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Strong Verbs Name: ______________________. Action: Slow crawled crept dragged foot-slogged hindered impeded inched lingered lumbered lurched lurked moused.

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Presentation on theme: "Strong Verbs Name: ______________________. Action: Slow crawled crept dragged foot-slogged hindered impeded inched lingered lumbered lurched lurked moused."— Presentation transcript:

1 Strong Verbs Name: ______________________

2 Action: Slow crawled crept dragged foot-slogged hindered impeded inched lingered lumbered lurched lurked moused plodded snaked slacked slid slinked slithered slowed sneaked snooped snuck tip-toed wormed edged dawdled trudged procrastinated stagnated toddled Action: Walk advanced ambled followed hiked marched moseyed meandered paced patrolled pranced promenaded roamed rambled romped stepped skipped stomped strode strolled strutted trailed traveled traversed treaded trudged waddled wandered wobbled sauntered Action: Run ambled abscond accelerated barreled blasted blurred bolted bound cantered charged chased crashed dashed darted escaped flashed fled flew galloped glided hasted hurried hustled jerked jetted jogged Action: Run passed pelted plowed plunged pounced pressed proceeded propelled pummeled pushed forward pushed on raced rammed rocketed rushed sailed scampered scooted scrambled scurried scorched scuttled shoved skedaddled stampeded

3 Action: Run speeded spurted sprinted sprung streamed traced trotted whisked zipped zoomed Action: See/Look admired beamed beheld detected eyed focused gaped gawked gazed glanced glared goggled narrowed observed peeked peered riveted scanned scrutinized sighted spied spotted squinted stared studied surveyed viewed Action: Facial Expressions and Emotions bawled beamed breathed cackled chuckled contorted cried frowned giggled glowered grimaced grinned jaw dropped laughed mocked mouthed narrowed her eyes pinched brows pursed lips pouted Action: Facial Expressions and Emotions puckered raised brow rolled eyes scowled scrunched- forehead sighed smiled smelled smirked snarled sneered squawked squinted wept wrinkled nose

4 Action: Sit or Stand laid napped perched reclined relaxed rested roosted sat settled squatted stood stretched out Action: Rise or Move Up arose ascended catapulted emerged launched lifted mounted raised rose soared sprung stood Action: Set Down or Pick Up deposited dropped dumped laid flung down grabbed hurled picked up placed plucked put set down snatched threw took tossed yanked Action: Grab abducted clamped clinched clutched confiscated gathered grabbed grappled grasped gripped held nabbed plucked possessed secured seized snatched took

5 Action: Throw cast catapulted chucked flicked flipped floored flounced flung heaved hurled hurtled launched lobbed pelted pitched plunged projected propelled slung threw thrown tossed whirled Action: Dialogue acknowledged admitted agreed answered argued asked barked begged bellowed blustered bragged complained confessed cried demanded denied giggled hinted hissed howled interrupted laughed lied Action: Dialogue mumbled muttered nagged pleaded promised questioned remembered replied requested roared sang screamed screeched shouted sighed snarled sobbed threatened warned whimpered Action: Dialogue whined whispered wondered yelled

6 A abated abolished accelerated achieved acted adopted aimed aligned anticipated applied arranged assessed avoided Strong Verbs C captured changed chose clarified comprehended compromised confronted connected conquered converted created crossed chastised chattered chauffeured cheapened cherished chuckled clipped conducted consoled constructed corked crawled crooned cultivated curtail B backpacked backtracked backwatered ballooned bamboozled bandaged baptized lasted blotted boiled bolted boosted botched bounded break bridged built burned bounded bulldozed bullied

7 D decided decorated delved demolished devoured defined defused delivered deployed designed developed diagnosed disciplined discover doused drained dreaded drooped dusted F filtered finalized find fired flattened flipped flirted focused foresee frolicked frosted G gained gathered generated glowed goofed grasped grated greased grilled groaned guaranteed guffawed gurgled E eased ejected electrocuted enfolded enveloped eliminated emphasized ensured erased evaporated evaluated exploited explored Strong Verbs

8 H hammered harassed hauled helped hiccupped high-fived hindered howled humiliated honed honored I iced identified ignited illuminated impeded implemented improved increased indicated innovated inspired intensified interfered irritated M magnified managed manipulated mastered maximized meander measured melted mobilized motivated mystified J jabbed jack-knifed juggled jumped K karate-chopped kept L labored lead leaped leaned learned leveraged listed loaned lumbered luxuriated O oozed overcame outwitted Strong Verbs

9 P pampered papered parachuted pasted patted peered penetrated persuaded piggy-backed pitter-pattered pinpointed plucked poached positioned poached pounded praised profited pranced prowled Strong Verbs R ransacked raised realized reassured reconsider recorded reduced refreshed rejoiced relished replaced rescued resisted responded retained retarded ripped rocked rowed S sabotaged sanded sassed sauntered saved scanned scoured scratched scribbled scrubbed segmented setup shattered shaved shivered showed shrieked shrugged shuddered side-stepped signaled simplified slam-dunked slimed slithered smirked sneezed

10 Strong Verbs S snoozed solved splattered spliced splurged sprinted stamped steamed stitched stimulated stopped strained stretched strode stuffed succeeded supplemented T taken tangoed tapered tap-danced teased thawed throttled thundered tickled tip-toed toasted trained transferred transformed trespassed trucked tucked twisted twitched U understood unleashed V-W viewed vindicated volunteered waltzed weighed wiggled wiped wisecracked withered won wormed worshiped wrangled wrenched wrinkled

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