on floppy disk Extra large files (size > 700 MB) such as video file can be split, stored on hard disk, written on CD, restored back. Split files can be sent through e-mail. As multi-purpose cutter like mp3 cutter which is generally not available

16 Scope & Limitation It can also split ‘.exe’ file. Exe file can be attached to one of the split files & the split files can be restored on second node without the installation of the software. As we split a ‘.dat’ file, first part as having header, runs but the software can’t run the next split files as they don’t have the headers though they can be restored perfectly. So attaching ‘.exe’ & appending headers could possibly be the future developments.

17 Thank you We are grateful of OPUS organizers for compelling us to put our skill to create such ‘indigenous’ program. Thank you for listening us. We would also like to share our joy with our senior friends who prevented our morale from going down.

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