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THE FACTS REGARDING PALESTINE. SIGNIFICANCE OF PALESTINE Ayub (AS) Dawud (AS) Lut (AS) Musa (AS) Ismail (AS) Yaqub (AS) Yahya (AS) Zakariyya (AS) Esa.

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Presentation on theme: "THE FACTS REGARDING PALESTINE. SIGNIFICANCE OF PALESTINE Ayub (AS) Dawud (AS) Lut (AS) Musa (AS) Ismail (AS) Yaqub (AS) Yahya (AS) Zakariyya (AS) Esa."— Presentation transcript:


2 SIGNIFICANCE OF PALESTINE Ayub (AS) Dawud (AS) Lut (AS) Musa (AS) Ismail (AS) Yaqub (AS) Yahya (AS) Zakariyya (AS) Esa (AS) Muhammed (SAW)

3 SIGNIFICANCE OF PALESTINE  Al Aqsa (1 st qiblah in Islam)  Dome of the Rock  Birth place of Maryam (AS)  Many Ambiya lived in Palestine  Burial place of many Ambiya  … many more reasons

4 The ever shrinking land of Palestine

5 TERMINOLOGY  Anti – Semite: Against all the State of Israel or Jews or Zionists  Zionist: Believe that all Jews should live in their homeland “Israel” Jewish people can be anti-zionist e.g. Ronnie Kasrils (SA) is an anti-zionist

6 MORE TERMINOLOGY  Nationality: South African  Religion: Muslim The above are different e.g. Gandhi was an Indian Hindu Nelson Mandela is a South African Christian


8 HOW IT ALL STARTED  1897: Discussion took place regarding having a “Jewish state”; but where? Argentina? Uganda?

9 DECISIONS…  1904: “A land without people for a people without land” Palestine Jewish people The beginning of apartheid…

10 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  1914 – 1918 WW1 Lord Arthur Balfour (zionist) went to the President of United Kingdom saying that he wanted land in Palestine.  Balfour Declaration Promising land to zionists in Palestine

11 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  Britain had mandate of Palestine in 1920  1920 – 1930: Jews began pouring into Palestine (100 000)  1930 – 1940: 272 000 more came

12 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  1921 – HAGANAH  1931 – IRGUN  Groups received training to fight the Palestinians

13 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID 1939:  Britain said the Jews need to be limited into Palestine  Palestine should be given their independence …but nobody listened!!

14 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  1939 – 1945: WW2 Holocaust The exact number of people who passed away are not significant HOWEVER it is important to remember that innocent lives were lost

15 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  1947: Britain decided to leave Palestine and hand over the affairs to the UN. The UN stated that “the indigenous people should decide their own fate”. The USA had become the new super- power and had sided with the zionists.

16 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  The zionists had gone to Harry Truman (outgoing president of USA) and handed him $2 million  He told them to go to the UN to give them the benefit/ favour  UN made a partition plan which was rejected by the zionists

17 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  29 November 1947 600 000 Jews 1/3 1.3 million Palestinians 2/3 It was decided by the UN: 54% of the land (best land) given to the Jewish people Jewish people didn’t accept this as they felt they were receiving TOO LITTLE!!!

18 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  15 May 1948 Britain had left Palestine  In 3 months prior to this, 540 Palestinian villages were destroyed

19 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  750 000 Palestinians fled to surrounding countries as refugees  Today, approx 6 million Palestinians are waiting to return to their homes

20 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  9 April 1948 Deir Yassin (Palestinian village) was surrounded by Israelis. Women were stripped naked, humiliated and killed as well as innocent children. 11 minutes later Harry Truman announced to the world that he recognizes the state of Israel

21 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  14 May 1948 – State of Israel was created  The zionists celebrate this day as being “INDEPENDENCE DAY”  Independence from who ????


