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Umme Hakeem Bint Haris.

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1 Umme Hakeem Bint Haris

2 Abu Abdul Rahman (Haris Bin Hisham)
Fatima Bint Waleed Bin Mughira

3 Married to …….. ‘Ikramah Bin Abi Jehel

4 Her life & relations….... Born in a house that was strictly against the Prophet Her father was the real brother of Abu Jehel Khalid Bin Waleed was her mother’s brother “Mamun” Married to her uncle’s son Khalid’s accepting Islam did not affect ‘Ikrama He fled towards Yemen after Fath-e-Makkah

5 ‘Ikrama ran towards “Buhaira -e- Qulzum”;a ship waiting to set for Yemen.
Umme Hakim didn’t want her husband to stay stuck in the mud of kufr & shirk for ever. Requested the Prophet to give him “Amaan”. Ikrama’s ship was caught in a storm. Prophet greeted him saying“Marhaban Bil Rakib Al Muhajir”. The Prophet forgave both of them.

6 After they accepted Islam ...

7 Both of them : *Participated the conquering of Shaam
*Fought against the Romans *‘Ikrama died fighting bravely in the battle of Ajnadain

8 Participated in both migrations
Later married to Khalid Bin Saeed ; One of the “Sabiqun Al Awwalun” Participated in both migrations Also… And the Battles of : Fath-e- Makkah Hunain Went with the Prophet to Taif Tabuk

9 @Right after their marriage the
battle started with the Romans. @Khalid Bin Saeed fought bravely and was martyred in front of her eyes. @She pulled out a peg and fought off the Romans and sent seven of them to hell. @She also participated in the battle of Yarmook.

10 No record about her death or her children...

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