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Tae-wan You, Seoul National University, Korea

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1 2003. 8. 28 Tae-wan You, Seoul National University, Korea
Design and implementation of IPv6 multicast based High-quality Videoconference Tool (HVCT) Tae-wan You, Seoul National University, Korea

2 Outline HVCT and Features Software design Implementation Details
Experimental result Future work

3 HVCT & Feature

4 HVCT a High-quality Video Conferencing Tool
Works on Windows 2000, SP 1 with IPv6 stack Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or Higher Video data be en/decoded using MPEG-4 Codec Video : 320x240 pixels, 15fps Audio data be en/decoded using MP3 Codec Audio : 44kHz, 16bit, 2 channel

5 Feature (1/2) IPv6 capability Multicast Support
Working on MSR and MSDN IPv6 stack Multicast Efficient use of network resources via multicast Support High-quality multimedia data using MPEG4 codec and MP3 codec Show a statistics that be measured traffic Can chat using multicast

6 Feature (2/2) Main dialog of HVCT Traffic monitoring
Show screen of participants Traffic monitoring total number of bytes received packets lost packets misordered represent a bandwidth using graph Chat with participants by multicast protocol

7 Software Design

8 Software Components Encoding Manager Decoding Manager Network Manager
MPEG4 Video Software Encoder MP3 Audio MPEG4 Video Software Decoder MP3 Audio A/V MUX RTP over UDP/IPv6 Network Manager A/V DEMUX The Encoding Manager This part is to process the multimedia data acquired from a video camera and a microphone … transmitted to A/V MUX (Audio and Video Multiplexer). A/V MUX makes video stream and audio stream into one stream and sends it to network manager. The Network Manager This part takes charge of role that sends to or receives from destination multimedia data that receive through A/V MUX using RTP and RTCP protocol The Decoding Manager This part is to process multimedia data received through network. A/V DEMUX (Audio and Video De-multiplexer) separates stream received from network manager into video stream and audio stream

9 Software Components Encoding Manager Network Manager Decoding Manager
Make an one stream with video data, which be encoded using MPEG4 codec and audio data, which be encoded using MP3 codec. Network Manager Add RTP header with stream and send it as udp packet to multicast address for IPv6 After receive a packet, remove RTP header and pass data to DM (Decoding Manager) Decoding Manager decode the each of the stream and play both audio and video using Render filter

10 Software Architecture
User Interface DirectShow Filter (Capture) DirectShow Filter (Display1) DirectShow Filter (Display2) DirectShow Filter (Display3) RTP/RTCP & Buffer SocketThread (for send data) SocketThread2 (for receive data) Control Message Data Stream

11 Implementation Details
Multimedia Data Transfer

12 Sender Component Capture Driver MPEG4 Encoder Video Tee MPEG4 Decoder
Video Renderer Sound Driver MP3 Encoder Audio Tee MP3 Decoder Sound Driver Audio/Video MUX Video Stream RTP/RTCP Audio Stream A/V Muxed Stream UDP/IPv6 IPv6 Multicast Network

13 Receiver Component Video Source MPEG4 Decoder Video Renderer
Audio Source MP3 Decoder Sound Driver Audio/Video MUX Video Stream RTP/RTCP Audio Stream A/V Muxed Stream UDP/IPv6 IPv6 Multicast Network

14 Implementation Details
RTP/RTCP Data Transfer

15 RTP, RTCP Library The library be implemented on the basis of RFC 1889
Define data type by structure in C++ RTP, RTCP, RR, SR, SDES etc. Made functions that can achieve accomplishments that is supported by RTP, RTCP using defined data types

16 … InitRtp SetRtpSdes SendRtpCtrl SendRtpData OnRecvRtp UpdateRtp
MySSRC Create Session Rtp socket Rtcp socket InitRtp SetRtpSdes Participant db Create db SendRtpCtrl SendRtpData APAN-SNU Multicast data/ctrl KOREN SEOUL AP IPv6 Host IPv6 Router OnRecvRtp UpdateRtp SendRtpBye done

17 Join Session & Start Talk
Participant 1 ff0e::1:2:3 / 5002 Participant 2 Join Session RTCP (RR,SDES) RTCP Interval of Participant1 RTCP (RR,SDES) RTCP (RR,SDES) Start Send Data RTP (MPEG, MP3 payload) RTCP (SR,SDES) Start Playing / Participant 1 := Active Source RTP (MPEG, MP3 payload)

18 Experimental result & Future work

19 Experiment environment
ATM S/W ETRI ATM S/W Daejeon AP ATM S/W Seoul AP ATM S/W SNU AP ATM S/W PC Router 1 PC Router 2 Host 1 Host 2 Subnet A (ETRI) Subnet B (SNU)

20 Result – bandwidth Video by MPEG-4 Codec Audio by MP3 Codec
Input data : 15 frame per second, I420 format Output data : 350 ~ 400Kbps Audio by MP3 Codec sample 16bit, two stereo, sampling rate 44.1kHz 16 * * 2 =~ 1.3 Mbps Output data : 56 kbps

21 Bandwidth compare with vic
UCL’s vic H.261, 10fps RGB24 format HVCT MPEG4, 15fps I420 format

22 Result – delay (1/2) Video Delay

23 Result – delay (2/2) Audio Delay

24 Future Work Reduce end-to-end delay
Experiments with other conferencing tool VIC from UCL, ISABEL from Agora Systems etc. Performance Test You can get more information from

25 Thank You !! & Any Questions ?

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