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U.S. and World – Unit II Review Jeopardy ChinaIndiaAfricaIsrael Decolonization Potpourri 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 U.S. and World – Unit II Review Jeopardy ChinaIndiaAfricaIsrael Decolonization Potpourri

2 home support of peasants and women allowed him to gain control of China in 1949 Mao Zedong

3 home country to which Chinese Nationalists fled after losing 1949 civil war Taiwan

4 home Mao organized farmers into these to boost agricultural and industrial output during communist rule of China Communes

5 home controlled the Nationalists in China before losing the 1949 civil war after which they fled to Taiwan Chaing Kai Shek

6 The Chinese stopped their civil war during WWII due to what reason? home To fight off the Japanese invasion

7 home Country that controlled India before giving them their independence in 1947 Britain

8 home area over which India and Pakistan have been fighting since 1947 Kashmir

9 country Pakistan aligned with during the Cold War home U.S.A.

10 home two countries and respective religions created by British partition of Indian subcontinent in 1947 Muslim-Pakistan Hindu-India

11 home massacre in India in 1919 by British soldiers that resulted in many Indians to fight for independence Amritsar

12 These two countries had the largest colonial empires in Africa home Britain and France

13 This North African country was a former French colony and had to fight for its independence home Algeria

14 home two resources found in the Belgian Congo that were stripped prior to their independence in 1960 Rubber & Copper

15 movement to celebrate African culture, heritage, and values that began prior to WWII home Negritude

16 name of the southwestern African nation that became a Cold War battleground with the USSR supporting one side and the U.S. the other home Angola

17 country given control of Palestine as a mandate by the League of Nations following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after WWI home Britain

18 group that took control of Palestine in 1947 after Great Britain gave it up and made a partition plan for Palestine home United Nations

19 The following countries invaded Egypt during the Suez Crisis home Israel, Britain and France

20 promise made by the British in 1917 that they would eventually create a homeland for the Jews in Palestine home Balfour Declaration

21 City that is often at the center of conflict in Palestine, because it is a holy city for Jews, Muslims, and Christians home Jerusalem

22 four of six specific reasons Europeans were interested in controlling colonies in places like Africa prior to WWII home 1.Mineral resources2.Cheap labor 3. Raw materials4. Military & naval bases 5. Agricultural products 6. Markets for goods

23 biggest reason why European powers gave up control of colonies in Africa home Colonial powers could no longer afford to keep their colonies

24 Decolonization increased tensions in the Cold War because of this home Two Superpowers courted nations to join their side

25 home In which two decades did Africa gain most of its independent nations 1950s and 1960s

26 home These countries lost their colonies after WWII as a punishment Germany, Italy and Japan

27 the belief that people should be loyal to their nation home Nationalism

28 movement devoted to rebuilding a Jewish state in Palestine home Zionism

29 home This ocean lies EAST of Africa Indian Ocean

30 British proposal of 1939 whereby Palestine would be given independence within 10 years but would not be a Jewish state home British White Paper

31 secret agreement between Britain and France to control Palestine following WWI signed in 1916 home Sykes-Picot Agreement

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