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Alex Gibson Acting Head of Department of Tourism DIT Urbi et Orbi – How Podcasting is Changing Education.

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1 Alex Gibson Acting Head of Department of Tourism DIT Urbi et Orbi – How Podcasting is Changing Education

2 Up for discussion… 1. What is podcasting - how does it work? 2. Why use podcasting in education? 3. How is podcasting currently being used? 1. Teacher-created podcasts 2. Student-created podcasts 4. My Own Experience 5. Issues to consider before incorporating podcasting

3 What’s in a Name? PodCast Derived from iPod Derived from broadcast Radio = broadcasts Podcasts = narrowcasts

4 A podcast is basically an mp3 audio file Podcasting is the automatic distribution of these audio files to subscribers The podcast is downloaded to your computer and attached media player automatically What is Podcasting?

5 Podcasting Email RSS 2.0 feedEmail How does it work - casting textmp3 Email ServerWeb Page

6 Podcasting Email How does it work - receiving RSS 2.0 feed on a webpage Email Server Email ApplicationPodcast Aggregator Media Player Portable Media Player

7 Why is it popular? Multi-media 99% Free Can be listened to on many platforms; desktop, laptop, handhelds,MP3 players and iPods, mobile phones Mobile – time-shifting capability Low cost to broadcast – cheap publishing platform and more content

8 Not limited to audio mp3s  Podcast = audio mp3  Screencast = audio mp3 + data capture ( e.g. with Excel, Powerpoint)  Vodcast = audio + video An extension to the definition… All work in the same way as a podcast. Once you have subscribed, they are automatically downloaded by your aggregator


10 Stumbling upon them on a website. http://www.emarketer.com Audio Searching e.g. Podzinger e.gUsing a Podcast listing website  there are over 70 general sites to choose from!  e.g. There are also specialised sites  e.g. Usually aggregators also act as search engines  e.g. iTunes How do you find Podcasts?

11 Radio/TV stations  Now turn their popular programs into podcasts (e.g. The Weekly Ryan ) Universities  Recorded lectures, admissions advertising and information High schools and Primary schools in US  What’s happening at school, student assignments/field trips Anyone with some freely available software, a website and something to say! Who is creating podcasts? * *

12 # podcasts:  24,972 podcasts comprising 938,481 episodes (podcastalley)  68,465 podcasts (feedburner) # podcast listeners (by Diffusion group):  In 2005: ~ 840,000 podcast listeners in the US  In 2010: ~ 56 million podcast listeners in the US  Feedburner has almost 5.1 million subscribers  9.2 million web-users in the US have recently downloaded a podcast (Nielsen) What sort of numbers are we talking?

13 Why might we podcast in education?

14 Mick misses a class due to a bad case of the flu!*!*&&* Instead of copying Mary’s (probably dodgy) notes, he simply listens to the class podcast that he has subscribed to and makes his own notes as he goes through the lecture. Consider this…

15 Podcasts Provided by the Lecturer Typical for Universities:

16 Lectopia ( Australian system) outputs podcasts automatically  Upload PPT presentation to lectopia Disadvantaged students  ESL/Hearing impaired/dyslexic  Missed lectures due to illness or other commitment Students have different rates of learning  Students can go over the lecture several times if required No! to note-taking  If students are taking notes, they are only 1/2 listening Improving listening skills Podcasting Lectures – The Theory

17 Will my students turn up to lectures? ~80% of Lectopia users at Swinburne report no significant decrease in student attendance. ~20% reported a decrease of more than 25% in attendance Only a few reported drop offs of more than 50% Yes!

18 Considerations for Lecture Podcasting Audio quality  Need a well-positioned, good quality microphone Questions from the audience must be repeated! What will you provide?  Podcast only  What if you refer to something on your slides?  Podcast + PPT presentation  Need to indicate when to “turn the page”  Vodcast/Screencast  Increased file size - will your students be able to download it?

19 Potential for Timeshifting Provide the podcast of the lecture before class  You will have to record it in advance Students listen to the lecture as their homework Face-to-face classes used for active learning where the bigger picture is also highlighted Allows material to be covered more thoroughly Promotes deep learning approaches in students

20 Podcasts Created by Students Think outside the box!

21 Podcasts created by students Students are drawn to the technology, they are comfortable with it Potential to reach a wide audience is a motivator Promotes understanding rather than rote-learning Allows students to take ownership of the course material Allows students to contribute to the course Students become the teachers Allows for creativity/originality Multi-disciplinary


23 Issues to consider

24 Issues Who are your students?  1st year students fresh out of secondary school will be engaged  Mature aged students may find it threatening  Will they be able to access the technology? Will it enhance student learning?  Fit the technology to the learning objective, not the learning objective to the technology  List the benefits that students will derive

25 Issues - Teacher Workload  Teacher produced podcasts  Learning how to create podcasts  Developing ideas for podcasts  Producing podcasts  Student produced podcasts  Devising and justifying student learning activities which utilise podcasts  Instructing and helping students on the creation of their podcasts  New grading rubrics that fit the submission of a podcast for assessment

26 Issues Is there sufficient technical support?  Who do you go to if it refuses to work?  Who do you go to if you want to learn how to do something different? Is the necessary equipment/software available?  Staff and students may use Lectopia  How will a large class of students create podcasts?

27 Issues Copyright/plagiarism  Already a problem with written work (unfortunately)  Staff and students must also be educated about:  Podcast copyright  Music copyright  Image/Video copyright  Fair use, creative commons, public domain…

28 Potential for Podcasting in Education Engage the students with “their” technology Learning: anywhere, anytime Cater for the different learning styles of students Timeshifting - allowing lectures to become more active Allow for student creativity in assignments Empower students with ownership of course material Motivate students by reaching out to a larger audience Promote the University, its courses and its students


30 My Own Experience Persuaders Marketing Podcast launched May 2006 ( radio show since 2000). 6500 subscribers – avg. downloads 5-600 Background material for students on marketing communication elective In future considering course specific podcasts Students do find it valuable extra resource, especially in modular system which mitigates against guest lectures

31 Interested in pursuing podcasting?

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