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1 Mp3 players and iPods in Education Haley MacKenzie & Denise Turner

2 History and Development Timeline - History of MP3 1987 - EUREKA project January 1988 - Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG was establishedMoving Picture Experts Group April 1989 - Fraunhofer received a German patent for MP3. 1992 - MPEG-1. 1993 - MPEG-1 standard published. 1994 - MPEG-2 developed and published a year later. November 26, 1996 - United States patent issued for MP3. September 1998 - enforce their patent rights. February 1999 - A record company called SubPop is the first to distribute music tracks in the MP3 format. 1999 - Portable MP3 players appear.

3 iPod Features Some of iPod's more notable features include: Audio Video Photos External hard drive Calender/contacts syncing Games Car integration From Apple, accessories include: Microphone External digital voice recorders Universal dock for charging, syncing or connecting to external A/V equipment Remote control compatible with universal dock Camera connector Armbands, cases and skins Car audio adapters, in-car iPod holdersCar Portable, desktop and wireless speakersspeakers iPod Hi-Fi speaker system Car chargers and power adapters Radio transmitters

4 iTunes use it for organizing, playing, converting and downloading files from an external source to your computer and from your computer to an iPod built-in iTunes Store The iTunes Store lets iPod users purchase music, movies, podcasts, audiobooks and music videos with a clickpodcasts

5 Videos/Movies Movie from flashcards Students movies Benchmark lessons You Tube videos Brainstorm Movie from IWB Evidence Video debates Virtual tours Evaluations Video instructions/how to…. Interviews Staff development Plays

6 Games/Quizzes Quiz makers – Iquiz and Quizzler Quizzes are useful for teachers and sudents Can download quizzes and create them iQuiz Has creative graphics Background music Multiple choice/ true and false Timer Change settings Can download quizzes

7 Quizzler Variety of devices Limited by free version Useful in classroom environment Easy to navigate Change settings










17 Putting quiz into Ipod







24 Disconnect iPod from iTunes

25 Check whether your iPod is supported: Encyclopodia can be installed on iPods generation one to four, as well as on iPods mini and Photo iPods. Otherwise the setup wizard will refuse to install Encyclopodia on your iPod.

26 Audio - Photos Flashcards Audio books Teacher reading PowerPoint slides Students recording Club 4CastClub 4Cast. How to record on an ipod Episode #14 Speaking / listening activities / evaluation activities Thinker’s Keys - I Spy Viewing activities Science experiments Students reading

27 What is a Podcast? It’s a free video and audio series Download from iTunes to computer, iPod, iPhone or Apple TV One click to subscribe Range of Podcasts Automatically downloads Podcasts

28 Record your own Computer, Mic and software GarageBand or Audacity Can record interviews from Skype or iChat through Audio Hijack, Wiretap or Audio Grabber.

29 Audio files include: texts that would have been read in the past a teacher’s commentary on a text that the pupils are studying foreign language dialogues and vocabulary recorded lectures Music to be studied interviews with experts Podcasts from other schools eg Orange Grove Primary SchoolOrange Grove Primary School public service broadcasts delivered through the Podcast medium Videos and PDF’s could also be delivered in the same way.

30 Students can podcast: their own radio programs guides to local areas (Podguides) digital stories documentaries including interviews

31 Could also use Podcasts for how to use technology or other resources within the school

32 Ipods in education In Summary PLUS Multi functional Portable Access to Freeware/Shareware Individual learning Quizzes – studying, teacher assessment MINUS Cost Security Fragility Sync problem with ipods Not all generations of ipods have the same software/capabilities Apple’s hold on the market DRM protected music IDEAS Class set of mp3/ipods Create playlists for individual students Buy an mp3 player instead of an ipod!

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