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What is this? Name? Period?Date?Artist?. Colours?

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1 What is this? Name? Period?Date?Artist?

2 Colours?

3 The event 1830 Revolution 25th July 1830, ultraroyalists under Charles X attempted to return to the ancient regime and to suppress liberal press. That provoked the opposition of the middle classes, who wanted more voices in the government. On 27th, 28th and 29th July 1830, known as the "Three Glorious Days", the rioters erected barricades in the streets and confronted the army in bloody combat, resulting in more than one thousand deads. Charles X and the royal family fled from Paris. The Liberal deputies brought the popular revolt under control, and instated a constitutional monarchy. But the people wanted a Republic… © [] - photo Erich Lessing

4 Liberty Leading the People, Eugène Delacroix, 1830 Paris, Musée du Louvre © [] - photo Erich Lessing Historical moment : The 3 Glorious Days

5 The artistic side Themes Lines

6 THE DEAD The barricade: Symbol of the people’s resistance. Liberty and her partisans are stepping on it. THE LIVING The triangle : base on the dead, summit on the revolutionary flag Hope is in the revolution Liberty moves forward thanks to the dead who sacrified their lives for her.

7 The Place Notre Dame of Paris Buildings, flats in Paris

8 The characters Who are they? What are they doing? Why are they here?


10 Symbols of the republic Symbolic characters Symbols of the French spirit Famous Monument? Social casts

11 The Dead Blood, face expression a soldier

12 The revolutionaries The woman is leading the people, she is half naked, breast free, She is wearing the phrygian cap of liberty(// 1789), holding the tricolour flagleading the people toward Liberty. This is an allegory of conquering Liberty The young boy of Paris, probably an inspiration for Gavroche a few years later. Maybe a self portrait of Delacroix (the painter feels politically implicated in the revolution). He is from the bourgeoisie class (clothes, attitude…). Behind him : a polytechnician (student class) A liberal revolutionary (cockade) A young man wearing the police cap

13 Symbols of the republic Traditional Phrygian cap of Liberty Tricolour Flag Symbolic characters Marianne, the boy (inspiration for Victor Hugo’s Gavroche), self-portrait of Delacroix Symbols of the French spirit Notre Dame of Paris Social casts bourgeoisie and the lower class (working class) BARRICADE : revolutionary spirit ( 1789, 1830, 1848, 1871, 1936, 1968..) parallel with nowadays? Famous Monument

14 The symbols of the Revolution The revolutionary flag forbidden by Charles X The Phrygian cap of Liberty Reminders of the colours of the flag

15 conclusion This painting represents Delacroix’s engagement in the revolution It shows that the revolution of 1830 gathered and united the people of Paris against the King who was a threat for their Liberty. The king fled And other revolutions came 1830 agaist Charles X 1848 against Louis Philippe 1871 The aim : defend the values of the French Revolution of 1789 and obtain a better and more satisfying political regime

16 The painter

17 « If I haven’t vanquished for the motherland, at least will I paint for her… » « Si je n’ai pas vaincu pour la Patrie, au moins peindrai-je pour elle… » Eugène Delacoix

18 Where is he represented ?

19 100 Francs bank notes

20 Bust of Marianne in townhalls

21 Marianne, symbol of France

22 Logo of the current French government (the Fifth Republic). The logo features Marianne, symbol of the French Revolution. It emphasizes the revolutionary values: liberty, equality, fraternity.

23 May 1968 Barricade

24 September 2010 barricades replaced by…

25 … Banners Another century but the same French spirit People never stopped stuggling for their rights

26 Our own interpretation of the painting Liberty Leading the Comenius Class In front of Notre Dame of Poitiers On 19 th October 2010 A day of importanat strikes in France…





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