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“Listening” to PDFs (in MP3 format) Dorian Miller.

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1 “Listening” to PDFs (in MP3 format) Dorian Miller

2 Listening Hands free activity For the blind Listen instead of reading

3 Technical Approach Store as MP3 and listen with player Alternatives –Books on Tape bulky –Dedicated machine TTS –Laptop with TTS software

4 PDF to MP3 converter Python Input PDF Output MP3 PDF-2-HTML HTML Parser MS TTS Lame wav-mp3 converter

5 Demo IP fall 2002 –Spatial Audio Interface: Providing landmark information to help the blind navigate outdoors [Play audio] Personal preference for voices (TTS engines) –Jaws uses Eloquence –MS TTS –Dragon Naturally speaking –IBM Via Voice

6 Nike MP3 player no display

7 Enhancements Browsing document Audio quality

8 Document browsing How to divide paper into tracks –By section –By page Maintaining format Tradeoff –More tracks, more to skim through

9 Hyperlink style browsing Ex. Link in table of contents to section. Track in playlist associated with link

10 MP3 Audio Characteristics of spoken text –MS TTS speaks faster when –Male/Female voice to announce headings and read text 1.2 Parts of the brain In this section I will explain the importance of the hippocampus (a part of the brain).

11 MP3 speed Changing speed –Maintain pitch of different notes. Favorite tool of musicians Explained – slowdown.html slowdown.html

12 Implementation

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