23 15 May (1948) – NAKBAH DAY The day in which the Palestinians hold the keys to their homes in their hands with the burning hope to return to their homes one day… (Inshallah)

24 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  By this time, the zionists had captured 78% of Palestine  The Arab war took place but they were hopeless  Jordan helped – captured west bank of Jordan river (West Bank)  Egypt helped and captured Gaza Strip  The remaining 22% is what the Palestinians have for themselves

25 GAZA STRIP  77km long 1,5 million  6km wide Palestinians  It has been called the ‘largest open air prison in the world’ and is one of the most densely populated places in the world.  Currently, Apartheid Israel is smaller than the Kruger Park



28 THE BEGINNING OF APARTHEID  1949 – Just 1 year later Israel became part of the UN as they are a ‘peace loving’ nation

29 APARTHEID ISRAEL  1967 – Apartheid Israel attacked the Egyptian army as they ‘suspected’ that they were going to bomb them.  Egypt was blamed for attack.  Moshe Dayan – Defence Minister of Apartheid Israel during the 6 day war (he had 1 eye)

30 6 DAY WAR 242  After the 6 day war, the UN passed a resolution 242  The UN called on Apartheid Israel to withdraw from the 22% it had taken during the war Occupied Palestine after 6 day war East Jerusalem West Bank Gaza Strip

31 PLO  1964 – Palestinian Liberation Organisation Yasser Arafat (Y.A.) was elected as being the “Nelson Mandela” of the Middle East

32 BLACK SEPTEMBER  Occurred in 1970  Jordanians attacked PLO  Muslims attacked Muslims  PLO went to Beirut (small border)

33 BUTCHER OF BEIRUT  1982: Apartheid Israel bombed Beirut 10 weeks and 18100 people were killed  Leader of the army: Ariel Sharon  Sabra & Shatila areas were surrounded by Israelis – floodlights were put on  The falangees (against PLO) were told to look for terrorists

34 BUTCHER OF BEIRUT  They killed 2000 people (women & children) in 2 days.  In Tel Aviv, the few people who found out about this marched in protest  A few years later, Ariel Sharon became the Prime Minister of Apartheid-Israel

35 SUPPORT ???  There was a world outcry to stop the atrocities – fell on deaf ears  PLO had moved to Tunisia and began having fun (un-Islamic way of living)  Their funds began drying up

36 APARTHEID IN SOUTH AFRICA  June 1976 – youth uprising

37 SPOT THE DIFFERENCE… South Africans need to be at the forefront as we were once in the same situation !!!

38 INTIFADA 1987 – First intifada Yitzhak Rabin Put heavy boulders on the legs of children (10 -12yrs) Returned the bodies to their parents Elected as President a few years later

39 INTIFADA  While the intifada was continuing, Yasser Arafat was in Tunisia.  He was irrelevant to Palestine  He was told to give up the struggle, take the 22% and recognize the state of Apartheid Israel  Yasser Arafat was playing hard-to-get  Meeting took place in Madrid

40 OSLO ACCORDS Bill Clinton YasserYitzhak Arafat Rabin Palestinians get 22% Yasser Arafat will be President HOWEVER…

41 OSLO ACCORDS  7 small towns in West Bank and a small % were given to the Palestinians 1. Borders of Palestine 2. Right of Return 3. Status of East Jerusalem All were not discussed

42 NEW PLAN  New name: “Palestinian Authority”  Head quarters – Ramallah  New rules – don’t go against Israel  Israel had contracted Y.A. to arrest Hamas to stop protesting  Israel had a monopoly going

43 IT’S A SHAME !!!  Cement was donated to Palestine  Y.A. sold it to Apartheid Israel to built the Apartheid Wall

44 AS IT STANDS…  Green line – divides Apartheid Israel from West Bank  Geneva convention states that you cannot put new people in a land you have not captured…  But nobody listens…


46 WHAT CAN WE DO ?  Du’aa – the secret weapon of the believer  Spread the word – the TRUTH  Social networking cites: Facebook, Twitter…  Engage in discussions  Never loose hope, Inshallah Palestine will be free


48 THE END … (of Apartheid Israel)


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