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K. Kailasapuram, Tuticorin Final Day (May 24, 2009)

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1 K. Kailasapuram, Tuticorin Final Day (May 24, 2009)

2 Greetings to all in Christ Jesus name. May 21, 22, 23, 24, of 2009, were the days of grace, glory, deliverance, and blessings. Yesuvin Oli Peruvizha, as scheduled, with the Gracious Father's help, took place at K. Kailasapuram, Tuticorin Dt, TN, S. India. DAY – IV Final day was a blessed day or a day full of blessings as the Lord spoke to me. Right from the title to the credit of the day, God showered his blessings upon the people gathered to worship him. Nearly 2000 people gathered at that small village. Each and everyone have been blessed by the hands of our Lord Jesus. Numerous miracles took place that night as God had decided to fill everyone with His blessings. Demons fled, tumors destroyed, lame walked, deaf heard, sickness healed, and many more. Densing Daniel, a world-famous prophet, whose presence in that small village was a revival for that village. God used him as an instrument to tune many lives for God. Thanks and blessings to one and all who participated in this carnival by offerings and deeds. May God bless you. Final day - DAY OF BLESSINGS.. Rev. A. Palanivel Founder, Light of Jesus Ministry

3 The Final Day The final day started not as usual, but glorious than the usual. Yes, God’s presence filled the ground right from the title song..

4 Commencing prayer by Sis. Vijayalakshmi Palanivel

5 Some beautiful Hindi and English songs were presented as the meeting commenced…

6 It was an auspicious moment when the choir, led by Muthu, lifted their voice singing “Yesuve Aandavar…” God’s name glorified as the crowd joined the choir confessing “Yesuve Aandavar…” Thank you Jesus.

7 Amen from Nagaland glorified Lord’s name with her song “Light of the World…”

8 Every single note played by these men proved them to be professionals for God..

9 Evg. Jacob magnified God with a Telugu hit..

10 There are no words to describe the heavenly joy that flooded the crowd as the Indian folk “Manam Suthi Suthi varudhey thana” was sung… Every single person in the crowd started making moves and it was one amongst the joyous moment of the day…

11 Manam suthi suthi varudhey thana Yesu rajavaey…..

12 Holy Spirit of God came down mightily as the people started worshipping Him…

13 God’s name was once again lifted high as Sis. Vijayalakshmi Palanivel sung “Kalvariyae Kalvariyae.”


15 It’s again House Full… yeah, there were nearly 20 hundred people gathered to hear the gospel from all the nearby villages and to receive the deliverance from Jesus, The Lord…

16 It was once again a miraculous night. Demons fled, sickness healed, lames walked, deaf heard, blindness corrected, tumors destroyed and more. All bcos of Dr. Jesus’ love.

17 People accepting Jesus Christ as their savior…

18 This small girl from a nearby village came to the ground with crutches. She was unable to walk for the last 3 years as a result of a dreadful fever. She was crawling all around. But our God’s Love is great and came upon her as Bro. Densing Daniel prayed for her. She started walking and jumping on the stage and glorified God’s great love. Hallelujah.

19 Again, this girl from a nearby village was unable to walk for the past years. God’s power came upon her while worship and she fell on the ground unable to withstand it. She came to the stage walking and it was a happy moment filled with joyous tears for her mother who accompanied her to the ground. She testified Jesus has healed her.

20 Demons fled unable to withstand the almighty God’s presence…

21 Thus a rain of miracles stopped and it was a day of Blessing as Rev. A. Palanivel addressed at the start of this presentation… Glory to God.. Hallelujah.. Hallelujah.. Hallelujah.. Amen…


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