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Use of Audio MP3 Feedback for Examinations Wendy Smith Podiatry SHLS.

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1 Use of Audio MP3 Feedback for Examinations Wendy Smith Podiatry SHLS

2 Importance of Feedback Includes: –Sound educational rationale to enable student development –NSS and other KPIs –Retention and progression For feedback to be effective it needs to be accessed and acted upon Potential for using new technologies to assist

3 Audio Feedback Improves retention of content over written feedback (Ice 2007) Received positively by students (Merry & Orsmond 2007, Ice 2007, Rotheram 2008, Lunt & Curran 2010) Students feel more ‘cared for’ – aids with retention (Tinto 2002) Students 10x more likely to access audio feedback compared to written feedback (Lunt & Curran 2010)

4 Background Level 1 Podiatry module Theoretical underpinning to clinical practice Three in-class tests staged throughout the module Aware that students whilst given the offer of attending for feedback did not necessarily seek it

5 Practical Tips Handheld digital recorder –Convenient –Ensure it records directly to MP3 (32kbps=4 mins/MB) –USB port to allow easy upload Use a standard format ‘script’ Quiet room where you will not be disturbed Don’t worry about re-recording ‘mis-speaks’ unless you really must

6 Standard Approach ‘Feedback for –{module title} –{examination title} –{student name} –{matriculation number}’ Followed by the mark and some reference to performance in relation to class average/previous exam results The go through the paper identifying areas of good performance and where development is required

7 Practical Tips Made a note of the recorder file number on the exam paper Uploaded the MP3 files onto PC, renamed the files {surname, initial} Sent an all class email discussing feedback in general and identifying that they would be in receipt of a further individual email which would consist of an MP3 audio file attachment only Sent individual email with audio file attached

8 Feedback from Students ‘I love the MP3 feedback - it is detailed enough to allow a good understanding of where it was each individual has gone wrong but also allows us a bit of comfort in knowing what it was we did well in too. It is also something we can keep hold of electronically to revisit when studying without having to worry about a piece of paper with feedback written on it which we might lose. It really is beneficial!’ ‘I have found it very useful and very personal. It is like having you in the room’

9 I think the mp3 feedback is helping me when it comes to studying. It is not always easy too arrange a meeting to gain face to face feedback so this is a good alternative. Also handy since you can play it over and over again. I really like the mp3 feedback. It's easy to access and I will always have it to go back to, which I love! ‘I find the feedback really useful as I forget what areas I found difficult.’ I found it very helpful and has helped me realise my area of study that I have been ignoring an I now have a permanent record of this. Feedback from Students

10 ‘I find this feedback method to be extremely useful, dare I say invaluable(?), for the following reasons: I can save and listen to at my own convenience (even on my iPhone on the bus) I can start, stop and process at my own speed. This is a great way of remembering what came up in the exam as quite often I forget specific questions/ topics. This feels like its personalised (as it is) and specific to my learning methods and requirements. This is very useful and motivational. Basically I cannot say enough good things about this method of feedback as quite often even face to face on a one-to-one basis I might forget some of the information or main points however this way I don't.’

11 Time saving (?) For the first time in my academic career I have been able to provide a permanent record of feedback on an unseen examination to every student who undertook the examination Personal Benefits

12 Other use resources Using Audio Feedback for Assessment Using digital audio for assessment feedback: some practice tips. Bob Rotheram, National Teaching Fellow, LMU Lunt,T. & Curran, J. 2009, ‘Are you listening please?’ The advantages of electronic audio feedback compared to written feedback. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 35:7, pp759-769

13 Thank you Ext 8384

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